Help with proactive penalty.


Approval The penalty is different from ordinary pain. You feel surprise pain before someone dies. You feel the usual pain later.

This type of pain can experience anesthetize someone who approaches death, and a person who really dies.

You may have found sentings, while your favorite person dies failure, you can get holding, and also begins to let go. These emotions can be deeply painful.To make worse, people are less likely to have support for their pain at this time.

Sometimes, other people who have not approved this experience can react incorrectly. They may think that they reject a dying person.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help cope with pain, believe that someone else is here.

This article describes a penalty preferably and some of the strategies It can help to die and close at that time.

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Comprehension of proactive penalty

The declaration of deep pain is the sadness felt in the life of theLast days. You can be tested by a dying person, and a close and close dying man.

Monte To Dath gives you the opportunity to say goodbye that he does not have when his favorite furniture suddenly.However, pain to death does not replace does not even reduce the period of mourning, which follows death.

Not all feel the liquidation of pain, but this is usually.

Feel the pain While your favorite one is alive, it does not mean you reject your beloved person or surrender. Instead, preventive pain can give you the opportunity to make sense and close, you may not have anyway.

You may feel that it is somewhere between the owner and the holidays. Some people find it very painful. They may feel that they betray their beloved if they get away at all to let it go.

The truth is that you can live with the retention and let go at the same time. You do not need to choose.

Tips for references with proactive penalty

These tips can help you face proactive penalty. Remember that there is no right or wrong way to feel if you look at the death of your loved one.

Allow yourself and fuse

Let yourself feel pain in your heart. This will help you honestly and with you.

The declaration of pain is not just a mountain for the next death of a loved one.It is also a mountain for other losses that go along with death, such as:

  • Loss of partner
  • Loss of general memories
  • loss of dreams for the future

sometimes,The mountain of the past can be revived at this time.

Denies the pain you feel, now you can extend the pain later. Mount is a goal, whether it happens to death or after death.

Researchers identified four phases and tasks of grief .Tasks include:

  • taking the next loss
  • , running through pain
  • adjusting a new reality,Where your favorite person is missing
  • Connect to your beloved differently when it advances

This does not mean it seems to leave your beloved person or forget them.Instead, these tasks will help you adhere to joy and love you once you share. They can also help stop deep sadness, which can make me remember painful.


Allow yourself.The denial of your grief now can extend the mountain, you feel like your favorite matrix.

Do not go to yourself: Express your pain

It is important to afford to feel your pain.However, many people are difficult to express pain to death. They can feel that they do not support their beloved person. A conversation with a trusted friend is a good way to deal with these feelings.

No one should find one just. Preserve your feelings to yourself can lead to loneliness and isolation.

The declaration of the penalty is similar to the mountain that you feel after someone dies. One of the different differences is that there are more angles. You can also find it more difficult to control your emotions.

Someone who does not have a dear person who faces death does not have a way of understanding how he feels.Even someone who went through the death of a loved one, survived him in different ways.

It is possible to bother him when someone tries to say what to do or how to feel. Some people react to this unwanted advice with anger. Others are closed.None will help you cope.

Find a friend not to judge and allow you to express anger. This man must be a good listener and he should not try to ‘correct things’ or tell him how he should feel it.

If your friend is trying to share an unwanted advice, express. Let your friend know that you want someone to listen and do not attempt to solve things.

There is no simple solution for your emotions.However, a good listener can help you feel less than one.

online Support groups can also be useful. Groups like <> Cancercare supports the guardians of people with terminal diseases.


Find someone who hear, not judging or trying to ‘fix’ things.

Spend time with a dear dying person

People sometimes talk about how hard to spend time with loved love. You may not want to remember your beloved while they die.Instead, they may want to remember how a person was in front of his illness.

Hung Time with a beloved dying person. This is true not only for a person who is also discussing for close relatives.If you decide not to visit your beloved dying person, you can repent your choice later.

Find significant ways to spend time together. Try to divide old photos or memorable things.Ask your loved one to share stories about family family relics and other properties, such as decorations. You may find that the auxiliary can be cleaned.

Consider creating a video of your favorite stories.These entries can be divided with children, friends and other family members.

You can also try to give your hand or favorite massage for your legs . It can help reduce pain and rigidity arthritis.You can also provide the necessary touch.

reading your favorite novels aloud: Another significant way to spend time together.

All find meaning in different things. Ultimately, the activity you choose is not important.It is important that time passes with a person, even if it is silent.

Do not underestimate the effect of spending time together, even silent.

You can feel nervous about visiting your beloved person.Many people fear that they break and make even worse their favorite pain. That’s why it may be useful to learn how I speak with a dear dying person.

Keep in mind that your favorite is almost certainly prefer to see it, even if there are tears.

You may be afraid that your favorite wants to talk about your death. If you feel worried, take a while to think and face your fears. You may be annoying your beloved, avoiding the issues that, he spoke about it.

Let the children express their pain

Children who also experience proactive pain. For children, it is also important to work through their pain.However, children often give less chance of expressing themselves even in most hospice environments .

Studies have shown that children who do not have the opportunity to fight concern and depression later in life.

Children should be included in the gripping process.They also need a safe place to express themselves.

There are several mountain myths on children and adolescents. For example, this is a myth that children do not feel the imminent loss so deeply.

A study showed that parents with advanced cancer did not know how deeply annoyed by their children. On the other hand, this study also found that these children learned to appreciate other family relationships much more than children who did not have parents with cancer.

talking about death with Children who have a serious sick parent, was useful.It can help reduce anxiety, depression and behavioral problems. Children should know that they will be responsible for death. They must understand that they will not be abandoned.

There are many good books to help children face death and die.Some tips at the bottom, such as art therapy, can also be useful for children.

Consider a removal

Organization Heritage of Esperanza offers outdated deviations for young families They face father of death.These deviations are paid to expenditures in qualified families with children under 18 years of age.

The legacy of the indicators helps families to form lifetime memories.These families also receive assistance to learn to face the diagnosis of parental terminal.

Consider the record

Save the magazine can be healing. This can help you express things that you will.Do not feel comfortable, sharing with a friend. The magazine can also be a place to write thoughts you had during the death of your loved ones.

Some people prefer a private magazine.The resending may want to use the site as caringerbridge . This type of forum can help you share thoughts and feelings with friends and family. It also allows you to share updates and help requests.

You can also try to write letters. For example, a letter to your beloved dying can help you say everything you mastered.

If you are a person who dies, consider writing letters to your children or other members of the family.Some people write letters that will be opened in future cases, such as birthdays or graduates. Letters: An excellent way to express emotions and can be a gift left behind.

Take advantage of holistic overlay methods

A holistic approach It can be useful for a dying person and his loved ones.It was found that some of these methods of therapy help with emotions such as anxiety.

Several small studies found that a holistic approach can help bring hope and healing of people who are afflicted.

Some examples include:

To educate your spirituality

Spirituality is important for those who die by their guardians.Spirituality takes many forms,Including:

  • Organized Religion and Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Listen to music that matters for you

Studies Han show him that people have the best quality of life in recent days if they are active life. . They are also good for their loved ones. A review discovered that spirituality can be useful for family and friends of death. Spirituality is related to the best quality of life and a lower risk of illness and death.


The active spiritual life can help with a dying person and the favorite of A dying person.

Preservation of a sense of humor

Teres is not very space for the Humor when someone dies. However, in the correct configuration, humor can sometimes be cured.

In fact, a review encountered a strong benefit of humor in terms of life. Humor can benefit the patient and the beloved.

You can have a thought to bring humor to your favorite bed.Humor is useful in many ways, but it is important not to trivialize the situation with your beloved. Do not joke a joke about pain, for example. Enjoy too much laughter if the dying person hurts pain or abdominal pain.

A person can enjoy emails and fun memes. Others can enjoy fun films or television. Some people can even appreciate the jokes about death.If you think it is appropriate, follow the Internet search ‘forks’.

Please be a time and place for this type of humor.Hello, who dies will appreciate the jokes like this:

Humor at the end of life

Four friends talk about death.One question: ‘When are you in your buildings and friends and family? What would you like them to talk about you? ‘

The first boy says: ‘I would like them to come to my three decades of exceptional leadership.’The second says:’ I want you to remember how a wonderful husband and a devout father ‘.

The last boy gets up well, ‘I hope to hear them say:’ Stop the funeral, he moves.” ”

Some cancer centers even offer the laughter of therapy with developed cancer. It is true that laughter is not always useful. Sometimes, however, it can alleviate a heavy mood.

Practice for forgiveness

Sorry cure. There is also a forgiveness to yourself as important as the forgiveness of others.

time until death is very emotionally.Maybe IRA and resentment among family members. However, it is also time to resolve differences.

Listen It is a first important step towards forgiveness. People often say the same things in different ways.

Sometimes, however, although there are clear differences.When you are upset by another family member, ask yourself this question: ‘Is it more important to love or be right?’

Someone once said that the insult is the poison that is preparing for another and drinks. The feeling of resentment and pain of the past, free.Take a gift for forgiveness.

Give it your favorite permission to die

Sometimes, a dying person can stay up to a certain point. For example, you can expect graduation, birthday or visit a loved one.

Some people seem to be waiting to die until they say goodbye, says goodbye. Goodbye can act as permission for mind.

It can be useful for a dying person and loved ones. I can be a beautiful gift.


Approval Mount is a mountain that you feel before a person died. This is a common experience.

There are many ways to deal with proactive penalty, but each radito is individually.

It is important to be able to sign. It may also be useful to find someone who does not judge it or offer unwanted advice.

Try to spend time with a dear dying person, even if it is difficult. Now with children about death and pain and express themselves. Children with finally sick parents can also benefit from family retreat.

Other composition strategies may include a magazine, write letters and holistic approaches, such as meditation and artistic therapy. Spirituality can also be useful for dying and their loved ones.

The sense of humor can help you both and your beloved. It is also important to practice forgiveness and give your favorite permission to die.

Recipient’s medicine information word

Talking about proactive penalty and reference methods can be difficult.The tags above can help relieve some pain, but the penalty is personal. All go through it in its own way and at a time.

should not be underestimated how it affects you. You handle the marathon of emotional miles. Be nice to yourself and me.Take a resolution, just do not do anything at times or just things that serve you alone.

sacrifice to support the other at the end of life . Just make sure you do not sacrifice your own health and well-being along the way.

Frequently asked questions

  • Allow yourself to experience these emotions and move on to adoption.Investors found that those who adapt in this way may be better to live more intentionally. This can allow you to enjoy the best quality of life.

  • I feel a feeling of loss and pain for someone before they die, it is an example of proactive pain in which their emotions begin the surface When you expect someone to miss it soon.It is important to work through this pain and begins to confront the fact that your parents’ deaths means to help your beloved and yourself.

  • All played and respond to the news diagnoses of the terminal. Mount instruction can start as soon as you said that a loved one can die soon, or there may be a delay because it processes this information, but this type of pain is preceded by people who pass.

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