Hepatitis: signs, symptoms and complications.


Symptoms Hepatitis can be mixed, ranging from symptoms of soft and short-term influenza (for example, fever and fatigue) to more classic as icsidicor. Without symptoms in general.As a general rule, when the symptoms of hepatitis become obvious, chronic liver diseases and liver damage are in themselves.Serious hepatic damage can have terrible and even potentially fatal complications, such as cirrhosis and liver cancer.

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Symptoms of three types of Hepatitis vary little rejection of the case hepatitisAcute viral If symptoms occur, the protester stage infection will begin, when the virus has become replicated and extended to liver cells ( Call hepatocytes).

To protect against the virus, the immune system will turn off the inflammatory response, which can cause symptoms similar to the requirements of flu seasonal ,Accompanied by signs of more leaving an agroinetinal or pechenemed infection,Including:

  • Total fatigue or fatigue
  • muscle pain ( myalgia )
  • joint pain ()
  • fever
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • loss of appetite
  • pain on the sideupper right of the abdomen (as a rule, soft, but constant)
  • Red,High hives (most of the time it can be seen from hepatitis B )
  • Change in the taste or odor (smokers often develop a sudden disgust for cigarettes)

duringSeveral days of these first signs, the infection will make the accumulation of bilirubin , orange-yellow pigment obtained when the liver breaks the old red blood cells.This connection can accumulate quickly in the body,What causes signs of tale of hepatitis:

  • jaundice (yellowish skin and white eyes)
  • coluria (darkening of urine)

  • pale stools or clay / Li>

SymptomsViral hepatitis agreed once they become serious. However, fatigue may persist during weeks and, in some cases, before use. In most cases, sharp symptoms are allowed after approximately four to eight weeks.(One of the exceptions is hepatitis D, in which acute liver damage is more common.)

Japan is usually the first symptom of viral forms hepatitis , although, as in the case Viral hepatitis Many people prove symptoms in the early stages of liver damage,They are less obvious and can be easily erroneous for the infection of the diversity of the garden.


In cases of viral hepatitis, when the virus does not clarify spontaneously, but, instead of clearly replicating, the infection is chronic.Depending on the type of hepatitis virus, chronic infection can be maintained for many years before the signs of disease appear.

for viral hepatitis and no greed at the moment when the disease is obvious, the symptoms are actually the complications of liver damage.

Fibrosis and cirrhosis and cirrhosis

Liver The cells are injured, the inflammatory response, which leads to the creation of collagen production and other substances.They begin to pick them up faster than the body can break them. The process leads to a progressive cicatricial tissue accumulation, known as fibrosis .

fibrosis, as a rule, reaches faster in men than women, as well as people over 50 or those who drink hard or is obesity . In some cases, you can remain stable or even back over time.

Fibrosis can cause a complication called cirrhosis so extensive to limit the blood supply of cookies and violate the normal function of rejecting cirrhosis may vary depending on the scene of progression . / P>

There are two ratings of liver cirrhosis, compensated and decompensated.

Cirrhosis compensated, , in which the liver has minimal damage to moderate, tends to have little, if any, symptom. Possible signs include:

  • Persistent diseases or fatigue
  • discomfort at the top right of the belly
  • nausea
  • pain in joint or muscle
  • Abnormal tingling or feeling ofBurning (Parstake)
  • Synchronizable «Bullers-and-Feel needles (peripheral neuropathy)
  • Dry eyes are accompanied by dry accomplices (Sicca syndrome)
  • vein spiders,Especially on the trunk and the face
  • pita pita (pruritus)
  • redness in the palms of hand (swarm erythema)
  • or abnormal bleeding (reproduction )
  • Assembly price on the ankles and legs ( edema )
  • badconcentration and memory
  • loss of appetite
  • weight loss
  • Sitting eggs (testicle atrophy)
  • Erectile dysfunction or loss of the libido
  • Alcoholicity

cirrhosisDecompensada is diagnosed if the damage is an extensive and no longer function.Symptoms are the result of a hepatic failure and includes:

  • jars or bloody stools
  • Accumulation of liquid in the abdominal cavity, cause swelling and stretching (ascitis)
  • distinctive ‘sweet-Magkrotky ‘Rotary Egg’ Breathing Foods
  • Bruises or Extreme Bleeding
  • Outpill-Up-reduced Urine Outpresentation
  • Personality Changes, Confusion,O Tremor
  • Muscular prestige
  • White bleaching or ‘spots of milk’ on the nails (leucon)
  • Vomiting of blood

The decompensate cirrhosis is classified as livestock of the final stage. Liver transplantation is considered the only viable treatment option.

Hepatecellular carcinoma (HCC)

is the type of liver cancer, It develops almost exceptionally due to cirrhosis in patients with hepatitis B or hepatitisch .The HCC symptoms are similar to those of the cirrhosis decompensate:

  • Persistent fatigue
  • jaundice
  • Accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity (ascitis)
  • abnormal bruise and bleeding
  • involuntary,Extreme weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Full feeling that eats only with a small amount of wooden muscle movements, confusion or rude ‘laughter’

, like cirrhosis decompensated,The HCC is considered the final stage of liver disease.


This renal disorder is more frequently associated with chronic hepatitis B infections or untreated hepatitis C.


more frequently associated with chronic hepatitis B or hepatitis C infections, this is a rare disease caused by the abnormal accumulation of proteins that block small blood vessels,Responding to the tasks of circulation.


This is a Rare complication of chronic hepatitis C, in which the body has problems with chemical manufacturing chemicals called porphyrines, leads to donut bed and face. Hepatic encephalopathy

Hepatic Encephalopathy (it) is a brain inflammation that can lead to the effects when the liver can not eliminate toxins from the blood, which allows them to travel to the brain.It is also called portosystem encephalopathy, it affects both physical and mental functioning.Symptoms include:

  • exhaustion or shaking at the extremities
  • hand failure
  • slow reaction time
  • Sweet Oll Breathing
  • Slow motion reaction time
  • Born Speech
  • Social inadequate
  • Personality change
  • Memory
  • Morculture against timeBirth Sili Date
  • Focus
  • Inability to perform basic maths

Portal hypertension

Hypertension Portal , complication of alcoholic hepatitis, is the type of high blood pressure that affects the veins of portals that lead from the intestines to the liver,They block the return of blood in the organ of the digestive system. As an increase in pressure, threatening the swelling of life and bleeding of various internal tissues and organs. / P>


Hepatitis can weaken the immune system, which makes it less capable of dealing with other infections.For example, according to the centers to control and prevent diseases (CDC), such as hepatitis B, and hepatitis C, they often coexist with an infection of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).And the 2015 study found that people with hepatitis C virus are a higher risk of tuberculosis development, infectious disease caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis, .

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If you are developing any symptom of chronic hepatitis, liver damage or liver cancer, consult your health care provider.Only blood tests are required to detect the hapatitis virus in your body (or antibodies that indicate your immune system, tried to combat that virus).

The blood test can also determine which hepatitis virus is infected, which will determine what its treatment should be (usually an antiviral medication that may not clarify the virus from your body, but can prevent replication ).

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Symptoms of various forms of viral hepatitis , as well as non-regular hepatitis, Like, despite the different reasons.In addition, symptoms are often not obvious until the application begins.Determination of behaviors or features that give you more risk and obtain a good history of the disease, the health care provider can often determine that hepatitis can cause patient symptoms.From there you can do tests to confirm the diagnosis.

Frequently asked questions

  • Hepatitis A is usually a short-dimensional infection, which is resolved with silent and liquids for soft cases.Approximately 25% of cases of hepatitis B can be cured with specific preparations given by weekly through the injection. Hepatitis C is treated with antiviral drugs, which deal up to 90% or more cases.

  • Hepatitis A has an incubation period ranging between 15 and 50 days before the symptoms appear.Symptoms of hepatitis B can start from one to six months after exposure. Symptoms of hepatitis C appear from two to 12 weeks after exposure.

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