Herbal media for rheumatoid arthritis help?


For people who experience rigidity and pain, which comes with rheumatoid arthritis, Some herbal media can complement your treatment plan.But before we hurry to a healthy food store, you know that proof of the advantages of these procedures can be limited.

Treatment that is natural can have risks.Talk to your health care provider to understand the side effects and possible interactions that occur with some plant procedures. If your health care provider approves, you can try some of these herbal procedures.


Turmeric This plant that was used to cure for thousands of years.Indian health professionals believed that spices had numerous health benefits, such as decreasing inflammation, acting as antioxidants and improved general health.

For people with rheumatoid arthritis, some modern studies suggest that curcumin, active ingredient in turmeric, can reduce inflammation.Kurkumin can regulate certain molecules, such as chemokines and cytokines that can lead to inflammation in the body.

In the systematic review of the investigation on the effectiveness of Surcica in the body, the researchers found that around 1000 milligrams (MG) On Kurkumin Day, it can help treat arthritis. The 2017 study showed that patients with rheumatoid arthritis, which gave Kurkumin, showed a greater improvement in their symptoms than patients who received placebo.

turmeric can be taken as a spice like tea, or as an additive.It is possible to interact securely, although it can be negatively interact with blood dilutions and chemotherapy, as well as reducing the influence of aspirin. Be sure to talk with your doctor before taking turmeric.


Over the centuries, ginger was used as a healthcare for people who suffered crashes, abdominal pain, diabetes and asthma.Some studies suggest that the anti-inflammatory ginger quality ( zingiber offinine can help people with arthritis.

Ginger contains a series of different compounds, such as Gabbicles and a Shog that can help reduce inflammation in the body. These compounds can inhibit certain enzymes, reducing pain. . He showed greater improvement than patients, given placebo. Another 2016 study found that ginger effectively reduces inflammation in people after operation on the knee.

can be prepared with fresh or dry ginger, drink it as tea or buy it in essential oil, dust. A real form of treatment.We urge your health care provider before making ginger, as you can interact with drugs that are slow rolling blood, high blood pressure medications or any diabetes medication. . Right questions

Cats claw

Gatos Garra ( Uncaria tomentosa ) is a tropical vine that is located in the tropical forest of Amazon.The crust and the root were used to combat all kinds of diseases, from Alzheimerov to arthritis. Some studies suggest that it reduces inflammation in the body, weakening the pain of the symptoms of arthritis.

In a senior study conducted in 40 patients with rheumatoid arthritis, those who took the daily dose Tomentosa Acaria in comparison to those who simply took the reduction of the amount of swollen,The painful joints compared to those who simply took placebo.

Cats Cats can be taken as a drink, capsule, abstract or tea.People with autoimmune diseases, low blood pressure or leukemia should talk with their health care providers before taking cat boilers, as it can stimulate the immune system, which is already too active.

Indian Frankincense

Indian incense ( Boswellia Serrata ) was used for hundreds of years for the treatment of inflammatory diseases.Some studies suggested that Boswellia can be a useful addition to traditional arthritis treatment. A 2014 study has shown that Boswellia can effectively reduce inflammation in the body, although more research is needed.

Boswellia can be taken in the form of a capsule or tablet. Talk to your doctor before taking this additive, as you can increase the side effects of other medications, including immunosuppressants and antidepressants. Topical procedures

for rheumatoid arthritis

, when some additives A herbal base are internally accepted,They can be applied to the piel:

  • aloe vera
  • jinger
  • eucalyptus
  • / ul>

Claw Devil

Jevils Glaw ( Harpagophytum procumbens ) -This is a plant, native to Africate was used as healthcare in humans with malaria, fever, kidney problems and many other diseases. The name comes from fruits of plants that look like curved claws.

Some studies show that it reduces inflammation in the body. One of the 2002 studies, carried out by 227 people with arthritis or back pain, found that at least 50% of people who took 60 mg of demons For eight weeks, I found improvements in your condition.But the evidence of its substantial treatment is insufficient. / P>

can be taken in tincture, tea, dust, liquid or the shape of a capsule failure Long demons can lead to adverse reactions in people with heart disorders, diabetes, bile stones or stomach ulcers.

Aloe Vera

your alternative medication, which is used to be used throughout, from abbreviations for solar burns,But anti-aloe vera inflammatory qualities ( aloe barbadensis ) can also be a balm for people suffering from joint pain.

While the Aloe Vera study and rheumatoid arthritis is not enough, animal research has found some evidence to assume that aloe vera can be useful for people with rheumatoid arthritis.In a study conducted in 91 mice, Aloe gel stimulated immunity and production of antibodies.

Aloe Vera can be taken as tablets, dust, topical Gel or even leaf shaped.According to the National Health Center and Member, Aloe Vera is considered safe, although the current use of the Aloe Vera gel can cause burning or itching in some people, while oral consumption can lead to side effects of seizures for others.


Eucalyptus is used to treat everything from nasal congestion to ulcers on the skin.es known for its anti-inflammatory properties.Some people apply eucalyptus oil to their skin to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.

A study in 2013 showed that patients who inhaled eucalyptus oil after changing the knee, feel, decrease in blood pressure and pain levels.

Eucalyptus is available in relevant or oil and can be used directly in the inflamed area. The oil food can be dangerous, unless it is aimed at this to make a health care provider.

Eucalyptus oil is safe when applied to the skin, but it should not be used for children under 2 years of age.People with asthma, seizures, liver disease, kidney disease and low blood pressure should talk with their health care providers before using Eucalyptus.

Green tea

Throughout the centuries, people drink green tea for their anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea is an excellent source of polyphenols, such as Epigalocatechin 3 Gall (EGCG).Poliphenols are plants that arouse free radicals, destructive cellular cells that can violate damage to the body.

One of the 2016 studies, carried out in 120 patients with rheumatoid arthritis, found patients who were treated with green tea,showed a decrease in the swollen or delicate failure of the joints While an additional study is needed,The basis of arthritisodavia There is a cup of green tea as a supplement to a medical procedure for medical services for medical services.

Green tea can be taken in a liquid, tea or supplement extract.Keep in mind that green tea contains caffeine, and that if you have stomach ulcers, high blood pressure or kidney or liver problems, your health care provider can tell you not to accept it.

Grott’s mind

Over the centuries,Alternative medicine practices in China used the thunder of the vine of God (Tripergium Wilfordii ) to avoid inflammation of swelling.Nowadays, some people use it as a dietary supplement for multiple sclerosis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. / P> No tons of research on the effectiveness of the Mountains of God, when it comes to arthritis, but The studies that exist are promising.One of the 2009 studies, compared to the treatment of God’s God with a traditional medication used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (sulfasalazine),He found that the people who took the stand of God discovered that their symptoms are more improved than those who accepted the drug.

Another study of 2014 compared thunder thunder with another medication of Western arthritis (methotrexate) and found that the terrible vine of God worked Also as and the drug in the weakening of pain and edema.

can be used on the contrary or orally. If the extract is not prepared correctly, it can be extremely poisonous.The Mountains of the Mountains of God can be supplied with side effects of infertility, menstrual changes, eruptions, diarrhea, headaches and hair loss, asking your health care provider before taking it.

Other alternative forms of controlling RA

No rheumatoid arthritis medications, but the disease can be controlled with a combination of early treatment, medications and monitoring of medical care.Other ways to control rheumatoid arthritis include physical or professional therapy and auxiliary devices that will help prevent overloaded by their joints.

Word of obtaining information about Meds

Discuss herbal procedures with your health care provider and continue with recipes.If you decide to use herbal procedures, find an authorized source. Herbal procedures are not regulated by the FDA, so quality and cleaning may vary.

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