Hereditary rheumatoid arthritis?


If you have rheumatoid arthritis (RA), you can ask yourself if you inherited from one of your parents or if you give it to your children. Speaking strictly, no scenario is like this: Ra is not inherited.However, the individual genetic makeup of a person can increase the risk of developing AR.Researchers have found genetic markers in people with this autoimmune disorder associated with chronic inflammation, the immune system and the disease itself.

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Family and genetic history

If you have a close relative with RA ,You are in an expanded risk of development status. Some studies assessments that genetics represent approximately 60% of risk. However, this is not as simple as’ my mom, so I’ll have it.’Instead, one or both parents may have had a certain genetic makeup ( not a single gene or genetic mutation), which undergo their risk of AR, and may have approved this risk.

generally requires more of the genetics to start AR, although the environment of the environment and lifestyle affects.Some infections, lesions, long-term smoking cigarettes, exposure to certain dust or fiber, obesity, stress and many other factors, combined with genetics, can increase the possibilities of developing AR.


More than 100 genes are associated or communication suspicion with RA. The most significant are the variations of human leukocyte genes (HLA). These genes produce proteins that help the immune system, have the different types of cellular apartments, distinguish viruses, bacteria and other foreign healthy cell invaders.

Together with HLA genes , some of the genetic markers, known as you know,Increase the risk of developing RA: / P>

  • STAT4: Help Adjust and activate the immune system
  • traf1 and c5: contribute to chronic
  • ptpn22: related toThe principle and progression of RA

Some people with positive RA proof for some or all of these genetic markers, while other people are negative.

ra is an autoimmune disease, which means that the immune system can not differentiate hazardous cells of those cells that make up the joints and the coating of the joints and, therefore, They are attacked them all.

In addition to certain genetic markers, many people with RA (but not all) test a positive for the rheumatoid factor (RF) and antinuclear antibodies (ANA), substances that Attack proteins within the cells.They are associated with autoimmouth as a whole and in many cases of AR.

If your children will be reviewed?

Although blood tests can help diagnose arthritis, find genetic markers HLAB27, RF and Ana,Most health care providers do not recommend reviewing children for the disease. What is the Rheumatologist Scott J.Zashin, MD?, University of Texas Texas South-Western Medical School:

‘I do not recommend blood tests children without clinical symptoms, whose parents have arthritis.These children are more often than they prove positives for rheumatoid factor , ana and HLA-B27 and never develop rheumatology. As a general rule, no more than 10 percent of a father’s children with arthritis will develop a similar problem.On the other hand, if a child gives signs and symptoms chronic arthritis, as rheumatoid arthritis , lupus or ankilo spondylitis , Then it is quite reasonable to get the appropriate laboratory work.’

Word of the Meds information

The lower line is that you should not feel that you need your children to be tested for rheumatoid arthritis markers, because regardless of the results,You really do not know, ultimately you will be happy. If they show the warning signs of Arthritis , however, it definitely speaks with your doctor about the tests.

Since his RA (or another close relative) means that his son already has a greater risk, make sure they know about the controlled risk facts, such as smoking cigarettes, so they can take measures throughout of the life,To preserve your risk as low as possible.

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