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If you have been diagnosed genital herpes , a discussion with your health care provider may have been a change in life.Get Herpes diagnosis can be scary because the disease is represented by society and the media.

, but it is not true.

Many people in all the World live with herpes.According to the centers of control and prevention of diseases (CDC), approximately one of the eight Americans have genital herpes. / P>

Life with herpes It is not always easy, but not so terrible, since many people expect.Wait that you do not always feel uncomfortable or or of pain, and you can still find, fall in love and have sex.

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Herpes is a disease and, like many Others, you can learn to live well with him. This is not a curse, judgment, order of the world.

The fact that someone has herpes does not say anything about them, in addition, they were exposed to the virus.

What to do after the diagnostics

If you have been diagnosed with genital herpes, try not to panic. You have time to discover everything you need to know to live well with herpes.

You probably have diagnosed because he experienced an outbreak. Maybe it was frightening and hurt, but not a panic. Do an investigation and discover everything you can about the disease.

After having a flash of herpes, you probably have to probably have something more than next year. Over time, the flashes are usually less frequent. You can even stop having symptoms .

You should also talk to your health care provider about treatment. Treatment and other procedures for genital herpes can help:

  • Reset your symptoms
  • Reduce the frequency of the flashes
  • .Less probably,It will give you a virus to another
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    Asymptomatic infection

    If you were diagnosed herpes through the blood test,Because your current or previous sexual partner told you that you could be exposed to the virus, you may never have a remarkable flash.

    Most people with genital herpes have asymptomatic infections . If you do not have a symptomatic flash within a month after infection with the herpes virus, you can never experience the symptoms of the genitals.

    Asymptomatic does not mean you can ignore the infection.Genital herpes can be transferred even in the absence of symptoms (in fact, what could be as if they had infected with the virus).

    Work with misfortune and guilt

    When you are diagnosed first with genital herpes, you can find someone to blame, but try not.Most people with herpes have no symptoms, so your partner may not realize that they are at risk.

    however, if your sexual partner knew that they were infected with the herpes virus and lied to you about it, you can overestimate the situation. You can not feel that you can trust them or what you want to continue with the relationship.

    Before judging others, evaluate their own actions.Looking for STD tests? Have you ever practiced safe sex? Before having sex with a new partner, did you reveal sexual health problems and asked about your story?

    no matter how tempting to be to throw the fault,You can decide that it is not unfair to keep others in the standards that do not compose yourself.

    These discussions, as a rule, become stronger because time continues.If someone is waiting for the late relationship to discuss herpes, they can worry that their partner will be surprised by why they kept it secretly or blame them.

    Talk to your partner

    to tell your partner that has genital peeks can be one of the most difficult things in life with the disease.Will it be together for many years, or your relationship is completely new, the conversation will be difficult? However, ITIS, you need to have.

    To prepare for discussion, comfortable with all the relevant information about herpes.Know how the herpes are passed and how it can reduce the risk of giving it to your partner.

    If you were together for a long time or simply start new relationships, recommend that your partner tested the fault

    Remember that condoms are not 100% protectors against herpes.There is still a possibility that it gives a disease to sexual partners.

    Until it is completely eliminating the risk, the consistent and correct use of bargain methods for oral, anal , Vaginal, and manual sex significantly reduces the probability of spreading herpes to a partner.

    Suppressive therapy can also reduce the risk of transmission. These medications reduce the amount of viruses in your body. However, remember that you can transfer the herpes virus when you have no symptoms.

    Sex and Herpes

    Until now, it is true that the practice of safe sex does not completely eliminate the risk, the diagnosis of herpes should not be the end of your sex life.

    The sequential and correct use of barrier methods, in addition to avoiding sex during flashes, makes it less likely, will approve a contamination to the couple.

    It is also important to avoid sex during the long period before the outbreak. This is when it starts to feel itching and tingling under the skin and other symptoms that suggest that herpes will appear clearly.

    , it can not be almost as difficult as you believe; Remember that millions of people around the world are infected with the herpes virus.

    However, even if you have diagnosed with genital herpes, it is important to continue practicing safe sex to avoid other sexually transmitted infections.

    should also know that oral herpes does not protect him from obtaining genital herpes; In fact, oral herpes are even more contagious than genital herpes.

    Consequently, the safe sexual practices of oral oral orals are also important to prevent herpes.

    Other health effects Herpes

    Gerpes can also have other effects on your health.For example, people with herpes are on a rise risk of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and have an increased risk of HIV.

    However, herpes is not a disease that will affect most of the areas of your life.Outside of sexuality, the main risk belongs to childhood.

    You may need to take medications or make specific birth plans (for example, have a cross section of Cesarean) to reduce the risk of transmission.

    The greatest risk of transmitting the virus to babies occurs in people who are infected with the herpes virus during pregnancy. People who are pregnant are especially careful with new sexual partners.


    You may want to find a support group for personal herpes or online.Conversation with others who were where it can help you cope with your feelings after diagnosis,Find the knowledge and resources you need to live well with the disease and expand the possibilities to openly discuss the herpes with its partners.

    Word of the Meds information received

    If it was recently diagnosed with herpes, stigma, the surrounding virus may wonder how you learn to live with the disease.Remember:

    • , while herpes can be easily distributed (even if you do not have symptoms), you can protect yourself and your partners.
    • You can continue with the date and have sex if you have herpes while you are open conversations with partners and constantly practice safe sex.
    • If you are pregnant or you want to become pregnant, you should talk with your health care provider to minimize the risk of transferring Herpenes during delivery.

    How do you configure for life with herpes, you can join the support group, where you can learn and discuss your feelings with others?

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