Hidden infection and venereal disease.


Latent infection is a hidden, inactive or inactive infection.Unlike active active assets , where the virus or bacteria are actively replicated and potentially cause symptoms, essentially static hidden infections.While the infection is hidden, it can hide from the immune system and / or be difficult to deal with medications and other therapy.

  • also known as: inactive / inactive
  • examples : Herpes infections Complete hidden periods, where people do not have outbreaks.

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Relevance to understand ETS

Many Provided sexual diseases are defined as conditions that apply for the firsttime through sexual or intimate events pass through the delay periods,Where customers asymptomatic and infection are inactive in their bodies (although it can still be transferred to the couple) rejection

this is one of the reasons why the STDS is A hidden epidemic.The hidden periods of infection, potentially provide opportunities for these conditions of diffusion when the infection reacts the symptoms.

Two STDS, which are the focus of most delay discussions, are Herpes and HIV .However, even if both infections have hidden periods, the biology of two types of delay period is something different.

When the herpes is considered, infection often says that they are hidden between the flashes cold pains or genital disease. The fact is that not all herpes infections are hidden in Those periods.The infection is sufficiently activated for the asymptom fault of the asymptom and the asymptometic transmission , but not enough to cause notable or

Latent HIV, on the contrary, is a definition of greater quantity, since the symptoms of HIV are indirectly and not direct consequences of the infection.In other words, most symptoms are caused by opportunistic infections , which will use immunosuppression caused by HIV, and not in HIV.

Consequently, HIV is considered hidden when the retrovirus did not actively copy in the body. HIV living in a viral reservoir, not reproduction, is hidden.

When doctors and scientists talk about functional treatment for HIV for HIV, they talk about treatment mode, which will destroy all active viruses and establish an infection Hidden constantly.True medicine should also eliminate all hidden viruses and suppliers in a viral water tank, and although this is what scientists continue to work, it is probably a little over.

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