High against low risk activities for HIV transmission.


when the risk of HIV is discussed,It is important first to establish four conditions that must be done for the appearance of HIV transmission:

  1. should be a fluid Body in which HIV can flourish .This includes semen, blood, vaginal liquids or breast milk. HIV can not flourish outdoors or body parts with a high content of acid, such as stomach or bladder. Strong>The main transmission routes include some sexual activity, common needles , healthcareexposite or <> mother’s gear to the child .
  2. Strongly> There must be a virus tool to achieve vulnerable cells within the . This can occur through a space or penetration of the skin or through the bulk tissues of the anus or The vaginaHIV can not penetrate intact skin penetration.
  3. There must be a sufficient level of the virus in the body fluids .That is why the saliva , is unlikely that sources of sweat and tears are for HIV because the concentration of the virus in these liquids is considered insufficient.It is known that neutralizing enzymes in saliva (called secretory inhibitors of peptida or SLPI leucida inhibitors) significantly reduce the ability of HIV thrust.

Definition of whether the activity of ‘high risk’ or ‘low risk’, therefore, depends on the activity Efficient activity Each of these four conditions.

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HIV transmission can occur only after an exposure

,Assignment of the real percentage to the defined activity ‘risky’ of the Complex business. If the statistics can assume that there is only 1 in 200 (or 0.5%) The probability of infection with such, by activity that does not mean that it can not be infected only after an influence.

instead, a 0.The risk of 5% for each influence ‘is intended to indicate an average of an infection of 200 people who participate in specific activities. This does not mean you have to do something 200 times to become infected.

It is important to remember that risk assessments are based on two factors and two person’s mentholl factors have HIV, and the other is not. additional coffee factors , such as existing infections jointly transmitted at the sexual level (IPP), general health care,As well as the contaminated viral load of a person’s component risk until the activity of the risk activity is suddenly much higher.

Risk of Settlement HIV transmission to exposure

The estimates below should not be considered final,but serve as Amuhans to understand the relative risk of HIV influence. The numbers are based on a meta-analysis of several large-scale studies that specifically analyze the risk of exposure.

TBB> Exposición

Tipo de exposición

via – this isExposure Risk Anal Anal sex susceptible with ejaculation 1 , 43% One of 70) Ascending Anal Sex without ejaculation 0.65% (one in 154)

Tanning anal sex, not related

0.62% (one in 161) Loading anal sex, cut 0.11% (one at 909) vaginal

Vaginal sex, woman-a-men (country with high income) 0.04% (one EN 2500) Vaginal sex, manmug (country with high income) 0 Denial A08% ( One EN 1250) Vaginal sex, Woman to men (low-income country) 0.38% (one at 263) Vaginal sex, man to a woman (low-income country) 0.3% (One EN 333) Vaginal sex, HIV asymptomatic 0.07% (UNO in 1428) SINALTICS SELTOMAIN 0.55% (UNO en 180) Oral-Pupaxes (Failed) Susceptible 0% A 0% A 0%.04% (UNO 2500) Ral-PUPTIO (FALL> 0% A 0005% (UNO in 20000) / TD> / TD> / TD> / TD> / TD> / td>

ral-Vangnal (cunnilingus) or partner lightly

General use of drug injection, did not host

0.67% (one at 149) Professional injury LenitlesTick 0.24% (one at 417) NectLlestick without zero without z zero w / Syringe downloaded low to lower

Blood transfusion (US) 0.0000056% (one in 1.8 million)

Pregnancy Mother to child, without antiretroviral therapy (art) 25% (one in four ) mother to child, art two weeks before delivery 0.8% (One EN 125) Mother to the child, in an art with a neglected viral load 0.1% (one at 1000)

Reduction of your personal risk HIV

The purpose of understanding the relative risk is to set funds what is necessary to reduce thePersonal risk of infection or HIV rope to others. You often need a little bit to soften the risk.For example, the agreed use of condoms correlates with a reduction of up to 20 times at the risk of HIV, when choosing a camera insert on the anal floor invest, leads to a decrease of 13 times. , On the contrary, the presence of sickness disease of ulcer or genitus increases HIV risk from where it is Find 200% to 400%.

Perhaps the most important factor to estimate the probability of HIV transmission is a viral load of an infected person.The data assume that the risk of an infected person with HIV infected with an unnecessary viral load that transmits the virus is substantially zero.

The strategy called processing as prevention (Tast) is compatible with force the use of antiretroviral therapy A> to reduce man infection with HIV.It also strengthens the need for early evidence on risk mitigation in mixed state pairs (serial).

Know your serostato and your partner allows you to make a reasonable option on how to protect yourself better to abstain from activities, use condoms or explore condom prevention.(Prep) as a means to reduce the susceptibility of the HIV negative partner to the infection.

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