High cholesterol and eyes: signs and symptoms.


The body needs a bit of cholesterol , the type of fat, function correctly. However, having too much cholesterol in your blood can negatively affect your health.

Your doctor can verify your blood in to find out you have cholesterol levels there, but you can also have signs or symptoms that can affect your eyes.

This is what you need to know about the signs and symptoms of high cholesterol, which may appear in your eyes and around your eyes, and when you have to see the doctor for them.

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Frequent symptoms

Some symptoms of high common level Cholesterol can change as you can see your eyes or area aboutthe eyes. It can also affect your vision.


The eye of the most common symptoms, which is associated with the High cholesterol, it is flat or somewhat elevated the yellowish area around the eye or near the nose.Deposits are caused by increased cholesterol under the skin. Xantel is not affected by his vision.

Approximately half of the people who have Xantlelase have a high level of cholesterol.They are common in the females of Asian or Mediterranean descents.

Xantheelasmas more often if you:

Arcus Senilis

Condition called Arcus Senilis, you can also indicate high cholesterol.With this condition, the bright blue, white or gray ring is formed around the outside of the front of the eye, as more cholesterol reaches the cornea .

Ring will appear around the color part of the eye (iris).You could think that your iris has two colors, but it is a single discoloration. The ring does not affect your ability to see.

The first Arcus Senilis may appear only at the top and bottom of your cornea.In the end, it can form a full ring around the cornea. / P>

Not all people with Arcus Senilis have a high level of cholesterol.However, if your family has a high-level cholesterol history, it is very likely that Arcus Senilis is developing.

Arcus Senilis is more common in middle age.When they become larger, many adults will finally develop Arcus Senilis. It is also more likely to get Arcus Senilis, if you are a man or a black.

Color ring around the cornea in children or youth is called Arcus youth. When the ring appears around the eyes of the children or young adults, it is a stronger sign of high cholesterol than the adult Arcus Senilis.

Occlusion Venins Retina

Retina – Sensitive To photosensitive cloth in the back eye. The retina receives its blood supply through the artery of the retina’s artery and the vein of the retina.When Vienna is blocked, it is called the occlusion of the mesh vein. If the artery is blocked, it is called the artery of occlusion of the retina, known as the movement.

When Vienna is blocked, blood and liquid bottled on the retina.When this happens, the area of the retina is called Macula macula can be inflamed. The Union affects its central vision.

Zella can be taken to the death of nerve cells in the eye, which, in turn, can cause or worsen the loss of vision. You can restore your vision during the year after the Retina Retina occlusion, but your vision can not be the same. To avoid another block, you must save your cholesterol, blood sugar levels and blood pressure under control.

Symptoms of the veins occlusion of the retina include:

  • Blurred vision in an eye
  • Change in the form of a vision in an eye
  • spots or dark lines in his vision ( Dolores )
  • Pain in the affected “/ li>

Occlusion Metsky-piece occurs at the age of 50 or older. It is also more common in people who have high blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma and hardened arteries.

High cholesterol is also common in people from retinal retinal occlusion.The study in 2008 showed that the high level of cholesterol was twice, in people with central occlusion of mesh veins compared to people who did not have an eye.


Some symptoms of high-level cholesterol that affect your eyes or view, but not very common.

. In his retina.This piece of cholesterol generally occurs from a greater artery in the body, such as carotid artery, and can be a sign of more serious problems.

This pillow is more common in the elderly.The Board itself does not cause symptoms; You may not know that you have one until it leads to block.

Holly Gloat can indicate a larger group or blocking in a carotid artery.If this clot or blocking is mixed and moved to the brain, it can lead to , which can affect your vision, engine control or sensory control. The strokes can also be fatal.

) When you see Doctor

If you notice a gradual change in your vision, it is important to tell you your eye.Ta> Choose Browse can help them determine precisely what it does May your vision change.

Some of the conditions of the eyes associated with a high level of cholesterol, including the Xantlelelaem and the arc Senilis, generally do not. Cause Change the vision.

If you are experiencing a sudden loss in vision or first see the floats, make an urgent purpose with your doctor’s eye. If your oculist is not available, go to the emergency room .

Word of information Meds

Some changes in the appearance of your eyes or your vision can be a signal that has a high level of cholesterol.The conditions that can change how their eyes descend, since Arcus Senilisdo does not affect his vision. Other more serious conditions, such as an eye stroke, can lead to loss of vision.

If you notice changes in your eyes, which gradually register for a meeting with your doctor’s eye to leave. You should also allow your regular doctor to know, as they can verify the cholesterol level using a simple blood test.

If you have a sudden loss of vision or begin to see the points in your vision for the first time (poplavkiters), call your card. If they are not available, go to the emergency room for treatment.

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