High cholesterol diet: What to eat for better management


The management of its high cholesterol (hypercolesteremia), it is most likely to include a multipratic approach, and a diet specially designed to reduce cholesterol levels is important.Tips on what it seems that seems a bit changed over the years and today, it is believed that the products you decide to eat can have a value as much as (or perhaps more than) that you avoid.

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High density lipoprotein greater (HDL) You have, more cholesterol can eliminate your body from the blood.Low loborotein from Lipoprotein low (LDL), larger than the boards (atherosclerosis) that happens.The diet recommended when it has a high level of cholesterol, involving products that help increase the old (what is often called ‘good cholesterol’) and reduces the latter (A.K.A., ‘bad cholesterol’).And, perhaps, surprisingly, fats and carbohydrates, and not cholesterol for the dietary agent, will be the main direction.


Your body needs cholesterol for various functions, including forming protective membranes for cells and production of bile to help food food.Cholesterol is also used to create vitamin D and for estrogen and testosterone. While diet (meat, eggs, milk) is a source, cholesterol is also naturally present, since it is made by your liver.

Cholesterol plays an important role in your health, but refers to HDL and LDL imbalance. The more HDL has, the more cholesterol your body can eliminate from the blood.But if you have a lot of LDL, the construction of plastic (atherosclerosis) is greater than it happens, which can lead to human heart disease and .

triglycerides, another type of lipid, fat that gets from a diet that circulates in your blood. Alcohol, sugar and additional calories also deliver triglycerides and stored in body fat.They are also important for notification, since they can also affect cholesterol.

The greatest diet benefit can be connected to a simple fact that it helps you provide a skill to manage a condition that has several unmodified risk risk factors, such as family history, Age and sex.The plan takes all these factors, LDL and Trigycredingo to restore the balance that your body should be operating and reduces the risk of coronary artery disease (CAD) and other heart disease.

grease and carbohydrates in your diet, in combination, are the greatest diet impacts on cholesterol levels.A high-level cholesterol diet focuses on these elements, as well as a decrease in cholesterol to nutrition, even if it is not considered influential because it was sometimes.

Thinking development

Most The old wisdom in the products to avoid if it has a high level of cholesterol, is no longer considered precise, which can lead to a certain confusion. Well-known example – eggs. Holds that the eggs

. However, recent studies found that eggs do not have a serious effect on cholesterol.In fact, many of the food benefits of the eggs can be useful people trying to manage their cholesterol with a diet. / P>

while the body of each person Definitely substantially for cholesterol receiving from food they eat, Research indicates that the effect of dietary cholesterol on the cholesterol level is worth mentioning, but gently compared to other factors.

The fact that all fats are not equal, it also plays a paper here.While saturated fats can negatively affect lipid levels (in particular, LDL), healthy fats, such as those that are in nuts and avocados, can help reduce cholesterol levels, which increases its HDL.

All different

Even if you can make decisions About your diet, you can not control how your body responds to cholesterol in the food you eat.

The study indicated that some people are naturally more sensitive to it than others, and cholesterol levels affect the diet than that of non-irritant. For people who do not They are so sensitive, what they eat do not affect their level (where appropriate).

There are several drivers for high cholesterol , and you may need to use simultaneously more than one to lower and Below and keep them in a healthy range.

How it works

When you think about how much cholesterol is on your diet, remember that your body makes your own seetace and will provide what you need, despite your diet.Therefore, there is no fixed amount of cholesterol, which you must get from the food you eat.

In the past, the general recommendation was 300 milligrams (MG) of dietary cholesterol (or less) per day.However, in 2018, US guidelines for cardiac associations for cholesterol consumption were changed. . Healthy Diet for the Heart , but the commitment of these guidelines is especially important if you have prescribed a diet for high cholesterol.

Your health care provider can make more specific recommendations for you according to your general health (for example, if you have other chronic health conditions or risk factors for heart disease).


After having made changes in the way you eat for Help manage your cholesterol, you will probably need to maintain these changes in the long term;Upon returning to your previous diet, you can encourage your levels to get up again.

Considering this, it can help you think about your new way of use as a permanent lifestyle modification, and not a temporary diet.

What .Smoot products are high in saturated or trans fat for those who are with unsaturated fats.

Appropriate food
Appropriate food

  • file

  • Bacon

  • Bologna

  • duck


  • salami

  • read>

  • Mollusk

  • Shrimp

  • Leche

  • donuts, bake, cookies, cakes

  • ice cream

  • Fruit juice with sugar / p>

  • Toast / fast food-Food

  • coconut oil, palm core oil

  • oil, grease, shortening

  • Partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated hydrogenated vegetable oil

  • Lubrication corn popcorn,FRITS, PRETZELS

  • alcohol (mixed drinks, cocktails)

Fruits and vegetables: Plants do not contain any dietary cholesterol, therefore,You should not limit fruits and vegetables on your diet. To be nutritious, fruits and vegetables, also packed by fibers and phytostrochen chemicals that will help you save your LDL levels on the check.

Salads are typical of go-cough, but remember that you are your excellent rejection give a lipid reduction power salad , omit the bandage and additions such as bacon , and go to the leafy green mix, lean proteins and seeds.: Soluble fiber can reduce the amount of cholesterol, which absorbs the lower LDL.The products at the top of the upper part (bread, flour, rice) are usually higher in fiber than their elegant counterparts; Oatmeal and oat bran are a particularly large option.

However, verify the food labels for the content of the fiber and the full content of the carbohydrates, since some of the already cooked grains may contain aggregate sugars.

Illustration of Brianna Gilmartin, Get information medications

Protein : You can add meat to Low diet , just be careful with the types you turn.Although the recommendations have long been avoided red meat and, on the other hand, choose the lean white meat, research in 2019, published in the US magazine American Buillaue of Clinical Nutrition ,Discovered the red meat and white meat was not very different from the way they were injured at the cholesterol level.

fish , such as Galbeut, tilapia, and low cod in Fat and carbohydrates and high protein.Tuna and salmon also contain omega-3 fats, healthy fat type, which helps reduce the level of triglycerides.

/ P>

Legumes, such as beans, high proteins, low-fat products that can have a powerful impact on your Lipid levels. Not only are they universal and nutritious, but the protein they contain are generally full.The gods have a quite neutral flavor and suitable for different dishes, including soups, salads, sides, dives and classes.

Milk: Choose unbound milk and yogurt, also as whole milk.The cheese is usually high in saturated fat, but small portions with low-fat, such as mozzarella, are healthy options. The modern cheese slices or wands work well, especially as a quick sandwich.

Dessert: Avoid sweets made with full milk full, butter and sugar. Many packed pastries, cookies and sandwiches contain trans-fat fats that can improve bad cholesterol and reduce good cholesterol.Instead, Bake your own desserts with low cholesterol , using fruits, egg squirrels and oatmeal.

Drinks: Herbal tea, especially green tea, can help reduce cholesterol. Citrus juice can also have a favorable effect on cholesterol levels. Alcoholic beverages, especially drinks and cocktails, can be additional calorie sources and sugars and increase triglycerides.

Recommended time

In 2019, the researchers reviewed the conclusions of the Supply and Health Survey in Taiwan to see If time nutrition had some specific impact on cholesterol levels.

The study indicated that the people who ate more at night can have higher levels of LDL cholesterol than people who ate most of their food during the day.

When these people consume that they will generally become their calories at the end of the day at the beginning of the day, they had a lower level of cholesterol.

Another group of researchers observed if access to cholesterol was provided. Research found people who omitted breakfast had a higher level of LDL cholesterol, and people who lost dinner had more triglycerides and a greater proportion of general cholesterol and HDL.

Cooking tips

How do you eat food,Can reduce the fat content in meat with meat:

  • Selection of visible fat-free lean cutouts
  • Remaining grease cutout or meat tilt and Elimination of the skin before serving / li>
  • grill,Morolon or roast beef, and not a roasted roast oil or oil

with fruits and vegetables, avoid adding salt, sugar, oil or canolas, which are high in trans fat -Rass them .To avoid reducing your nutritional nutrition, avoid adding any sweet sauces, grease or lubrication to beans and legumes. If this

adds an aroma with spices.In addition to being tasty, many herbs and popular spices have properties that can change how LDL cholesterol interacts with free radicals particles that can make molecules in unstable LDL,Causing inflammation and further affecting your cardiovascular health. It has been shown that antioxidants in some herbs and new spices avoid these harmful interactions.Garlic is another healthy and universal option for emergency dishes that can help reduce cholesterol and triglycerides.

When it is baked, try adding ginger, loosen and cinnamon, all of which are high in antioxidants.Instead of doing products baked with grease, butter or butter, try using substitutes, such as Apple, banana or even avocado.

Again, the recommended diet for you will be adapted to your status and a general health profile.Your healthcare provider can offer you a rigorous plan for you, for example, if you have several risk factors for recipes.

Even, sometimes changing, as you eat, not enough to reduce cholesterol.Add other lifestyle modifications, such as an increase in your physical activity and weight loss, can also be insufficient.

If your levels are still high on the basis of low cholesterol levels , your professional can assign states, medications that will be accepted when you continue with your diet for high cholesterol.


If you plan to make changes to the diet, it is important to consider all the different parts of your life that can be affected.Your lifestyle, duties and preferences also affects your ability to do (and acquire) changes you make.

Common diet

Compared with diets that are strongly limited, what products can be eaten, diet for High cholesterol. It can be quite diverse and balanced.Fresh foods, lean meat and low-fat dairy products are approved in this plan and parts of a healthy diet for all.

Many of the food that can avoid or limit the diet with a low cholesterol level.High in grease, sugar and calories. The collection does not include these products in your diet (or them only with moderation) can have cholesterol control health out of health, for example, which helps you lose weight or reduce blood pressure.


Although you might have to expand your typical shopping list and Change some favorite recipes, a wide range of foods that are appropriate on a high cholesterol diet, make up the plan is quite flexible.

Many restaurant menus assign healthy or lowered choices that can be appropriate. You can also order simple swaps like a whole semi-grain movie instead of a bun, or grilled chicken instead of fried.

Diet Restrictions

If you are not sure how to make your dietary needs And preferences to work with a low cholesterol diet, you can talk with a diet or registered diet.They can guide it through the creation of a lipid reduction plan.These tips can be especially useful if it also controls the problem of the gastrointestinal tract, which worsens fiber / rudeness, or needs to avoid gluten (millet, teff and quinoa are an option that is safe and packaged with fiber).

Side effects

By itself, going down the cholesterol, you should not have side effects.Each time you make changes in how you eat, you can experience temporary bowel symptoms, such as constipation, but are usually temporary and become better as they configure.

If you start a cholesterol reduction medication, remember that any side effects you can also be the result of your medication. For example, muscle pain and weakness are the common side effects of statins. Talk to your personal care provider that corresponds to you.

General Health

The recommended products for high cholesterol management offer many other health benefits.Two under certain conditions, you support a healthy weight and improve your energy management, take other changes, such as more, easier to accept training.

can, obviously, can help your cholesterol efforts, but it will also help reduce the risk of problems being cardiovascular, including cancer.

Word of obtaining information medications

Selection to eat a heart diet full of fresh products, grains Whole and lean squirrel avoiding products that are processed tightly and high in trans.Fat can improve cholesterol and triglycerides and can even help you eliminate other risk factors for heart disease, such as your weight. You will want to discuss several cholesterol reduction approaches with your health care provider.By making changes to your diet, you can help you, you may also need medications to help you get your levels under control.

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