High food in phytosterols can help reduce cholesterol.


phytosthroles is a group of compounds obtained by plants that are structurally similar to cholesterol in the human body.When used, compete with cholesterol absorption in the digestive tract, blocking it and, as a result, reducing cholesterol in the blood.Some studies found that the consumption of two grams of phytosterols per day can help reduce their ldlcholesolol or poor cholesterol by 10%. People, however, do not reach anywhere next to two grams per day.Modern (2016) Dietary consumption of phytosterolas dietary lines from 150 to 450 per day, even with food producers, enriching many common food products with a compound.

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While there is Supplements that contain phytosterols ,The jury is absent, whether they are safe for long-term use (one year).While it tends to be well admitted, limited study, affordable by its consequences, is contradictory ; some studies suggest that they reduce the risk of heart disease, while others say that the study does not support it. For this reason, many experts recommend obtaining phytosterols from whole sources. Meal.

Getting food phytosterols

Good news is that you can absolutely increase your natural phytosterol consumption and get your health benefits, increasing the food from the plant in your diet.Although phytosterols are difficult to determine a quantitative evaluation in food products, since there are more than 200 of them, phytosterols detected more frequently in food products are sitesterol, stigmaster,Anthrodver and campesterol. While this list does not include, you must give you an idea of the phytosterol content in healthy and whole products.Due to the various methods used, the measured content of phytoststerol, can vary slightly from learning to study.

The following products contain the largest spoon: / P>

  • Nuts
  • whole grain products
  • vegetables


Nuts are high amounts of spoons, from 95 to 271 mg per serving of 100 g of nuts. Studies have shown that the handful of most nuts can have a favorable effect on their lipid profile . The following nuts have the highest content of the spoon:

  • almond 161 mg per 100 g of portions
  • 143 mg walnuts in 100 gsirving
  • pistachios 271 mg per 100 g of portions
  • Caps 120 mg per 100 g ofportions
  • pecans 150 mg of 100 g of mining

Roasted or eats your plains are healthy ways to prepare nuts.Severe roasted or straw nuts can have an adverse effect on your heart’s health if you consume this type of nuts on a regular basis.

Comprehensive products

Full grain products, including rye, barley and oatmeal, on many types of nutrients. Some whole grain products also contain high amounts of phytosterol.The following grains have the highest content of the spoon:

  • Flax 210 mg per 100 g of portions
  • Erger Erger 197 mg in the cup of a tone
  • rye bread 33 mg in two societies

can try to use flax seedsHuge streak as a salad or add them to the cocktail of the morning or oatmeal. And keep the rye bread healthy, do not believe it with sweet jam. You can try the nut butter, like almonds.

Fruits and vegetables

Although fruits and vegetables can contain lower amounts of phytosterols compared to nuts and whole grains, they also contain several vitamins, minerals, fiber soluble , and other healthy ingredients that make your cholesterol. In addition, wear their salads or vegetables with olive oil increases the phytosterol content; A spoonful of 30 mg packets.The following fruits and vegetables contain the highest number of phytosterols:

  • broccoli 49.4 mg per 100 g of portions
  • red arc 19.2 mg per 100 g of portions
  • Carrot – 15.3 mg per 100 g serving
  • corn 70 mg per 100 g serve
  • brussels sprout 37 mg per 100 g serve
  • spinach (frozen) 10.2 mg in 100 G Serving
  • strawberry 10 mg per 100 g servings
  • blueberry 26.4 mg for 100 g serve
  • banana 16 mg for 100 g serve
  • salad 38 mg for 100 g serve
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