Hormone anti-dire and pcos


Anti-Dierre or ADH hormone, is a hormone, which occurs in the hypothalamus and is released by the pituitary gland. His main work is to maintain blood pressure, the volume of blood and tissue water levels.

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Women with polycycles egg syndrome

/ A> or PCOS are exposed to high blood pressure risks.

also known as vasopressin, the ADH contributes to a smooth muscle reduction and makes the body to maintain water, helping to prevent dehydration .

The ADH secretion is activated when the cells specialized in the brain or the heart show a change in the concentration of blood or blood pressure.

after the release of ADH passes to the kidneys, where it points the specific cells to reabsorber the water from the urine, which is stored in the kidneys, which prevents the leakage of water through the urination.This increases both blood and blood pressure.

ADH modified levels

High levels of ADH can cause water retention.The state known as the inadequate secretion syndrome of anti-pink hormone (SIADH), produces an excess of ADH, which should be released when it is not required.

Excessively high levels of ADH can be a side effect of certain medications or caused by a disease or a tumor in the lungs, hypothalamus or pituitary gland black

drinking alcohol, on the other hand,Inhibits the ADH assignment, which led to an increase in urine production and dehydration.

The symptoms of ADH imbalance include nausea, vomiting, spasm muscle, confusion and cramping.

Tests for ADH

Your health care provider may order a test ADH if you experience excessive thirst, frequent urination or dehydration or have an abnormal sodium blood.The test can also be called AVP Organine Vasopressressin.

Preparation of the accurate measurement of ADH, however, it can be difficult, since it is a very small molecule with a short half-life.Medical care providers sometimes use CoppeTin as a substitute for ADH.Copeptina was associated with atherosceroscessososh and and can be used to detect heart attacks in the early stages.

ADH and heart disease

Recent study published in the magazine Ovarian studies discovered higher levels of outbreaks,Reproduce an important role in the response to metabolism and the development of atherosclerosis in insulin. Reset sustainable , hyperthemical women with PCO. / P>

Another study found in women with PCOS, copppet levels are higher in patients with obesity that those on those of normal scales.This can be useful for testing a current to evaluate cardiovascular risk in patients with PCO in the future.

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