Hot packets used in physiotherapy.


Hot packets are the physical fashion type , which is often used at physiotherapy clinics . They apply to their injured part of the body by their physiotherapist (PT).Physiotherapists surround hot wet packets in several layers of towels and hot packets are applied directly in an open area that needs treatment.But why your PT uses the heat,And there are risks to use hot packets during your PT procedures?

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Benefits of hot packets

The heat provided by hot packets has some benefits. This may include:

  • relaxes the narrow muscles, causing relaxation of fabrics.
  • reduces pain caused by muscle voltage or spasms.
  • causes vasodilation of blood vessels, which increases circulation to the area.

An increase in blood circulation to the injured part of the body helps lead to nutrients, oxygen and cells that contribute to healing.This high circulation can also discharge the metabolic waste that can be collected around its damaged body site.

Who benefits from using hot packages?

Patients with certain conditions generally benefit from the use of hot packets at the Physiotherapy Clinic.These terms may include:

  • arthritis
  • chronic pain
  • muscle spass
  • Chronic injury, where the blood flow increase It is desirable

after the injury,The heat helps increase the extensibility of the tissue and improve the way you move the muscles.

How is it used the heat? ?

If your PT chooses to apply the heat in part of the body during your PT sessions, it may be useful to know how this process occurs. Therefore, you will be ready to use The heat in PT.Heat used from certain ways:

  1. your body must be conveniently located comfortably
  2. part of the body that will be treated with heat, should be displayed
  3. your pt Get a hot pack from a device called Hydrocollar.This is a large box that contains water heated to approximately 160 degrees. The hot pack is full of clay and sand, and absorbs hot water.

When the heat is used, it may not be hot; For the heat required a few minutes to penetrate the towel. Solo awaits a few minutes, and you will start feeling warm penetrating the skin.

Who should avoid using hot packets?

There are certain conditions in which the use of humid heat and hot packets should be avoided.They may include:

  • in areas of modified disorders or sensitivity (for example,Having numbness or tingling)
  • In people with disturbed mental capabilities
  • after an acute injury
  • about the connections with Sharp Hemarrosis
  • Spelling to the steamed to heating

If you have an injury and consider using heat, you should consult with your health care provider to use hot packages, this is a safe thing for you. A visit to your physiotherapist can help determine If I use the heat.

How long should I use the heat?

The thermal and hot packets are often used to your body for 10-15 minutes.Frequent controls must be performed to make sure it is not too hot and avoid damage to the skin. If you have too much heat, you must delete a hot package from your body. The use of heat is not recommended several times a day, as it can damage your skin.

A few precaution words

If you go to a physiotherapist, he or she can use heat to help manage your condition.The use of long-term heating is not recommended, as it can cause AB Lege, a condition marked by spotted and discolored skin. There is some evidence that it increases the probability of skin cancer , but research is not 100% exactly about this.

Physiotherapists are in motion experts, and should attract it in an active rehabilitation program to improve the range of movement and force to improve functional mobility. Hot packets: passive mode where you should not have anything.This puts his general health in the hands of his physiotherapist, and not in his administration.

Make sure that if you use hot packets at the PT clinic, it also exercises and active rehabilitation.If your PT uses only passive procedures, such as heat, ultrasound or electrical stimulation, they are asked to be more involved in the active rehabilitation program.If passive treatment continues, there may be a time to find a new physiotherapist .

Recipient’s medicine information word

If you have an injury or limited functional mobility, you must register with your health care provider and visit your physiotherapist to work,To return to full function. The PT can use modalites like Hot Packsto helps to increase its physiotherapy program. The use of hot packets can feel good and put it on the right path to full functional mobility.

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