How brain death is explained and diagnosed.


The brain of death is a clinical and legal definition of death. Sometimes, when a person declares himself cerebral, her heart is still still beating, and her breasts can get up and fall with each fan breathing.The skin can be warm, and the man who cheated the brain may seem relax.

These physical functions may be present in a person who may be present in the brain, because physical damage is really hidden in the brain, instead of visible in the body.

Brain cells do not regenerate effectively. This complicates the brain to recover from the injury. Serious cerebral damage may arise due to a stroke, heart attack or head of injuries.When brain cells are subjected to continuous damage, they can not be replaced. The basic loss of brain function leads to the death of the brain.

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Brain death announcement

The death of the Brain means that a qualified doctor is usually neurologist,I made an extensive physical examination and documented the criteria for the death of the brain.


Before pronounces brain death,Three clinical criteria must be completed:

  • Immunity
  • Apnea (inability to breathe without a fan)

Cerebral death test

Tests of the cerebral death CAKS STEMBasic categories: / P>

  • Thematic exam
  • Apnea test
  • Other tests, too Known as auxiliary test

. Response reaction.If the exam does not show a response, the physical examination will proceed to verify certain reflexes.

Someone who the brain of the victims will have no cerebral reflections.For example, a person in a comma, which is not the brain is dead, will flash or move his head, if his eyes are upset by a cotton ball.The person who knew the dead can not blink, shudder or try to get away if the doctor cares about his eye with a piece of diffuse cotton.

Another type of cold-calicaric test This test is done with an icy water syringe and injecting it On the ear channel.The patient who is a dead brain will not respond to this type of incentive, but a person who has a brain function will have an answer that can vary from the ocular movement to the vomiting.

Test apnea

patient that is enough Patients to prove the death of the brain will be in a fan. and can not breathe without a fan.To verify if the respiratory reflection is intact or absent, the fan is deleted in the procedure called the apnea test.

Generally, gas blood blood (ABG) drawn immediately before the start of the apnea test when the fan is removed . Oxygen can be administered during the apnea test, but the fan can not be used.

Most people, even those who have serious diseases, will try to take a breath when the fan is removed, but someone who will not breathe during the apnea test.

When a man’s brain is dead, the brain can not send a sign to breathe, and breathing It does not happen without supporting the fan.

Other brain death tests

From the completion of physical evaluation, the doctor can choose additional tests.Although it is typical of both a physical evaluation and to verify apnea, some people who are not brains can not tolerate apnea tests. Often, in these cases, the current will be performed.These studies are maintained to see if the blood goes to the brain through the bloodstream. If the study shows that no blood reaches the brain, the test is consistent with the death of the brain.

Some doctors will use EEG, or electroencephalogram , which is a test that measures brain waves. The man who cheated the brain will have an EEG ‘flat’, since brain waves will be absent.

Atopine, prescription drugs, which causes an increase in heart rate, and also introduces as an auxiliary test to the death of the brain, because It is not effective in the brains of the dead.If the heart rate in particular, after the medication is given, this suggests that a person is not overpending.

Knead death cerebral

When a person pronounces a somber brain, it means that they are legally dead.Its certificate of death reflects the date on which the death of the brain was pronounced, and not when your heart stops at a later time.

In the United States, if a person pronounces a cerebral Yazvel and meets certain medical criteria, the donation of the organs can be the option.In many cases, a person has already decided to donate and point out his choice of his driver’s license or in his will.

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