How can you know if your child has alcoholic syndrome?


Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a heavy end of the effects spectrum that can occur when a woman drinks alcohol during pregnancy.The characteristics of the FAS include the delay of growth, face anomalies and central nervous system dysfunction. The experimental case of action associated with alcohol is the death of the fetus and involuntary abortion.

If a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, but her son has no complete symptoms of the FAS, your child may be born with disorders of Neurodiphegeneration of alcohol (arnd).Children with arnd do not have full fascut, can demonstrate the study and behavioral problems caused by the prenatal effects of alcohol. Children with alcohol alcohol defects (ARBD) may arise with their heart, kidneys, bones or hearing.

FAS effects are not curable,But if therapy is recognized, you can begin to reduce the symptoms and influence in the useful life of a child insubius

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If you doSpeche that the newborn may have subjected an excessive amount of alcohol during the material drone, probably the fastest way to confirm if the child needs to start the treatment for the FAS,It is to study the characteristics of the child’s face. , If you think a child can have FAS or other effects associated with alcohol, contact your doctor.Children with FAS or ARND can have the following features or demonstrate the following behaviors:

Head and disorders of the face

  • Small head
  • Little outer jaw
  • Slim upper lip
  • Smooth upper lip, which lacks a branch crest, which is generally visible between the nose and the upper lip.
  • short nose
  • Powders PLACKS Under nasal
  • epical points, in which there is an extra skin of the upper eyelid,Angle of coverage Internal eye

other physical signs

  • gestational age or small growth in relation to colleagues. Maybe under the body’s body, as well as in short average height.
  • Violations of vision or hearing disorders

Behavior and intelligent

  • Sleeping and sucking infancy violations
  • deficient coordination
  • behavior and hyperactive difficulty
  • Poor memory
  • Study, School Difficulties, especially with Mathematics
  • Development Disability,as speech and linguistic delays
  • Intelligent or low IQ disability
  • reasoning skills and deficient judgments

many others facial and other physical prosecutors what children can be exhibited withDisorders of the spectrum of fetal alcohol, including the deficiencies of growth, deformity of skeletal deformations, organ deformations and the central nervous system.

Problems later in life

In addition, children with fetal alcohol syndrome can develop the conditions associated with FAS. These are the conditions that were not born, except the developer in life.

Word Get information Meds

WHERE FAS No drug from the fact that women are crucial than women who are pregnant or who can get pregnant do not drink alcohol .No amount of alcohol is not safe during pregnancy. There are no FAS medications, therapy and early intervention services can help the child achieve the maximum potential of it.

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