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the cold, as a general rule, lasts seven and 10 days, and the only medication is to relax, stay hydrated and wait for it.However, there are many cool treatment options that can help relieve symptoms and make this period more tolerant.Steam, warm liquids and other home remedies, as well as overlapping medications (for example, demons, excommunication, deposits, cough separation, analgesics, etc.) can help treat cough, stagnation and / or nasal secretion.

The recipes can be used, but not so common. Some also celebrate the benefits of certain additional and alternative treatment methods.

If you feel about the child, you know that not all cold procedures.As always, consult your assistant doctor if you are not sure that the cause of your child’s illness or how to treat it.

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Protective protectors of protection and lifestyle

Despite packaging promises and OLDO-General Caserremedios, there is no wonderful cure for colds, and nothing has been demonstrated, which reduces the course of the disease.

U.S.Management Food and Drug Administration (FDA ) advises Stay hydrated , drinking plenty of fluids , avoiding alcohol and caffeine products . Rejection

For throat pain, sucking in Lollipops can help you calm it down. However, do not give children of sweets under 4 years, depending on the risk of suffocation. Herring with warm salt water can also help.

Using humidifier can help you with the overload.In addition, steam from mileage in shower or breathing through a bowl of hot water can be useful. . It is believed that the hot liquid , in general, can help relieve congestion.

honey Some tests that are cough medications and can reduce nocturnal cough in children. Hot cup of herbal tea with honey and lemon can be relaxing.However, you should never give honey to babies under 1 year due to the risk of children. botulism.

> The nasal irrigation salt is a homemade tool, which is often recommended He relieve stagnation of the breast, like a cold cold.However, be sure to use only distilled, sterile or pre-boiled water to make a saline solution. The nasal irrigation can be done with a sheet sheet , bottle or ball.

avoid smoking or smoking used, it can also help keep your symptoms feel worse.

Revaluation therapy (OTC)

There are many OTC products that can help facilitate cold symptoms. However, many of these products contain more than an active ingredient, each appeal to several symptoms.

It is recommended to apply only to the symptoms you have, instead of taking a product that has unnecessary ingredients. The reading of a package can help you carefully if you can help you in your case.

He also realizes that many cold preparations have common ingredients.Taking more than one at the same time can represent the risk of randomized overdose .

If your child is less than 4 years, 4 years, do not say any inactive coughs or cold drugs, unless you do not specify if your health care provider is not specified.If your child has 4 or more, talk with your pediatrician to find what products can be safe and effective for your symptoms.


antihistamines helps relieve itching, tearful eyes, nasal secretion and scratches. Benadryl (diphenhydramine) is an ordinary choice, but it can make you drowsy. Non-sleep alternatives include Claritan (Loratadine), Allegra (Fexofofenadine), Zyrtec (Cetirizine) and Xyzal (Levocertyriazine).

For a nasal secretion, you can also use flonase (fluticasone), which is a nasal steroid.

.A> The established noses . Sudafed (pseudoephedrine) is a typical option, but you can call insomnia. Now it is sold ‘in the meter’ in many places and in limited quantities to avoid use in medicines Illicit.

Fenylephrine design, which is not under such control. In sailors with several symptoms, the use of ‘d’ in the title often indicates that it includes battery.


Help the artist’s help look out and weaken the mucus so you can avoid that I can collect your breathing tracks and easier to fly your nose. Guifenesin is an expectorant ingredient approved by the FDA, and can be found in OTC products, such as Robitussin , >, and formulas multi-Symptoms

Suppression of the cough

Tough the soups (shockproof ) It can help relieve cough, but cough performs an essential function: cleans the lungs, helping to prevent bacterial infection over its cold.It is better to use them only when your cough has become too important to endure. / P>

Dextromethorphan is the most common ingredient of suppression of the OTC.Do not give children under 4 years old, and should consult with their health care provider before giving a child from 4 to 11 years old.

Combined products, which include antihistamine and lamp, also have a cough suppression function.This can help dry a post-stick drop, as well as relieve cough.


Anesthesia, as Tylenol ( Acetaminophen) and Advil (ibuprofen) can reduce fever and help relieve headache or lower body pain, may have its cold.

Aspirin is not recommended for colds and children should never be given due to the risk of Reye syndrome.Acetaminophen is the only relief of pain, which can be given children under 6 months; Older children can take acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

We will definitely notice if the medication can cause drowsiness and use of caution if you manage or work technique.Some preparations for cough and cold can also interact with prescription drugs or dietary additives, so you should consult with your doctor or pharmacist to avoid these problems.


A typical cold does not need prescribed medication, you can see your health care provider if the symptoms are heavy or last more than 10 days. If you have asthma, the cold can cause an attack, and you may need asthma medications.

A symptom that may want to want a stronger relief for cough. The suppression of the cough recipe may contain opiates, such as codeine.Keep in mind that these medications can have significant side effects and little strong evidence that they really work.

For a nasal secretion that NASONEX will not stop (mometasone): a prescribed nasal steroid.

Until now, many people request antibiotics when they have a cold, these medications do not affect the cold virus . An experienced verification due to this demand can lead to the development of stable bacteria with antibiotics.

Additional and alternative Medicine (CAM)

Many dietary supplements and herbal products were studied, as well as holistic health professionals .If they reduce the length of the cold. It does not achieve the level of medication, but some studies show that they can have beneficial effects.


Studies continue using zinc to reduce the duration of cold symptoms in healthy people.Although data is not convincing, zinc, syrup or tablet settings of up to 75 milligrams (MG) per day, when used along the cold, can reduce its duration.

however, lollipops can create side effects, such as nausea and bad taste mouth. One of the products to avoid intranasal zinc (in a smear, gel or spray), since it was associated with the loss of smell sensation. American Ginseng

American ginseng ( Panx Quinquefolius ) has some evidence to reduce duration ColdStudies that showed him in people who took jeans for eight to 16 weeks to prevent colds. Although they had no much less colds, they were shorter.

Ginseng Asian ( Panx ginseng ), it seems that it has no effect. Please note that Ginseng can reduce the impact of diluent in general coumadin (warfarin), so it should Talk to your doctor before using it if you are in some medication.

Vitamin C

Many people swear by taking extra vitamin C for a cold. Conclusions about whether it works or not contradictory.

People living in a cold climate and people who participate regularly in intense exercises, such as distance runners, generally have low levels of vitamin C. taking the addition of vitamin C, they can interfere with the coldsBut if you have this deficiency, you will probably not do anything to prevent or cure a cold.

can be tempting to give you a maximum of a dose of Vitamin C, when you feel the symptoms of colds, but it does not mean better anymore.In fact, take more than 500 mg of vitamin C is useless. Your body can not absorb completely, so it is washed through urination.


Echinacea – Another common herbal medicine is announced to prevent or treatment of colds.A lot of research was included in the 2014 review, which only found weak evidence that grass may have such effects, and only by a minor degree. The problem compared is that Echinacea products have more than one species and different parts of the plant.

Other cam drugs that are in the study include garlic (it seems, it does not work), meditations and exercises (a study found some effects) and probiotics.

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If you have cold or care symptoms for your child or a family member who has one, make sure you practice good hygiene habits.Distribution of your hands often. It covers your mouth and nose when you are sneezing, and do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth.

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