How deep and hard to hear differently?


What does it mean to be deaf and how it differs from the complexity of the audition (Hoh)? The answer depends on who you ask, and what kind of future you look at it.For example, the medical community has a strict definition, but people in the free part of candy or the Hoh community can have a completely different opinion.

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Medical definition

From a medical point of view,The loss of hearing is determined by the results of the inspection. There are set parameters to classify someone as a deaf or complex hearing.A complete hearing test inspects how strong sounds should be through the frequency range to detect them. It also gives you how well you can understand the discourse.

If you can not detect the sounds of silence in more than 90 dB HL (hearing level decibels), it is considered a hearing loss in depth for these frequencies.If the average value of 500 Hz, 1000 Hz and 2000 Hz is 90 dB or more, it is considered that a person is deaf.

A person who is difficult to hear can have an auditory loss trip of Light to heavy.It should be noted that strengthening technology is available for people with light to deep hearing loss.

Cultural definition

The cultural determination is very different from the medical definition.According to the cultural definition, it has nothing to do with how much you can listen with how much you can hear. In its place, this is because you identify. Does it carefully associate people or deaf people? Many medical layers of listeners are considered culturally deaf.

Sometimes, this difference between cultural deafness and deep loss of rumors can be indicated in the way the word ‘deaf is written. For example, if you see ‘deaf’ using the capital d , it usually indicates the sordid culture .On the other hand, ‘deaf’ is written by the lowercase letters ‘d’ indicates a loss of hearing, and a person may not necessarily be considered part of the deaf cultures.

Psychological definition

There are also those that are from a medical and functionally deaf point of view, which insists: ‘I am not deaf, it is difficult for me to listen.’This statement is often produced by people with hearing loss, which deny the degree of hearing loss. They can not be ready to recognize the severity of their hearing.

In addition, the achievements in Image Coclear’s technology erosionen the lines even more. Many people with deep hearing loss can now communicate orally and participate as a listener.

For these reasons, the way someone is identified from the point of view of their hearing loss, is often more about personal perception or choice than anything else.

dual definition

People with cochlear implants, whose auditory losses are reduced to 20 dB of hearing or deaf? In the opinion of the author’s battery, the answer, the answer, as.’

When a person with a cochlear implant has an implant and can listen well, they are difficult to listen. When the implant turns off, and you can not hear anything, they are deaf. The same goes for hearing aids.A long time ago, the author will say that she is ‘in the air’ when using her headphones and functions as a person with a hearing loss, but ‘from the air’ when you do not use hearing aids and the inability to hear anything. .

Recipient medication information word

As you can see, there is no individual definition that indicates us To anyone deaf or difficult to listen.Although the medical definition can be related to everyone whose personal perception of their hearing loss and how they are adequate (or not) in a deaf culture, as it is important to consider. In fact, there is no correct or incorrect response, which corresponds to each person.It is often better to ask for someone to prefer to make assumptions.

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