How diprivan is used during surgery


diprivan or propofol is a sedative patient, which is used mainly for the induction of general anesthesia and sedation in intensive care units.It is also used for minor procedures, such as dental work or colonoscopy, which require monitoring follow-up care to maintain the calm of the patient, without pain and more.

Diprivan is a powerful medicine, but it has a very short half-life, that is, the medicine is using very quickly.Many sedatives are delayed in the body of hours or days, which causes a primary Diprivan medication to be used for short periods of sedation.

Diprivan is packed in a fat emulsion, which gives fat, white, milk Lycvarin.

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depivan dacript . I amIt can be administered once a bolus to provide a sedation that lasts 5 to 10 minutes, or can be administered in the form of a permanent sedation.It can be used for short-term sedation, or for large patients in the ICU, can be used for several weeks during the healing process.


DIPRIVAN – This is a selection of drugs in many situations of sedation. The reason why Diprivan is used so widely, this is a short period of time that is effective.The unique injection of the Diprival provides a sedation in less than 10 minutes in most patients and greatly enters into force. It can also be used for longer periods of sedation if necessary.

It is also effective in reducing intracranial pressure or pressure in the brain, which is a side effect of the brain or bleeding in the brain.For patients with an increase in intracranial pressure that require sedation, Diprivan is a natural choice, as it can provide both the necessary sedation and aid to treat increased pressure.

Diprivan is used for several purposes, including conscious sedation for outpatient procedures, the induction of anesthesia and sedation in an intensive situation of therapy.Diprivan is unique because it can be used for a short-term sedation or long-term sedation and wear rapidly. This is a great advantage of the drug, first of all sedatives, causes a sedation that lasts in a few hours.

During the operation, the DIN give to calm the patient during intubation or the insertion of the breathing tube to general anesthesia.In the ICU Diprivan is delivered to the relaxant of patients who are excited or worried, or help to tolerate the patient is to be in the fan, without resisting breathing, the fan is delivered.

Diprivan is a very short action crossing and uses less than 10 minutes for most patients.This gives medical staff at the larger sedation level, and also allows you to estimate the neurological status of the patient, without waiting for a long-term period of time for the drug to wear out.


    LI> Diprivan should be used only in situations when nearby monitoring is available, including heart monitoring.
  • diprivan is not recommended for babies a month or less
  • diprivan should not be given to children who can have a respiratory tract infection, epiglotte (potentially threatening the life of the Swelling of epiglotta) or cereals.
  • Diprivan should not be given in patients with soy or egg allergies
  • Diprivan can increase the risk of seizures in epileptic patients
  • diprivan should not be used During pregnancy
  • Diprivan can cause arrestRespiratory, the patient is required to be closely monitored or in the fan
  • diprivan can reduce blood pressure and heart rate and should be used with caution in patients with low hypotension or bradycardia.

  • Diprivan should be used with caution in patients who have fat metabolizing fat disorders.
  • Patients should not drive a car after receiving a diprival, the next day is considered safe.

Word of the medications received

Diprivan is an IV medication, which is commonly used for sedation during procedures and in the ICU when patients are in the fan.This medication is very effective and has an additional advantage to quickly use when the infusion in IV stops.

Despite the association with the death of the singer of Michael Jackson, this medication is very safe when the health care staff is used properly.Appropriate use means that when this medication is used, there will be a constant monitoring of vital signs and closing medical personnel, which is a standard level of care during the procedures and during the UCI stay.

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