How does Western Blot Wviv test work?


Tests in HIV is, as a general rule, a process of several steps. The first test is usually a high sensitivity test. High sensitivity tests are intended to identify so many potential HIV infections.This first test is then done by one or more high need tests to eliminate the possible false positive HIV diagnoses. The most common historical high testing in the confirmation test is the Western Transfer Test. However, there is another confirmation of the tests that are now preferred.Western wet was eliminated from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Prevention of the HIV Laboratory Test Algorithm recommended in 2014 in favor of using an antibody / antigen / antigen / antigen-proof of origin in detection.

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How does the Western Blot test work?

Western sheets are also known as protein immunocers.These tests are used to detect specific proteins in the sample. The main method of Western Blot includes the classification proteins along the length of the gel.Then, this grid will be transparent antimmedia that react to specific proteins they are looking for.

however, when western spots are used to test HIV, this process is actually realized in the reverse order.Usually, in the western block test, unknown proteins are looking for known antibodies.However, for the test in HIV-West sport, scientists work with prepared samples of HIV proteins and see if there are antibodies in human blood that adheres to them.

blot Western.HIV tests are generally sought antibodies against the following HIV proteins: / P>

  • HIV proteins Envelope : GP41 and GP120 / GP160.
  • Virus core proteins: P17, P24, P55
  • Enzymes that HIV uses in the infection process: P31, P51, P66

For that man he believes that a person is positive.They need an antibody against one of the envelope proteins and one of the main proteins or against one of the enzymes.If a person has antibodies that are against a different combination of proteins, they usually consider themselves. uncertain. The exact algorithm to declare the result of an indefinite definition varies for each specific test of Western blot.It is no less, the objective always reduces the risk of a positive false test, which performs someone without a reason.

The uncertainty of the results of Western Blot can be a sign of a new HIV infection The results of the rejection test can also occur when people have been exposed or infected with others Retrovirus , like HLV.As a general rule, if a person with an uncertain test against HIV in Western Blot is actually a positive HIV, its test in Western disorder will be clearly positive after it has spent more time.

The Western transfer tests are used as confirmation tests, and not as primary tests,Since they are less sensitive than the evidence of the first round of ELISA or RNA tests denugate this means that detected infections are less likely.However, the tests of the Western transfer transfers are also less likely to provide a positive false test result using to confirm the initial positive test.

If you said that has an indefinite Western prolite

. There are several reasons not related to the effects of HIV , which can lead to such a result. However, people with uncertain western transfers are usually recommended in search of re-probation, or immediately, or after spending a little time.

I immediately reproof check checks to see if the transfer of Western blocks was released.On the contrary, waiting for the month or more before repetition again, allows the human immune system to make additional antibodies against HIV antigens, if they were actually infected.

Repeat reimbursement will allow an indefinite test in the Western transfer in a clearly positive or negative result.However, if repeated tests continue to send entangled signals, doctors may need to change to the use of other methods to determine if it has HIV infection. No HIV test is ideal in any situation.

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