How is a walker different from a walker?


Vehicles are a great service. They allow people to maintain a certain degree of independence. Walkers and walkers are two popular means of transportation that can be very useful.

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Vehicle benefits

Mobility aids are useful when someone with mobility problems wants to continue living at home.

Even children who have difficulty walking, walkers, wheels, or wheelchairs can give them the independence they need to go to school or go out with friends. Both are beneficial for building self-esteem.

In another article, we look at different types of walkers . There are characteristics that you must know to make an informed decision.

In this companion article, we take a look at the different types of walkers that are available so you can make sure you are shopping for the walking aid that best suits your needs.

What is a walker?

Walkers are sometimes called "walkers on wheels." It consists of a frame with three or four large wheels, a steering wheel and an integrated seat .

If your condition requires you to stop and rest frequently, rollers may be the best option for you. While a walker does not have a seat, a walker with a seat and backrest bar allows the user to stop and rest when needed.

Walkers also have accessories that can be purchased, such as shopping bag baskets.

Types of walker

There are types of walkers to suit different needs. Several of these features can be found together in a walker. Consider the benefits and shop until you find one that has everything you need.

As with a walker, many of the functions of a walker are not mutually exclusive. It can have a walker with height-adjustable handles, height-adjustable seat and handbrakes.

Height-adjustable rollator

The walker can have a height-adjustable seat and steering wheel. Some of them have enough assortment to sell both "adult" and "youth" models.

Hand brakes

Unlike walkers, walkers have wheels on all legs, whether they are four-wheel or three-wheel walkers. Therefore, the walker has parking brakes.

Standard weight walker

The average walker weight is around 15 pounds.

There are models that are advertised as "light". These lightweight models can weigh around eleven pounds. For some people, a few pounds are important.

Another issue to consider regarding weight is "payload." The standard walker has been proven safe for people weighing up to 250 pounds.

There are models classified as "bariatric", but don't stop there. Some bariatric models are tested to be safe for people who weigh up to 350 pounds, while others are tested to be safe for people who weigh up to 500 pounds.

Bariatric walkers generally have a lower seat to facilitate entry and exit of the user.

Be sure to look closely at the actual lifting capacity. Also keep in mind that the higher the lifting capacity, the more the walker will weigh.

Folding walker

Like walkers, walkers can have a feature that makes them easy to fold. When flat, they fit more easily in a car, bus, or plane.

Indoor / outdoor walker

You go out a lot? There are rollators with soft grip rollers and non-scratch tires that are generally at least 6 feet in diameter.

They have a dual purpose: they do not leave marks on the interior floor, which makes it easy to maneuver on the unpaved roads of the park.

Tricycle walker

The tricycle walker is shaped like a tricycle. It's lighter than most four-wheelers, and some say it's easier to maneuver with them because the three-wheel design allows for tighter turns.

This can be very convenient in tight spaces. These blocks can also have an easy folding mechanism so they can be transported.

Is it a more expensive walker?

Walkers are often more expensive than walkers. You can expect to pay about $ 50 more for a walker than for a walker. Of course, this is a generalization and you should discuss the cost / performance ratio with the salesperson and your family members.

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