How is Alopecia Areata processed?


although hair loss, which results from Alecia areata is associated with the Systemic defective immunity In this case, it is the one that attacks the hair of follicitis, there is no medical need for treatment.Alopecia Areata is not a sign of poor health or illness, and it is not contagious, painful or dangerous. / P>

You can not permanently change the course of this skin disorder or cure it. However, some people with Alecia Areata are looking for medications, therapy and other solutions to help them manage and restore hair.

In this article, you will learn about treatment options for AREATA alopecia, including recipes and excessive preparations, additional and experimental methods of cosmetic / aesthetic approaches.

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Contact the treatment plan Dermatologist

which is suitable for you.It depends on several factors, including the severity of its condition, the unique risks and the advantages of each therapy, and its personal preferences / goals.

If you want to search for treatment, be sure to carefully discuss your versions with a certified physician property, which specializes in skin disorders ( dermatologist ).


Even Despite the fact that for alopecia areata there is no procedure for the Food and Drug Administration of Alopecia Areatad (FDA),There are several prescription drugs that have been scientifically known, to help praise the hair.


Corticosteroids , also known as steroids, are commonly used to treat Arata alopecia. They block the attack of the immune system in the hair follicles.

These medications can be entered into the skin of the needle applied to the skin (relevant) or take inside (oral).


Dermatologist can enter corticosteroids directly in the area on the skin, where there is no hair, or the hair is thinned.

This office procedure is used to treat patients with relatively stable hair loss. This is not for patients with extensive hair loss as one that is mostly bald.It was found that injected steroids admitted to injected steroids were found, although the results are not immediate.

Injection is generally taken into account every two months.To minimize any discomfort of the needle lever, your dermatologist can apply awesome cream to the skin before injection.

Real corticosteroids

thematic corticosteroids are included in various strengths and preparations, such as solutions, creams, lotion, foam, ointments and shampoos.

They are often used daily in the area of hair loss and are used for patients with stained ARATEA alopecia, which can not be tolerated in injection corticosteroids.

oral corticosteroids

oral corticosteroids, as prednisone , sometimes prescribed for a short period of time for patients with extensive and / / Or rapid hair loss.

The use of corticosteroids due to the risk of side effects, sometimes irreversible, sometimes irreversible is not recommended.

Real immunotherapy

Real immunotherapy is sometimes used to treat extensive cases of Arata alopecia.With this, the dermatologist applies chemical diphencyprone (DPCP) or

(DPCP) or dibutyl ester of a Squabody acid ( SADBE) to the scalp once a week to cause a hair revolt.

These chemicals significantly create a smooth allergic eruption on the skin, which is believed to change the human immune response to the hair follicles. Redness and itching at the site of the application are common.

Hair reserve is expected to occur within three to six months of origin, but it can take up to 12 months. The treatment continues every week until the hair has grown.

After increasing hair, and the treatment is terminated, patients are controlled for recurrence of hair loss. If this happens, patients can benefit from the refund of therapy.

For some patients, relevant continuous immunotherapy can be recommended to maintain hair lifting.


Antalya is a tablet like it is available as cream or ointment.It was one of the first medications used for psoriasis .

For Alopecia Areata, it is served daily at unfair spots, left for about 30 minutes, and then wash.Hair recovery can occur within two to three months of treatment.

Downnsides in Antalin consist of the fact that it is not always effective, you can paint the fabric, and can lead to the fact that your itching of skin and / or dissolved.

Other immunosuppressants

Other medications weakening the immune system are sometimes used to treat extensive and / o Rapidly worsening Arata Arata.

methotrexate or cyclosporine – two examples.

Accounting drugs

Rogaine, which is a minoxidil , which is applied to the skin, functions as an improvement of the blood flow to the hair follicles and increases its phase of growth

It is available in the meter in the solution or in the foam formulation and generally applies to the head of the head twice a day.

Rogaine is effective only in people with early hair loss or intelligent, and it takes up to six months to see the results.

On the more side, Rogaine has minimum side effects and can be combined with relevant steroids to obtain improved results.


You can use several medications to control ARATA alopecia.Real corticosteroids or injection, Rogaine or some combination are generally used for hair loss. Therapy, such as oral corticosteroids or relevant immunotherapy, reserved for more severe cases.

Additional and alternative medicine (CAM)

Most studies that study the advantage of the therapy levals for alopecia areata are, unfortunately,Contradictory results are not well developed or detected. .

While it is not a complete list, here are some cam drugs that have at least some scientific evidence, although it is limited to hair chrysification in Arata alopecia.

Aromatherapy essential oil

In one study, participants with Arata alopecia were taught by an aromatherapy prepared to perform the night massage of the head,Using one of the two oil combinations: / P>

  • Group processing received an essential mixture of thyme oil , Rosemary, lavender, and cedarwood in a mixture of bearing oils (jojoba and grapes).
  • The control group only received only bearing oils (jojoba and grapes).

The photos of the participants were taken at the beginning of the study and after three and seven months. of treatmentThe photos were qualified for hair growth and scored two dermatologists.The results

revealed that those who have suffered aromatherapy essential oil, had a significant improvement in hair growth compared to the control group.

The relative lack of improved hair growth in the control group assumes that simply massaging the skin of the head is not useful for treatment of Arata alopecia.

Garlic extract

Garlic extract can contribute to hair growth caused by inflammation and changes in the way the system of the immune person operates.

A study showed that a combination of a gel containing garlic with relevant steroids was more useful in the treatment of alopecia Arata than the use of only local steroids. Pion Capsules and Tablets Glycyrian

Extracts From the root of the plant floor and the licorice plant are traditional Chinese medical treatments that were discovered,To improve the moderate light and alopecia of Arata Close and heavy Aloopeitia of the ARISA in children.

These extrudonal vegetable connections GLICIRHIZINE (CGT) tablets and general glucosides Peony capsules (TGPC) are considered To prevent hair loss,Reducing inflammation and suppressing the reaction of the human immune system.


Since hair loss in Arepecia Areta can be caused by stress that happens > To help reduce stress, considered some experts to become reasonable complementary therapy.

During hypnosis, a trained psychological health professional or the therapist sends it to the state of transmission consciousness. As a result, it has an increased capacity to concentrate and react more to therapeutic proposals.

While there is some scientific evidence that hypnosis may have any advantage in the treatment of Arata alopecia, it seems that this therapy is more useful to reduce anxiety and depression than for hair making.

, that this hypnosis is considered safe for most people, so you can think about letting it try.


In the study In animals published in acupuncture in medicine in 2013, mice tests showed that electrocupuncture can inhibit certain changes,Associated with alopecia in skin cells.

ElectroAkapunture is a form of acupuncture , in which the needles are attached to the device, which causes impulses Continuous electricThen the needles are placed at certain points of the patient’s body.

It is not clear exactly how this therapy can help hair loss, but it can be associated with improved blood flow.Studies of people are needed to determine their true benefit.


Some cam procedures can help with the growing hair.Includes pass the aromatherapy of essential oil, applying garlic gel and swallowing certain plant extracts, among other things. However, more research is needed to demonstrate how effective they are, however.

Experimental procedures

How researchers discover more about Arata Arata, a couple of treatment options appear.

Janus Kinase Inhibitors (JAK)

Drug class called inhibitors Kinus kinase (JAK) actively studied for the treatment of ARATEA Alopecia.Currently, these medications are approved by the FDA for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis .

Jak inhibitors work within their cells to block signs that cause inflammation. olumiant (baricinib) , xeljanz (tofacitinib) and rinvoq (upadatinib) is some examples.

Until now, Studies Emerging on the effectiveness of JAK inhibitors in the treatment of alopecia of moderate to strong alopecia.

However, there are serious possible side effects associated with JAK inhibitors, such as sincere events, infection, cancer, blood clots and even death.In addition, the patient’s duration over time must take one of these drugs remains unknown.

, when it is definitely possible that JAK inhibitors can be the first type of medication that is unpacified from the FDA It is approved for Alopecia Areata, there must be more work,There must be a problem of delivery to the provision of sum and determine if it is necessary to take the medication continuously.

Excimer laser

Provides the Excimer Laundry Ultraviolet Light High Energy (UV) directly in the area of hair loss.

This procedure is generally performed twice a week for a maximum of six months. It works that works, destroying the cells of the immune system that attacked the hair follicles.

Excimer excimer therapy for piece Arato Arata seems safe, even in children. However, it is necessary to better understand its long-term effects and how it compares with standard therapy methods.

, Rich in plasma platelets

Platelet – Rich Plasma (PRP) is a 30-minute procedure that takes place in the doctor’s office.This includes a doctor who draws a small amount of blood, and then the blood turns into the car, which separates it into parts.

The objective of this is to pull the plasma, part of the blood rich in platelets (fragments of cells that help your blood) and growth factors (substances that increase growth Cell and survival).

doctor, and then take this plasma and inject it in the body area with hair loss.

PRP should be repeatedly repeatedly once a month for three months, and once every three after that, six months.

Attention approaches Cosmetics

If you are actively trying for hair loss, you still have to take certain self-help strategies to protect your skin.

, for example, your dermatologist can recommend the following:

  • using a hat or sunscreen on Your scalp skin if your hair loss is extensive.
  • Apply antibiotic ointments inside each nasal pit if you lost your nose hair.
  • wear glasses to protect your eyes if you lost your eyelashes.

You can also consider the following cosmetic approaches:

  • with a wig or hair, even to order.
  • with a sprayer or dust skin to hide hair loss.
  • uses aerial eyelashes.
  • Tattoo on eyebrows or applying a stick on eyebrows.
  • Shape your head or beard to hide hair loss.

If your self-esteem or self-esteem was affected by alopecia arata, you may find that the identification of ways to make your hair more abundant or hidden the amount of loss you have experience.

But remember that you always have the opportunity to cover your new look. Not only does it offer practical advantages to be easier and cheaper, but you can simply open the opportunity for you to train someone curious for Arata alopecia.

Do what you feel better and make you feel more like you.


Alopecia Arata is an autoimmune disease , which makes hair from Man falls.Although treatment is not required from a medical point of view, many people consider it due to how the disorder can affect self-esteem and self-esteem.

If you decide to follow the treatment, there are a number of options, depending on your preferences and seriousness of your illness.

The general methods of treatment include the introduction or use of corticosteroids in hair loss and / or using Rogaine. Additional methods of therapy and cosmetic approaches can also be activated to cover hair loss.

Word Moms info

Arato Arata, although harvesting, can be an unpleasant disease.Even if you do not want to try, see a dermatologist, you can help you feel and help you get knowledge, especially because each case is unique.

It is also important not to underestimate the hair loss paid emotionally your life.If you feel anxiety or depression, be sure to consult a primary health care physician, a dermatologist or therapist for the manual.You may also think about joining the support group through a professional organization, such as National Alopecia Aleata .

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