How is gastric flu


In most cases, viral gastroenteritis (commonly known as gastric flu ) does not need to be treated by the health care provider.Home remedies, such as obtaining a lot of fluids and eating a soft diet, can treat symptoms until diseases pass.For people who have digestive disease or other serious diseases, looking for advice from the health care provider to avoid complications.

diarrhea or vomiting, which lasts more than a few days, contains blood blood Blood or mucus , black or look like a coffee platform, or cause severe pain , This is the reason for seeking medical attention as soon as possible.

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Remedies for home and lifestyle

Diarrhea and Vomiting of the gastroenteritis viralize mostOf cases, they will be distributed independently in a few days. This tends to be uncomfortable, of course, so it is clear that you want to try to reduce the duration and reduce the severity of the symptoms .

stay comfortable and hydrated, it will be important during the fight and recovery of viruses that cause gastric flu.

diarrhea and vomiting can lead to the Loss of a lot of water from the body, so avoid dehydration is important. It is unlikely that a healthy person is dehydrated from a day or two vomiting and diarrhea, but analyze the signs of dehydration in those who are vulnerable to this important.

Clean liquids : After the stop vomiting and the fluid will be kept again again, the pure liquids like water and broth (like chicken broth or vegetable broth).Slowly add other drinks, such as sports drinks and herbal tea can help hydrate. Clear from caffeine drinks, alcohol and sweet drinks, it is also recommended to avoid serious symptoms.

Motal – Oral solutions purchased by reasons for oral rehydration : In some cases, using the solution oral record (O) useful. Or you can buy at most medicinal stores. Some are included in the powder-shaped packages, which is then mixed in the water. Others are sold as liquids ready to eat.

Domestic solutions for oral records : or can be made of the ingredients you have in the kitchen.Simple or can be done by mixing half table salt table and 6 tablespoons of sugar in 4 glasses of clean water (which is a liter of water, although it will not hurt a little more).It is important to correctly measure salt and sugar; Avoid using too much, as this can worsen diarrhea.

When the vomiting occurs, it may be impossible to save a lot of food if there is at all.This is normal, concentrate on being hydrated.

When the vomiting of the stops and the food remains again, they eat gentle, the starch products can help.First, people with gastroenteritite may not have a lot of appetite, so it will be important to have something that seems appetizing and will not lead to an increase in vomiting.

Many people return to the so-called diet Brat , which are standing for bananas, rice, apples and toast. These products tend to be easier in the stomach and can help mark a chair and make it less water.

Some points to remember about the feeding of harsh products:

  • , avoiding brown or wild rice; White rice works best.
  • Avoid bread containing too many fibers (for example, solid wheat, nuts or seeds).

For children, there was a problem Of the medical workers that the diet of the brat is not nutritious enough.It is no longer recommended for the American Pediatric Academy for use in cases of gastric flu.

Consulting with pediatrician is important, but now it is recommended to feed children from their usual diet while wanting to eat, and products with accommodation.


Important, but maybe overlook, part of the recovery of gastric flu is based In enough rest. Stay to work from work or school, sleep or relax.

avoiding being close to people who do not hurt, it is important to stop the spread of the infection and stay in a quiet and quiet environment where rest can occur, can help you with recovery.

Overcome (OTC) Therapy

The medications of the exception of meters can help with the symptoms, but it is important to consult with a medical professional regarding its use, especially for children,Older people or those Who lives with other medical conditions? Health supporter can help solve what limit products can alleviate symptoms, although nothing will be a medication or help to translate viral infection.

Anti-diarrheic drugs

Two types of anti-diarrheal medications available for The revaluals are imodium (Loperamide hydrochloride) and pepto-bismol (Bismuto Sussasilat).

imodium can cause drowsiness and available for use in adults and children, but should not be used in children under 2 years of age and should not be used if the chair is in the blood.

pepto-bismol should not be used in children and adolescents that have a temperature due to the risk of developing a Serious condition called kings’ syndrome .It can also cause a side effect of a dark chair.

Anti-Diarches, can or can not help slow down the gastric flu stools and, in some cases, are not recommended .Ask your health care provider before taking anti-diarks.

Ditted pain

For pain and fever, analgesics, as Acetaminofen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil) can be useful for those who can take these medications.

ibuprofen You can have a risk of bleeding for some people with certain medical conditions, so it is important to consult with a health care provider if there is any problem.

acetaminophen should be used with caution in people who have more than 2 alcoholic beverages per day, and care must be It is also adopted to avoid the use of more than one medication with acetaminophen on it at a time.Reading ingredient labels and pharmaceutical verifications can be useful for avoiding too much acetaminophen, which is associated with damage to the liver.


Drugs that can help prevent vomiting from being called anti-amid; Some are available from above.

Damamine (dimenhydrint) is a marketed antihistamine for the treatment of driving disease, but it can also be used to treat nausea of other reasons.Dramamin can cause drowsiness, which can help relax, but it can worsen the ability to drive or do other activities. . Total nausea.Bobin can cause drowsiness, so precaution is recommended when driving or participating in other events that require alert.


Friendly bacteria ‘calls probiotics , which are taken, or when eating them, or taking additives, studied in viral gastroenteritis.Currently, there is no good evidence that they work in a gastric flu or any printed recommendation for use to treat or prevent diarrhea.Consult a health care provider for recommendations for the use of probiotics to treat diarrhea or other conditions.


In some cases, if vomiting and nausea are severe, the Healthcur provider can prescribe medications to help these symptoms.

compazine (priclorpezine) – anti-emission recipe. Some of the most common side effects may include constipation, dizziness and sweating. This is contraindicated in the elderly who experience psychosis and dementia.

zofran (ondansetron) – another antitress, which can be prescribed, especially in children over 2 years.Some of the possible side effects are dizziness, drowsiness or constipation.

Fenergan (Promethazine) is an antihistamine that can be used to treat the nauseaIt is not used in children under 2 years, since it can cause surface breath. Fenpergan is associated with possible side effects of drowsiness, dizziness and constipation.

Frequently asked questions

  • is usually only a few days, but sometimes it can last during the week.For example, the symptoms of Norovirus are usually cooled by one to three days, and the symptoms of adenovirus can last from one to two weeks.

  • depends on the virus that does it.In some cases, it can be infected even before feeling sick. For example, if you have Norovirus, you can extend the virus to others before having symptoms and up to two weeks after feeling better.

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