How is Spacerati Hydraj?


Supply hydradetitis (HS) is a chronic condition of the skin that causes a painful and unsightly cycling.Without treatment, it can cause serious complications , as flat stitch carcinoma , cellulitis and crohn offers .In addition, because skin injuries caused by HS are so visible, many people with a disease are isolated from other people who lead solitude, anxiety and depression.

For these reasons, the treatment of Sacupii hydraenitis often requires the management of physical and emotional symptoms. It can be difficult, but there are many effective procedures for HS.This article describes each one, including measures to care, medications to facilitate pain and inflammation and prevent the infection, as well as alternative treatment methods, such as nutritional supplements, although they can cost it.

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also explains how doctors make decisions about what treatment is prescribed depending on the System System System describes three different HS phases of the least heavy in the most serious and medical treatment,Most likely, it’s effective for everyone.

Injection corticosteroids

HURNE TH> Definition Possible medical procedures
1 HS Beatures in oneSeveral isolated areas, no scars ORSYNUS TRACTS Oral or thematic antibiotics
2 2 Kroutas HS In one or more Isolated blows of nustor regions and sinus.TRACTOS Combination of oral and local antibiotics
Surgery (the Drug Drug was considered)
3 Large parts of the Body Numerous scar routes and sinuses Biological medicine

Made In casing and lifestyles

An important aspect of life with a hydraenite surpofumo involves protecting the skin and treating progress.No less important is the adoption of habits or certain changes that reduce the risk of outbreaks.

Skin care

To protect your skin and help prevent progress or keep them worse:

  • To be soft : Do not calculate the affected areas.Use a soft tissue and an antibacterial soap per day. . The recommended products for atopic dermatitis, such as eucerin and aveen or common equivalent, are also useful for HS.
  • Carefully shaved : The friction caused by shaving, can irritate the skin like a hair, when it grows backwards. If possible, do not be shaved during the outbreak.
  • Do not choose or not press : Leave the injuries, boil and touched on a skin.

Poinal CARE

Sometimes the pipe caused by the HS package, leaving behind open wounds.To help them cure and prevent infection: / P>

  • gently wash the area daily with a detergent Antiseptic
  • If the wound is merged, apply an absorbing bandage and change it at least once a day.
  • Ask your doctor if you advise using topical antibacterial medications.

Whitening baths

If you are developing a chronic bacteria The infection, soaking in a bleach bath very diluted can help kill bacteria and prevent future infections.

Before doing, consult your doctor for manuals. The bleach baths can script or burn your skin. If you have asthma, the inhalation of bleach can cause an attack.

The bleach also dries the skin, so it is important to apply a generous layer of moisturizer for the whole body after absorbing it.

Bacteria that most often cause chronic skin infections in people with HS is Staphylococcus aureus Also known as staph SOMEONNESS One of them is a regular part of your diet,You can avoid them for a time to verbal your skin: / P>

  • Dairy products
  • sugar
  • Tomatoes
  • >
  • aubergine
  • potatoes

bruewer The yeast was also associated with HS.In the investigation, people with the condition that avoided the yeast of the brewers for a while, and then the fir products containing their immediate shoots. / P>

Note that if you take care of HS that you Do , it can also be important as what you do not do.For example, there is evidence after a Mediterranean diet rich in antioxidants , vitamins and minerals, can reduce inflammation and help prevent outbreaks.

Food to focus on the inclusion of fresh fruits, vegetation and non-terlimable vegetables ; Whole grains and legumes; Nuts and seeds; Fat fish, like salmon and mackerel;And healthy oil oils, especially olive oil, fish and walnut butter.

Do not smoke

Durable relationship between smoking cigarettes and spaceri hydraenitis. If you smoke, you can have less outbreaks and less severe symptoms.Pine habits can also help your medications work better.

It can be difficult to leave smoking , but there are many ways to do it, including the failure of the cold turkey, Nicotinovy replacement therapy and prescription preparations .Your doctor can help you find the best focus for you.

Healthy weight support

Additional pounds They can increase the risk of HS and worsen symptoms, especially in skin folds that can capture sweat and cause friction.Being obesity or overweight also places an additional stress in the body as a whole, which increases the risk of inflammation.

In addition to reducing calories, regular exercises can play an important role in additional pound item .If you have HS, however, the jet and sweat can work hard. These tips can help:

  • select activities that include the least possible friction between the leather areas, such as yoga or swimming.
  • Apply BALM against the CAF to the areas between the skin curves.
  • Use full-size sleeves and pants to reduce contact with the skin.
  • Duchase or swim as soon as the exercises finishes, so that the sweat does not feel on his skin. Patdon is a body of dry ruby with a clean towel.


    Supply hydrapenite treatment can be difficult.Symptoms can vary widely, and not all experience the disease in the same way. Measures for manifestation, changes in diet and fade to smoking are important to control HS.

You can facilitate light pain and inflammation with preparation medications (OTC) and skin care products from your local pharmacy.

DOLORS Remove the medications

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID ) The most common type of OTC anesthetics.NSAID, which comes in the form of tablets include aspirin (which should never be delivered to children due to Ray’s risk of syndrome), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, etc.), as well as Aleve (Naproxen).

TILENOL (acetaminophen) is also an effective release of OTC pain, but it does not reduce inflammation and can not be the best option for long-term processing.The adoption of too tilenol in a sediment or over time, was associated with hypertension, damage to kidneys and liver damage.

Some pain preparations can be applied directly to the affected skin.They include diclofenac gel , current NSAIN, affordable by brands shadow and voltare and lidocaine What makes it easier for pain.

Antibacterial detergents

Washing with antibacterial The Daily collector can reduce bacteria on the skin and prevent inflamed packages and worsening,It helps to heal the wounds and minimize the smell of HS can cause.

MI of antibacterials commonly used to treat HS include those that contain:

  • chlorhexidine , INS INS HIBICULTS
  • Zinc PiritePione , , as in the noble formula
  • benzoyl peroxide , like n oxy and pancake

Sometimes these products make the skin turn red and dry.If you are developing these side effects, ask your doctor from offering a product that is less annoying on your skin.

Medication prescribed

If OTC treatment is not effective, there are recipe resistance options that can work better to prevent and monitor HS symptoms.


Oral and thematic antibiotics can be assigned to destroy the bacteria that can cause infections.

Actually, Clindamycin is the first usual processing for HS easy to moderate. A disadvantage of this medication is that bacteria become more resistant to this medication .For this reason, doctors are often consulted using an antibacterial mouse along with the relevant clindamycin.

Oral antibiotics for the treatment of the hydraenite of the supbonite include oral tetractives , which are often often sent for lungs to moderate cases.If they do not work or symptoms are severe, oral clindamycin, together with another antibonal called rifampin can be effective.

Real resorcinol

risorcinol – keratolytic medicine.Therefore, it belongs to the supervision hydraenitis in several ways:

  • softens the keratin, the protein that makes the skin, the hair,and nails
  • helps dead skin cells to spill
  • kills bacteria on the surface of the skin
  • it restarts itch

Use of resorcinol cream to ensure prevention of outbreaks or by treatment.Is more efficient for Soft HS. corticosteroids

Two types of corticosteroids You can use to treat HS. The oral corticosteroid, as “prednisone , can be assigned as necessary.Corticosteroids can also be introduced into directly in injuries, which are particularly heavy.

Steroids are never used to treat long-term spaceratic hydraulic.Whether it’s nonsense or introduced, these medications have a series of serious side effects. Biological data

Biological products are medications produced from living cells.They work, stopping the immune system of inflammation production.

The first and only biological preparation approved by the control of food and medicines (FDA) for the treatment of HS is HUMIRA (adalimimab) . Humira is safe to use long-term.

Other biological biological, such as enbrel (etanercept) , Stelara (USTekinumab) And Remicadade (infliximab) , sometimes prescribed external label for HS.

Hormonal methods of therapy

Between 44 % And 63% of women with HS have outbreaks shortly before their periods. Women with the egg syndrome of Polyki (PCOS) also prone to HS.

Hormone therapy is often valid in these cases. They include Spironolactone , a medication that blocks the action of hormonal groups and combined oral anticonceptors , which are paled by estrogen with progesterone.

for adults of all hots and children with HS, hormonal medications, called finasteride , can help to control the HS.This medicine, which is sold under the brands Proscar and Propecia, is also used to treat benign growth and the pattern in the pattern. Pregnant people should not take FINASTERID, since it was associated with Christmas defects.

oral retinoids

Oral retinoids they got From vitamin A, sometimes it works when other HS medications are not.They are also often prescribed to people who have a hard acne, as well as hydroelectric energy. They can help reduce inflammation and minimize outbreaks even after drugs stop. MyORISAN (all seals for isotretinoin ) and soriaticane ( AcitRETININ ). WARNING

Oral retinoids of the mouth can drive A dangerous for congenital defects of life.People who are sexually active should use two forms of birth control during their reception and up to three years after their last dose. Regular pregnancy controls are also required.


metformin , medications for type 2 diabetes, is sometimes prescribed ethics to relieve pain,Reduce inflammation and prevent metabolic syndrome in people with HS, which in danger for diabetes

Most people do not have problems with tolerance to metformin, although the medication can cause diarrhea,nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.


Even though soft hydiagenite supply often It can be controlled by domestic and individual treatments.Recipe preparations may be required in severe cases. Some options, especially oral retinoids, cause birth defects, so it is important to be frank with a doctor if you are pregnant or planned to be.

Operations and procedures

is sometimes necessary to eliminate kipins and breast routes (tunnels that lead to infection to the surface of the skin) caused by an overlapHydraulics. There are several ways in which they can be done. The purpose of all is to preserve as much as possible of healthy tissues.

Laser Procedures

Doctor can use any of several laser procedures during an office visit to reduce HS inflammation ,Eliminate hair and destroy hair follicles to avoid the formation of a new boiling.

These procedures:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) Laser : Damage to thin layers of skin cells in the exact area.It can also be used to decrease the speed, eliminate the sinus tract or to repair scars.
  • nd-YAG Laser : Infrared light rays through the glass to penetrate deep into the skin to destroy the hair follicles
  • Intense pulse light (IPL) : uses the Heat to destroy hair follicles.It also has an anti-inflammatory effect that can alleviate the pain of chronic boiling and avoids the accumulation of keratin.

Of three laser treatment methods before there is notable improvements in the skin.


Dravement is the minimum invasive procedure to eliminate chronic injuries, sinus roads and any tissue affected by the Spacerath Hydraenite. The doctor can do it in your office.

will begin using a local anesthetic to be tuned from the affected area, and then remove the top or ‘roof’, ‘defeat’ or sinus tract. The area can be cured.Although treatment leaves the scar, injuries are rarely returned.

Sometimes the biological preparation is prescribed before or after a week to suppress the inflammatory response of the immune system and help restore the skin.

Cut and drainage

When the hench is becoming serious and painful, it can be A> with A cutting and drainage procedure. This is often done when a person goes to the hospital for emergency treatment treatment.

The incision and drainage can provide immediate relief, but will not treat the basic cause of suppurative hydraetitis or avoid future outbreaks.

In most cases, HS hermes, which merge back.

Surgical deletion

For severe cases that Do not respond to treatment, surgical deletion can be done to eliminate all tissues in the affected area.This procedure is carried out in the hospital within the framework of general anesthesia .

There are two basic removal methods: / P>

  • Wide surgical removal : affected fabrics and healthy fabrics, bordering, eliminated.Therefore, all fabrics that could be eliminated follicles or bacteria.
  • Fabric savings : The laser or heated cable are used to remove the affected tissues while maintaining as healthy skin as possible around the border.

After removing the skin or leaving it to cure or closing stitches. When the large area is removed, healthy skin tissues can be used from another part of your body to cover the wound. It is known as a skin graft .

Advance forward Removed returned is hardly refundable. However, the operation can leave the scars and, as with any surgery, the wounds can become infected.

According to the global survey by 2020, 80% of people with HS had some kind of procedure To manage your condition.Of those that 70% of people had a cut and drainage, 55% had a removal, 11% had laser treatment, and at 9% it did not have hobbies.

Additional and alternative medicine (CAM)

There is no scientifically for HS, and it does not seem therapy the cam is not Destinated to atomar the place of drugs or treatments.Negotating

However, because these CAM therapies are generally considered safe and well tolerated, they can cost the cost of testing with the doctor’s leadership.


ZINK is a mineral that plays an important role in health and Leather and immune system. It also helps to be injured.

Clinical dermatology of the US magazine People found with HS, most likely,Most likely, <) lower levels of zinc in your blood than those who have no condition.

While there is solid evidence that zinc additives can help alleviate inflammation and symptoms of hydradionitis, more research is needed Before the zinc can be considered as HS treatment.

Since the body can not make it its own zinc, it is important to eat products that are rich in minerals, such as oysters, beans, oatmeal, Nuts, solid grains and dairy products. Vitamin D

as zinc, Vitamin D helps support the immune system. The studies showed a possible connection between the deficiency of vitamin D and the beginning and severity of the hydranean superpair.

In a small study of people with HS, those who took vitamin D was a significant improvement in symptoms after six months, while that those who did not take the wrong additives.

Although a study is not enough to test vitamin D, it is an effective way to treat a SACPEE hydraulic, making sure that it has enough of This nutrient is important for general health.

In addition to the use of additives, the impact on the sun is a measure that you can take. Ten to 15 minutes several times a week without sunscreen.

Another way to get vitamin D through a diet.Food products, Rich dairy, Fortified orange juice, flakes, egg yolks and fat fish


Supply hydradetitis -This is a chronic skin condition that causes painful and antisthetic kipins. There are no medication from a state, but there are many effective ways to treat it.These include simple appliances for the house, including soft skin care, weight loss, avoiding foods that can cause buds flashes, and for people who smoke, kick the habit.

There is also a set of OTC medications and a recipe for the weakening of discomfort and reducing inflammation, as well as to prevent progress and infections that can occur during rest, leaving the wounds open.

In severe cases, the doctor can eliminate HS lesions using laser therapy or simple surgical procedures.

Word of the Meds information received

According to the study of the American Academy of Dermatology,64% of people with Hydranhth of Spaceráncy visited the health care provider at least five times before obtaining their diagnosis.In general, it took an average of 10 years after SA’s symptoms began to obtain the correct diagnosis and start treatment.

If you visited your medical care several times and the recommended procedures do not work, continue with floating.Raw, Spacer, Hydradenitis worsens over time, so it is important to express if you think your doctor does not really perceive your symptoms or get a second opinion.

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