How is storm infection treated


TARY TAINWORM INFECTION TREATHING will include medications that are directed to the worm.Medications may differ depending on the type of tape worm involved, such as the worm of the ribbon ( tania saginata) , pork tape ( taenia solium) , worm of the Fish belt ( diphylobothrium batum ),Gusano of the Asian tape ( Taenia Asiatica ), and a gusano of tape enano ( Hymenolepis nana ).

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Important Take medications according to the prescriptions and follow the instructions to avoid reassignment during and afterTreatment. For the infection with a pork tape, if a more serious state was produced cysticercosis , medications can be given for the treatment of symptoms, and in some cases Surgery may be required.



Bilitrice (Praziquantel) is a medication that is used to treat the ribbon . This is an anti-parasitic drug that belongs to the class of medications known as antigelmintics . For the treatment of infection, a dose is paired.Praziquantel works to erase the infection, paralyzing worms, which are then disconnected from the intestinal wall and then passed through the intestines and the body through the anus using the intestinal movement.

Praziquantel tablets must be taken in whole (if not required for the dose (if it is not necessary for the dose), it is not triturated, because they have a bitter taste and it will be easier to deal with ingestion altogether.They should also be taken with food and a glass full of water.

Side effects Praziquantel

  • Headache
  • Stomach pain
  • nausea and vomiting
  • fatigue or weakness
  • fever
  • sweating or muscle pain
  • pelspietit

Topraziquantel Allergic reactions are rare, but symptoms of allergic reaction, such as hives, itching, dizziness, breathing, breathing or swelling of the throat or language are reasons to strive for medical attention to The time.

praziquantel interacts with the grapefruit , so the people who receive this medication can not eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice during their adoption time.

Safety studies Praziquantel during pregnancy were made in animals, but not in humans, and the drug does not affect the fetus. However, it should be used only in pregnant women, when it is clearly necessary.Pregnant women should talk with their doctors to make a reasonable decision before using it. Praziquantel passes to breast milk, so it is suspending breastfeeding for three days (72 hours) after the last dose is recommended.

This medicine can cause dizziness or fatigue, and people who take it should avoid driving and drinking alcohol, as it can increase these effects.

Tell a doctor about any other medication or additives, as they can affect the effectiveness of the praziquanter, including:

  • Withdrawal of medicines such as carbatrol (carbamazepine, equipment, tegretol), dilantin (phenytoin), felbamat, missolin (prindon), phenobarbital, trilyapl (axxicarbazepine)
  • alarlen (chlorokhin)
  • azole Anti-crosses (itraconazole,Ketokonazol)
  • Barʙitrati, Takie
    Amytal (Amobarbital), ʙutisol (ʙTaʙarʙal), Meʙaral (Mexoʙarʙal), Seconal (Secobarbital), o Soladfoton (Phenobarbital)

  • decadron ( Geksyadorol, deksametazon)
  • eritromiy (EES, EERERYPED, EYE-TA)
  • HIV treatment, including the USThex (Efavirenz, Atripla), Intelence (Etravirin), Virun (Neusaren) or Norvir (Ritonavir, Caletra)
  • cetoconazole (ketoconazole, extreme Nizoral,Xolegal)
  • microbutina (rifabuti)
  • sacerdote (rifapinente)
  • st.Hierba de John’s Wort
  • Durvil Medicines, incluyendo Nuvigil (Armodafinil) o Progivil (Modafinil)
  • sporanox (itraconazol)
  • tagamet (cimetidine)


aliania (nitazosanida) -This is an alternative to treat a dwarf worm of the belt, but Praziquantel is still preferred, although in a higher dose than for Taeniasis.Aliania is an antiprotozoal drug, which can be distributed as a tablet or in the form of a suspension LiquidThe following is taken only after light feed and the preparation of the liquid should be surprised before the dosage.

Before Partyalinia, inform your doctor about any other illness or conditions you have, especially diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, HIV infection or illness of the immune system.

Aliah side effects

  • Stomach pain
  • nausea
  • li> diarrhea

  • vomiting
  • Temporary urine bleach

Any symptom of an allergic reaction,As an urticaria, itching, eruption or swelling of the mouth and language, this is the reason to strive because a doctor communicates immediately with the doctor.

The security of Alia during pregnancy was not studied in humans, but animal studies offer no potential risk to the fetus. However, the medication should be used only during pregnancy, when it is clearly necessary, and pregnant women should discuss the benefits and risks with their doctors before use.Its not famous ifalinia passes into breast milk, and the possible impact on the infant infant is unknown.

The initial information recommends adopting alliance, as well as taking coumadin (warfarin).Tell a doctor about any other medicine or additives, as you can change the effectiveness of Aliania, including:

  • aspirin
  • Bumex (Bumetanide)
  • CleoCin (Klindz,Clublyamin)
  • Cumadin (JointVenfarin)
  • deamosport (extracton))))

  • Hygroton (Talitone, Clortalideona)
  • Platinol (cisplatin )
  • / li>

  • Program (Astagraf XL,
  • Soriative (Акитртин)
  • Oncovin (Vinse PFS Devincristin)

Treatment of cysticercosis

CystechRros is a complication of a pork infection with a pork tape ( /em>). When a person swallows the pork eggs of the ribbon worms, either through contaminated food, water or another person, the eggs of the dial called oncosferes .

Oncosferes can leave the intestine and through the body.Then they can take place of residence in the brain, muscles, eyes under the skin or in other organs and form cysts. These cysts may or may not require treatment.

When the cysts are formed in the brain (cause a condition called neurocystserikosis ), seizures can result in occurrence. Antiparasitic medications that eliminate the cysts, but may also need other medications.When the tape cysts die in the treatment, there may be an inflammation that requires anti-inflammatory treatment, such as prednisone (corticosteroid). The anticonvulsist may be necessary to prevent seizure.For the cysts in the spinal cord or the eyes of the antorintegocios are not administered due to the risk of inflammation, which can damage the tissues in these areas.

After treatment

To make sure that the infection of the tape worm is cleaned, the doctor will order the tests of the chair.This test will be a screen for worms, eggs or proglotids in a chair to ensure that additional treatment is not required or that reinfection has not occurred.

Retention is a risk, so wash your hands correctly and after other recommendations from the doctor’s kitchen are important. In case of Chaison, after need, it may include image checks and other procedures.

It is important to maintain subsequent meetings and obtain all recommended tests.

Frequently asked questions

  • is likely that they can not.Most tapes do not cause symptoms, although some people experience general digestive problems, such as stomach disorder and diarrhea o with time, weight loss and malnutrition.The most obvious sign of ribbon worm infection is to find the real ribbon worms or worm segments (called triumphs) on your stool .

  • after the diagnosed, relatively easy to clean the infection of the worm of the belt with a dose of anti-emittical drugs, which destroy by parasitic worms : generally Bilitricide or,For gnome infection for a tape worm, alliance (nitatsocanid).

  • No, which has been demonstrated in clinical trials.However, in animal studies, the papaya seed extract showed a promise as an antellinch against hymenolepsis nana , a shared tape worm. If you think you can be exposed to a tape worm, do not trust the nutrition of the papaya seed or in : they won to hurt it , But medications will be required to get rid of the belt worm if infected.

  • You must have an operation to get rid of the ribbon worms.However, it is possible that the operation should treat the cinearosis to eliminate the cysts that block the flow of the spinal fluid or facilitate problems in the spinal cord or eyes caused by cysts.

  • rinse your hands well before and after processing food with bath and changing the diapers.Also follow these preparation guidelines: / P>

    • Full-cut cook (beef, pork , Products for Lambany animals in addition to poultry) to reach at least 145 degrees.
    • Prepare ground meat at least 160 degrees.
    • Let all meat cuts rest at least three minutes after cooking to allow residual heat to continue killing any pathogens.
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