How long after the operation before you can take a bath?


You just had an operation, and nothing sounds better than a good and relaxing bath.But wait!Your healthcare provider told you to avoid bathing and swim, when can you take a bath safely? Why is the bathroom a bad idea immediately after the operation ?

Depending on the type of operation,The waiting plan is anywhere from 12 to 48 hours (or, perhaps, even more time for more serious operations) to take a bath if your surgeon has given you specific instructions otherwise.

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Why the bathroom is limited after surgery

There are several reasons forBathing restrictionsSilvión:

  • prevention of infection
  • , avoiding the weakening of the divided line, how it gets wet and soft
  • Prevent glue or adhesions, closed from prematurely falling.

The bath means any soaking, including swimming, using a whirlpool bath or any other activity that allows your cut to saturate with water that does not leave the crane pure.

Dirt or oil

Besides not to immerse yourself from your body to water They have spaProchedlies that include soaking or sludge or clay rubbing,any treatment that includes washing or water absorption that has aggregate aromas or oils; Even massage oil should be avoided in your new permission.

Physical conditioning careers are called ‘dirty careers’, often include an obstacle course type event that can include tracking or awakening through dirt.Do not even consider participation in one of these events before your incision is completely closed. A safe response is: If you doubt, do not do it.


There are serious infectious risks with a swimmer more than with the bathrooms , The bath water is made of pure tap water. For several additional weeks, do not you swim anywhere else other than the chlorinated pool.

There are too many bacteria in jacuzzi, rivers, streams, ponds and other water organs that can cause a significant infection in an open wound.

How to delete your body after surgery

Being very clear, ‘Without bath or swimming does not mean avoiding cleaning your body routinely.This means that you should take a shower or sponge, until it can be soaked safely, without risking complications with its incision.

Ideally, shower with a mild soap, processing your sites section with caution, washing all carefully soft soaps and rinse well.

How long wait to swim

In all cases, see the discharge materials provided after the operation that your surgeons must include specific instructions for swimming.If there are no instructions for bathrooms, call the surgeon’s office; The staff must be able to provide certain temporary frames.

How many weeks have to wait after the operation, it will depend on the type of surgery it had? If your cut is not cured, regardless of the type of procedure, you should avoid the bath or swimming.

If your section is not completely closed, or in your cut there is an obvious gap, where the insistence area was not closed, it is not absorbed in the bathroom or it is not going to Nadar. If you have a castle on my leg, soaking in the bathroom, it would be a bad idea.

Laparoscopic surgery

After a laparoscopic surgery , also known as minimally invasive surgery, you can Take a bath and swim as soon as the band bands hold the closed incision,And the incision is completely closed.

If your cuts are completely closed, you can bathe, without fearing damaging your cut. If you do not have it, you risk solving bacteria in your body.


If you have an open procedure, with a large traditional cut, you want to wait until your surgeon eliminates The clips, holding a closed cut before taking a bath.This usually occurs approximately two weeks after the operation. If you have spaces in the context, you should wait until you are closed to swim or take a bath.

Some operations require a delay of bathing for a long period of time. After hysterectomy .

Meds information reception word

If you doubt, protect your cut. If you are not sure to take the bathroom safely, swim or jump on the lake, do not do it.In general, if its incision is completely closed, it can be immersed in the water.

It would be reasonable to avoid potentially contaminated water, such as ponds, lakes and even hot baths of the community, until it is completely cured of surgery and return to all its usual activities.

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