How long can I live if I have HIV?


Naturally, asking how long you can live if you have HIV.While people assure you that this is a disease in the air that really means from the point of view, not only the useful life,But also the quality of human life?


Hire alone and not so simple. According to the big account, the prognosis is extremely positive.With achievements in antiretroviral therapy, people with HIV can expect to live more and more common than ever if the treatment begins early and is accepted daily, as indicated.

of 20 years started with HIV therapy, you can expect to live in its first 70 years,In accordance with C for research on long-term assistance against AIDS in relation to research and design cooperation (NA-Agreement).

The study in 2014 of the collaboration of Great Britain HIV (UK Chic) showed that man is positive patients in the United Kingdom, who have CD4CELL,It considers that more than 350 and the depressed viral burdens of treatment have a useful life equal to or slightly higher than in general. Researchers believe that the last appearance can be associated with previous diagnoses and the best monitoring of patients with HIV.

Factors that reduce the Life The duration is expected

But there are problems that many of these profits can take.From an individual point of view, durability is subject to numerous factors that can increase or reduce life expectancy in a person with HIV.These factors vary from things we can control (for example, as drug drug ) to things that we can not (for example, a race or the state of income ).

In addition, HIV is only a part of a long-term problem.Even for those who can maintain an indispensable viral load, the risk of non-diseases associated with HIV, such as cancer at the age of the heart and

so deep.-Lelated one.

Increase and loss in life in life

The factors that affect life expectancy are static (fixed) or dynamic (capable of changing over time).

Static factors , such as race or sexual orientation, affect life expectancy, because they often can not escape.For example, high levels of poverty will be combined with black communities with the lack of health access and high levels of HIV stigma, will be taken from many earnings observed in white communities. .For example, the commitment of treatment is directly related to the progression of the disease. Bringing less adherence, the greater the risk of resistance to medicines and treatment deficiency.With each failure, a person loses more and more treatment options.

When observing both static and dynamic risk factors, we can begin to identify where a person can get or lose the lives of the years, I do not even know.Among them:

Word of the medications received

It is important to remember that the statistics are not Forecast. They can not predict what will happen during the infection.They can only offer what happens, it can take to minimize the risk of disease depending on the factors that you, as individuals, can easily change.

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