How long do students stay expanded after an eye exam?


Eye Student expansion helps an ophthalmologist to see the internal structures, including the lenses , visual nerve , blood vessels and Retina .The cadence involves the use of special eyes drops that stimulate the abbreviation of the muscles surrounding the student, or relax the muscles to open.

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DILATION is a key component eye Complex exam , which allows physicians to determine and diagnose eyes with their eyes, which can not see.National Eye Institute is currently recommended that adults regularly submit to these examinations, from 40 to 60 years.

Understanding the student

The student is similar to the opening of the camera in the fact that it becomes more or less, depending on the amount of light needed.To do this, the student will be exposed to MIOSE , in which the student’s narrowing does so, or mydrisis ,In which the student’s expansion allows you to open the refusal of

the size of the student is controlled as a sympathetic nervous system (the response ‘battle or flight’),as well as the parasympathetic nervous system (reverse response in which the body slows down the functions of high energy).

The student size can change for many reasons. This can be configured in response to the amount of light that is exposed.You can also change when a person is excited, for example, in times of physical stress, emotional stress or the impact of painful incentives.

It is believed that the ‘battle or flight’ is evolutionary, which allows you to laugh more in the eyes so that the body can respond more easily to potential damage.

Total duration of the student’s expansion

Eye expansion is the central part of the eye exam. This includes administering two or three drops directly in the eye.Depending on the fact that the doctor is trying to achieve and how big the student can be used, several types of eye drops can be used,Including:

  • Fenylephrine
  • HydroxyMPHetamine
  • atropine
  • atropine
  • / ul>

    Eye drops are placed in both eyes to the retina, macula,And the visual nerve can be closely examined with a portable light and an increase lens. Although dilution itself does not hurt, it can be inconvenient inconvenient, since the eye does not have means to protect from light.

    After an extended examination of the eye on the part of your students, it usually remains open about three to four hours , sometimes more time.

    The ocular time remains expanded vary according to the type of droplets used, as well as the color of the eyes.For and the big dark color eyes have shorter periods of extension, usually within two to four hours, while clear eyes can remain open to eight hours.Meanwhile,

    children, often often expand stronger drops to improve examination accuracy. Factors often wake up in the morning after exam after examination with their students, are still open.

    In the past, a drug called roar (Dapiprorozole) was used to reverse the expansion. It is not in the market now. When it was available, as a rule, it will be necessary from one to two hours so that drugs have an effect.There were other side effects with medications and taking into account cost cost costs and side effects, these falls are no longer admitted.

    Cup with the extension

    For most people, the side effects of expansion are more alone, but they are not unbearable.To deal with a blurry vision and a sensitivity to light, disposable sunglasses are generally provided to help reduce short-term discomfort.Unlike conventional sunglasses, these blocks of peripheral light per lenses, as well as in front.

    Unusual duration of student expansion

    More, but not all, the drops cause a side effect, called cyclopopia .Cyclopling is temporary palsy of muscles, allowing the eyes to focus on the nearest objects. Some people can last hours. In others, it may take a few days for the vision to normalize completely.

    There are situations in which the doctor will intentionally cause cyclopopia. One of these examples in children of young children, whose focus mechanism is so strong that it is often difficult to measure their vision or refractive error . . One of these conditions is called will take , inflammation of the middle eye layer (UVEA).

    In some cases, the duration of mature extensions can vary significantly from the standard.This may be associated with an inherent superiority, your eye may have to expand medications. Extension drugs that can be used can last within a few days, if not a week or more.

    Children’s doctors can also use them to treat the condition called a lazy eye in which the child develops a reduced vision for any number of reasons.These types of drops are prescribed at much longer periods of time, up to several months in some cases.

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