How many calories are in a pound of fat?


Parents often wonder how their children can gain weight so fast, especially when their diet is not so terrible. After all, your kids don't need to eat a large bag of potato chips, double servings at each meal, large sodas, or bedtime snacks every night to gain weight .

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Although this usually happens, most of the time you are assaulted by little things and a few extra calories, which accumulate day after day, leading to children getting fatter and fatter.

Calories and fat

Understanding how many calories it takes to gain a pound of fat can help you understand how this happens. One pound of fat equals approximately 3,500 calories. This means that if you eat an additional 350 calories a day, which is about the same as a large slice of cake or an average shake, you will gain an extra pound every 10 days (350×10). Or you'd gain a pound in about 20 days if you ate or drank an additional 175 calories per day (175×20).

On the other hand, eating 175 fewer calories per day could mean that your kids could lose a pound every 20 days.

Or, if they followed the same diet but burned an additional 175 calories a day, exercising more, again, they could lose a pound in about 20 days.

How can this help you if your children are gaining a lot of weight?

Calculating how quickly they gain weight will help you determine how much they overeat. For example, if your child gains a pound every 10 days, he probably overeats about 350 calories a day.

The new math of weight loss

Of course, this is much more difficult as it does not affect the amount or amount of exercise they do, or the fact that young children generally need to gain a little weight, so check with your pediatrician or dietitian before doing this. . adjust your child's diet based on this calculation.

This idea also does not take into account that our bodies often adjust their metabolism to try to maintain it at the same body weight. So if you are very overweight and lose a lot of weight, your metabolism is likely to slow down, causing you to gain weight again, even if you consume fewer calories. This is one of the reasons it is so difficult to lose weight and keep it off.

This is also a very good reason why you should help your children develop healthy habits at an early age so that they do not gain weight at all.

The 3,500 calorie rule can be a good basic way to think about gaining and losing weight if you understand its limitations.

Lose weight in small steps

If your child is overweight, they almost certainly need to lose more pounds, but you will probably do better starting with small steps rather than aiming for rapid weight loss with dramatic changes.

Can you find little things in your child's diet that you can change?

How about switching to low-fat milk? A simple switch from whole milk to 1% milk if your children drink 3 cups a day will save about 150 calories a day, which can be converted to a pound every 20 days.

Or, if you can get your kids to stop drinking soda every day, this 12-ounce can of soda will save you 155 calories a day, or a pound in about 23 days.

These small changes, while they may seem small, add up quickly and will help your kids lose weight just as easily as they helped them put on those extra pounds.

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