How many calories in the pound of fat?


Parents think about how their children can win so fast, especially when their diet is not so terrible.In the end, your children do not need to eat a large bag of chips, a double, serving at every meal, mega size or a sleeping sandwich or sleeping to have overweight .

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although this is done Generally, more often there are only smaller things that slip on you,And these are some additional calories that add day after day, which makes children become increasingly overweight.

Calories and grease

Understand how many calories are required to obtain a pound of fat, it can help you understand how it happens. A pound of fat is approximately 3,500 calories.This means that if you eat 350 additional food per day per day, what is approximately equal to a large number of pastries or medium milk, you will receive an additional pound whenever 10 days (350×10).Or you get a pound for 20 days if you eat or drink 175 additional calories per day (175×20).

On the other hand, there are 175 fewer calories per day, may mean that your children can, lose the pound every 20 days.

O, if you kept your diet the same, but you also burn 175 calories a day, everywhere, then you can lose a pound for about 20 days.

How can you help you if your children are gaining a lot of weight?

If you expect how fast they gain weight, it can help you discover how much you can move.If your child is winning a pound every 10 days, for example, they are more likely to eat around 350 calories per day.

New Mathematics of Weight Loss

Of course, it’s much more complicated than him,because in reality it is not how much or how little they are carried out or the hechelling that young children should usually be gaining weight, so talk with their pediatrician or dietol registered before adjusting their child’s diet depending on of this calculation.

This idea does not take into account that our bodies often adjust their metabolism to try to keep it the same body weight.Therefore, if you have a lot of weight and lose a lot of weight, it is likely that your metabolism will decrease the speed to push it to gain weight again, even if you eat fewer calories. This is one of the reasons why it is difficult to lose weight and keep it.

It is also a very good reason why you have to help your children develop healthy habits at an early age so they do not have overweight in the first place.

Rule 3500 calories can still be a good way to think about the increase and weight loss, although although it understands its limitations.

Loses weight with small steps

If your child is overweight, he must almost certainly lose more pounds, but probably will be more successful,Starting with small steps in place, it will look for a fast weight loss with sudden changes.

Can you find small things in your child’s diet, what could you change?

How about changes in inferior thick milk? Only go of whole milk to 1 percent of milk if your children drink 3 cups per day,Save about 150 calories a day, which can be translated into a pound every 20 days.

Or, if you make your children, to stop drinking refreshments every day, this 12-ounce bank of soda will save you 155 calories per day or a pound around 23 days.

these small changes, although they may not seem much, add them quickly and help their children lose weight, so easily, since they helped them to impose pounds.

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