How marijuana can affect your operation


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If you are using marijuana and plan to have an operation , you may be interested,If you need to stay in front of your procedure. Also in the case of smoking cigarettes, a short answer, yes. Today’s attention can improve the results of your operation, including the speed with which you leave the hospital and how fast you are dealing with.

This article explains how marijuana can interfere with the operation and why you should refrain from using it on time that leads to the operation.

Advantages of the output

As nicotine , the use of marijuana can complicate the operation. Therefore, you should avoid this week and even months before your procedure.

In addition, it can lead to respiratory difficulties and a high pain.

Like the benefits of the negative of cigarettes to surgery, they reject marijuana, it also has advantages. The abstinence of marijuana a few weeks before the operation can reduce the likelihood of complications.

Unfortunately, research is used on the subject Marijuana and its consequences during surgery are limited. This is because the federal government still classifies marijuana as a graph of substances i.This classification limits the ability to perform an adequate research on its use.

How to balance legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, it will be easier to collect scientific information on the subject.

Types of marijuana

Before the operation, you should avoid all types of marijuana. This means that you should not smoke, there is a visible synthetic marijuana or use.

Risks to smoke

If your use includes smoking marijuana regularly, it can also cause the risk of complications such as smoking cigarettes .Therefore, marijuana smokers can be rather, the CASTERS for experience:

  • are in the longest fan
  • ,Have a higher risk of pneumonia development after operation
  • Contrary to popular wisdom, smoking marijuana is not an alternative healthier to cigarettes.On the contrary, you can increase the risk of lung cancer and other breathing problems. .