How often do couples have sex in a relationship?


How normal or healthy is sex? There is no right or wrong answer to this question, and the media can distort our views on what is a "healthy" amount of sex. How often people have sex is influenced by many factors, including age, health, stress, mood, and sexual desires.

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The benefits of sex

A healthy sex life can strengthen your bond with your partner and help maintain a healthy relationship. Sex also has many health benefits, such as improving mood, reducing stress, strengthening the immune system , lowering blood pressure, reducing pain, and helping to fight heart disease.

That said, only you and your partner can decide how much sex is right for both of you. Research shows that regular sex is a bigger factor than money in maintaining a happy relationship .

Sex frequency

Most couples tend to have sex once a week. It helps maintain an intimate connection and gives a feeling of active sex life, but still allows time for anticipation and spontaneity, as sex is more of a special experience than a daily routine. …

Having sex more than once a week usually makes couples feel as happy as if they only had sex once a week. The happiest couples and the most stable relationships have sex as often as they want.

Satisfaction with sex life

Most men and women believe that a satisfying sex life improves their overall quality of life, but it does not play a major role in their happiness.

Approximately 90% of men and women agree that "a good relationship with a spouse or partner is important for quality of life." About half of men and women believe that while sex is enjoyable, it is not a necessary part of a good relationship .

About half of heterosexual men and women are happy with how often they have sex with their partners. The other half of men are not happy with the amount of sex they usually have because they want more sex. About two-thirds of dissatisfied women are in the same boat .

Since men tend to think about sex and have more sexual desire than women, men are about eight times more likely to self-stimulate .

Factors that affect sexual desire

Age and health also play a critical role in determining your sexual desire. Sexual problems can develop over the years, including erectile dysfunction , loss of interest in sex, performance anxiety, and difficulty reaching orgasm. As health problems begin to manifest themselves over the years, sex is often relegated to the background.

It is very possible to have sex after 80, as almost 40 percent of men between the ages of 75 and 85 have sex with a partner, especially thanks to a variety of erectile dysfunction medications that are available to help.


Masturbation is common, with 63 percent of men age 50 and over doing it. Additionally, 43 percent of men and 36 percent of women in this age group have sex with someone other than their spouse or regular partner.

Masturbation or infidelity can be an alternative to sex, especially if the relationship has difficulties or discomfort during intercourse.

The importance of quality over quantity

The quality of sex is much more important than the quantity. Men's happiness has more to do with the physical aspects of sex, while women's happiness has more to do with emotional ones.

The most important thing in your relationship is to talk to each other about your sexual desires and to keep an open mind. If you want to have more sex or spice each other up with sheets, let your partner know. Communication, not sex, is the sustenance your relationship needs to survive.

Frequently asked questions

How often do most couples have sex?

On average, most couples tend to have sex once a week. However, younger couples are more likely to have sex more often, and older couples tend to have sex less often. One study found that people in their 20s have sex about 80 times a year, while people in their 60s have an average of 20 times a year.

Is it cool to have sex every day?

As long as you and your partner want and feel it, having sex every day is perfectly healthy.

What is considered a normal sex life?

When it comes to sex, there are many options for what is considered normal. According to the Kinsey Institute, people have a wide variety of sexual preferences and behaviors. All that really matters is that all parties involved are adults and agree on the limits.

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