How the anterior portion is used to describe the anatomy


When describing anatomy , anterior refers to the anterior part of the human body. The opposite of the front is the back of the person's body.

The term "anterior" is generally used in conjunction with other words that describe the location of a part of the body. For example, the navel can be described as the front, middle of the belly, which means that it is located in the front of the body in the middle of the belly.

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Is it forward or backward?

The front can be defined by imagining that the body is cut in half from left to right. Everything in the anterior cut is the anterior, the posterior tissue is the posterior.

The back is opposite the front and refers to the back of the body. If a part of the body is not represented in the Vitruvian Man diagram, it is most likely the back of the body. The back of the hand and the sole of the foot are not shown in the diagram, so they are the back in the description.

The front is also known as anatomical position, anteroposterior and example The front part refers to the front part of the body, so the face and abdomen are considered the front parts of the body.

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