How the private dream of EEG can diagnose cramps


An EEG SNEE EEG or EEG or EEG is the EEG type that requires the fact that the patient acquires a smaller sleep than usual before the test.In addition to standard EEG, this non-invasive test is used to record the electrical activity of the brain and can collect abnormal brain waves through the electrodes linked to the scalp.

standard EEG can detect attacks and diagnose epilepsy, but the EEG, devoid of sleep, can better detect the most subtle seizures, such as the ingredients of the lack of or rejections about the EEG devoid of sleep,Its objective in the diagnosis of convulsions. Rights and potential costs and what to expect before, during and after the tests are completed.

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Purpose of the test

The relationships between Sleepy and Epilepsy were studied during many years .It is proposed to sleep as an activation procedure used to launch epileptic seizures and start epileptiform anomalies that interact.The latter are abnormal electrical patterns characteristic of epilepsy and occur between clinical seizures.

The certified neurologist on the board, the neurologist, can recommend, private from EEG Sleepy after a person with suspected seizures had a standard EEG test, which could not show No unusual electrical activity.

Sleep deprivation can improve the accuracy of epilepsy diagnosis and increase the likelihood of detecting characteristic electrical patterns known as epileptiform downloads.

EEG MayDetetett Standard Many conclusions, including the evidence:

aeg, private sleep further assess changes in brain activity, which can indicate several brain disorders, such as epilepsy or other disorders when Earth.EEG, without sleep, can be used to diagnose and differentiate various types of epilepsies.

Sometimes the activity of the seizure can manifest with psychiatric symptoms.Consequently, in some psychiatric presentations, the health care provider may order EEG sleep to identify the anomalies that are generally seen with seizures.

During EEG, private sleep, they are common tests to detect epileps, the protocol for these tests may vary considerably depending on the orders of health care providers.The amount of sleep a person receives the previous night, the duration of the EEG is administered, and the time of day, is not specific to the test.This can contribute to some differences in time dedicated when comparing research carried out in different institutions.

Risks and contraindications

EEG sleep isolated is safe, painless and does not have a significant risk. Most people have little or no discomfort during EEG.Remember that the electrodes do not transmit electrical charges, only increase the electrical activity of the brain itself.

As in the alternative activation procedures associated with the motion of the photocusiness (lights or quick, blinking templates) or hyperventilation (very fast breathing), sleep can cause a capture during the exam.If you are experiencing are EEG, it will be carefully monitored throughout the procedure.

In case you have a grip, which is the opportunity among those who are predisposed to this condition and, therefore, experience tests, it will be processed by anti-refined medications of righ now.

If at the input of the extension, as it will occur in the condition called Epileptic Status, Oxygen and the corresponding safe equipment are located next to the monitoring room, and the Protocol will continue to quickly stop worrying.

Before the test


The standard EEG procedure can be approximately one hour to an hour and a half, over time, performed by applying the electrode of the wire and 20 to 40-A minute period to record brain activity, although the EEG procedure lacked from SONA usually takes several hours. The registration will continue until this patient is asleep or unloading.As soon as the end of the test, and the patient wakes up, he can go immediately home.

Before the test, the health care provider will ask you to ask you less to sleep or avoid the Full night after the test.The amount of sleep you get, will depend on your health care providers, and you should try to follow the instructions as carefully as possible.

temporary, you can take your health care provider to ensure that you are in the morning, it is to have an EEG Sleepy early in the morning to make sure it is driving during the dough and accidentally fell asleep during the day.


EEG, devoid of Sleeping as a general rule, it is an outpatient procedure, which means that it arises without the need for hospitalization.This can be done in the Office of health care providers, hospitals, a laboratory or clinic. In some cases, EEG, private sleep can occur as part of a longer monitoring EEG in the monitoring epilepsy in the hospital.

Transport organization

, because they will probably be a drowsiness during and after EEG devoid of sleep, it is in its Better to organize to remember to drive you and the tests.

What to use

Because it will sit down or found during the exam, you must use something comfortable. The vertex that the buttons or zippers are advised up, so you do not need to pull anything on your head.Jewelry is allowed, but keep in mind that large or pendant earrings can rise depending on where the electrodes are placed.

Hair care

should wash Hair on the eve of the dough before or the day and make sure that your scalp is clean and free of natural oils.Refrain from the room of air conditioners, hair creams, sprays or setsges in the hair. Hair and oil make it more difficult for sticky patches or adhesive paste to adhere and adhere to the electrodes to the head.

Food and Beverages

Avoid anything with caffeine, such as coffee or tea, on the day of the test or For ministry at 12 hours earlier. Caffeine can interfere with test results.

It is important to eat in front of the test, since the level of sugar in low blood can also interfere with the test results.

If you take a prescribed medication, or regularly take preparations or additives, make sure your health care provider knows. You must take your medications as usual, unless otherwise indicated.Most medications are to take EEG, although everything that acts as a sedative can interfere with the results of the tests. It is better to confirm that it should take on the day of the test to the procedure.

( Safe and medical insurance

With health insurance, EEG can be covered until it is considered necessary and complies with its policies.Of course, it may be responsible for the additional charge for the procedure or the visit, especially if it has not been encountered with its annual franchise.

The average activated for the national average costs for the cost of the EEG of private sleep is $ 930, however, the cost may vary depending on when the procedure occurs, its state of residence and other factors.As a general rule, the EEG extended, unlike the standard EEG, which a cost of approximately 200 to $ 800 can cost from 1000 to $ 3000, or more.

Some hospitals can offer discounts of up to 30 percent for patients who do not have health insurance or pay from the pocket for EEG. Ask something. Try to verify your financial responsibility before testing if this is a problem.

During the test

When you arrive, you will probably look and ask that sign the consent form. The EEG team will be responsible for maintaining your test and monitoring it during its duration.She will accompany him to a testing room, or if he is in the hospital, monitoring epileptic monitoring, which is generally in neurology or separation of epilepsy. The compensation of which it will be verified is likely to be boring and calm.You will be asked to relax and feel in the chair chair, or have comfortable in bed.

Before placing the electrodes, the technician will measure the head to find the exact points to place them. She will celebrate these places with a wax pencil.At least 16 and even up to 25 electrodes can be placed on the head to unwind EEG.The team will carefully clean each spot with sandy cream, allowing you to better apply the brass and glue, which, in turn, will help lead to read quality.

At first, the private EEG of sleep, the technician will ask you to relax and close your eyes. It is likely that you will be offered to start with several deep breaths. As soon as the test begins, it is important that it can remain as much as possible.Well, blinking or swallowing can let read. During the test, everything is in order if you have achieved and you can encourage it to do so. The technician will also see it to see the signs of attacks caused during the test.

After the test

After the end of the test, the EEG technician will delete the electrodes and it is likely to use the help of some type of warm water or acetone to wash or eliminate the adhesive paste.

After the test, you must be able to return to your normal actions, although you will probably be very tired than usual. Again, someone will take it or your suite to pick up, will be your interest to ensure wheel safety.

you probably want to wash your hair as soon as possible. His head of the head can be a little irritated in places where the electrodes were placed, but the irritation goes quickly, often in a few days.

If you stop taking medication in the test, your health care provider will tell you when you can resume them.

Interpretation results

EEG records are interpreted by certified advice on a blackboard with experience in epilepsy diagnoses.These results will be transferred through a report for your provider.The time required to obtain your results may depend on how a neurologist can complete the interpretation of the data and share this information with your health care provider.You can get your results as soon as possible, but it can take a few weeks.

The neurologist will see if there is an abnormal electrical activity and interview the entry for any ULTRAFLOW seizures.

In addition to the results of the test, a neurologist and its supplier will take note of the observation, performed during monitoring, your medical history, physical examination and previous laboratory testing .This will help understand the results of the tests in the context of your clinical history.

Abnormal results,The private sleep of EEG can indicate .What can have:

  • Generalized epilepsy
  • Focal epilepsy / li>

  • Other epilepsy syndromes


It is likely that your providerMedical care Schedule an appointment in the office, to go to the results of EEG, private sleep. It may be useful to take this, like a member of the family or a friend, also traps the main points discussed during the destination. Do not hesitate to register notes.Ask about the following steps, if there is any other estimate of the subsequent evaluation, and if there are factors that could affect the results of the private EEG sleep.

If you get abnormal results, your health care provider may recommend more testing, such as other type of EEG or visualization tests,Like the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or a positron emission tomography (PET) to detect injuries or other anomalies of your brain, which can make it take attacks.

The need for treatment will depend on your final diagnosis. Laepilepsy can be administered with medications or surgery .

MEDS information word

The presence of convulsion symptoms or the need to pass EEG may have afraid.Sleep deprivation can help optimize conditions during EEG, which can help detect thinner epileptiform anomalies, which may not be seen in the standard EEG.Make a private to sleep EEG and wait for the final interpretation of the test result, you can worry, but try to concentrate on the value of the test.

With a successful EEG song and the corresponding interpretation, certified on the blackboard, the neuroligoalizer can give clarity in the following steps and what will be best for you and your health.

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