How to avoid brands on your face with a CPAP mask


If you use the constant positive respiratory tract machine (CPAP) Machine for the treatment of your recipient apnea Sleep , you are, without Doubt, an advantage to sign and the cons of your CPAP mask .Depending on your style mask, you can notice that it leaves signs and ugly red lines or folds on your face in the morning.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to avoid these problems when choosing the style of the correct mask by optimizing the landing and exploring simple corrections to think about the edges of the mask.

Brandon Peters,MD

Select the desired size

The most important initial selection when starting CPAP therapy is the selection of your CPAP mask.In general, it will be one of the four styles: / P>

  • Nasal pillows (plastic inserts that Adjust inside the nostrils)
  • Nasal mask (nose adjustment)
  • Full mask (coating as a nose,So the mouth)
  • total face mask (which covers the entire face)

The volume of contact between your face and the mask will determine how It is likely that cancellation goes away. A simple rule is that the smaller surface area by clicking on your skin, less likely is that you have morning folds.

If it is prone to the folds of the skin (especially if it is higher and has less collagen on your skin), select a smaller mask.If you only want to reduce the folds in the center of your face, choose a common facial mask if your health care provider says it is PK.

Landing optimization

After you have chosen the best size, you want to make sure it is locked correctly.Remember that a toughest mask, the most impressions of the prints will remain on your face. It is not always possible. The highest pressure often requires a more rigid mask, which generally means more lines, folds and brands.

While Bilevel’s therapy can help (regulating inhalations and exhalations reducing general air pressure), the best solution is to find a mask that fits into the carnacular, without switching Neither spacers.

main: Make sure that the mask correctly corresponds to any air leak; This improves the overall quality of CPAP therapy. Less leakage also means a better landing, so you do not have to tighten the mask almost so much.

Use a mask to place and linings

Many masks have a placement or belt cover. They should be used if you notice the marks on your face in the morning.If you need a small additional meeting between the mask and your face, you can have several additional options.

Remezzz LISTERS is a soft tissue lining that can reduce allergic reactions to plastic marks and minimize. Silent night inserts are another popular option. PAD Cheek produces a wide range of coatings, belts and stabilizing leak protection masks.

Some disposables, while others are durable and even washable.Some online options can even fit to adapt to the style and size of your mask.

If the problem arises on the Nasal Bridge, consider products such as <> Gecko nasal or Lileclel nasal cushions.EAD of these works better with masks, and not nasal pillows.

Creams or barrier lotions, such as ROZIT, can also reduce the traces caused by allergic reactions or eruptions.If allergy persists, despite the use of a lining or barrier cream, it may be necessary to switch to another mask or the type of mask.

Other solutions

If the lines are saved, you can help sleep on the back. To save your position, you may need to be supported with pillows to avoid rent.The spell on the back will reduce the pressure against the mask.

If you find that it is impossible to sleep on your back, ask your health care provider about the CPAP cushion, which has a special trimming to reduce the direct pressure on the mask’s disguise, everything else fails ,Give yourself a little time in the morning, to recover. During the first hour or two traces they must disappear.

If the problems are saved, talk to your specialist, sleep about other parameters of the CPAP mask.This is especially true if you are developing wounds or ulcers, prone to destruction or easy bleeding or developing scars, roughness or discoloration at the point of contact.

Word of information Meds

Finding a mask that is adequate is the most important initial step with CPAP therapy.This can make the difference between being tugged towards the treatment or lose interest quickly. Use the care to get the help you need or your health care provider or provider your medical team.Time dedicated to the mask quickly pays dividends.

As soon as you find a mask that you like, continue using it. Eliminated comfort will result in an increase in the use and advantages of CPAP therapy.

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