How to be a vegetarian with type 2 diabetes.


Vegetarian diet is a use approach that does not include meat, bird, seafood or products that contain these products. There are also several types of vegetarian diets.For example, Vegetarian Lacto-OBO diet is based on beans, vegetables, fruits, legumes (beans), seeds, nuts, dairy products and testicles.Vegan diets, another form of a vegetarian diet, eliminates all animal products, including eggs, dairy products and anything else about the origin of animals, such as honey.

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For people with 2 diabetes , following a vegetarian diet, it may seem a little complicated because excluding animal products, such as meat,Fish and birds can limit protein options.It may seem appropriate to eat a higher protein diet, because they are generally lower in carbohydrates, you can eat a vegetarian diet and maintain a healthy weight and blood sugar control.

In fact, some can argue a vegetarian or vegan diet at the base of studies that have found a connection between type 2 diabetes and red meat consumption for greater insulin resistance and total glycemic control total. Other studies show that vegetarian and vegan diets can improve the concentration of lipids in the plasma and showed that inert progress of atherosclerosis.

Greater consumption of vegetables, integral products, legumes and nuts were associated with a significantly lower risk of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes and improve glycemic control in people,Which are insulin resistant to those who are not. Carbohydrates and control of the serving of exercises.

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Get a suitable protein

, when it comes to diabetes, the protein is an important nutrient;Improves immunity, AIDS, in satiety and decreases digestion, which can help adjust blood sugar levels.As a general rule, when we think of proteins, we think of Turkey, chicken, fish and meat, but vegetarian products also contain proteins.

Academy of Nutrition and Diet states that the vegetable protein can meet the requirements of a protein when many plant products are consumed, and energy needs. The plantation protein includes beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains, such as quinoa, barley and bulgur. Vegetarian lactures can also get protein from eggs and yogurt.The key is to make sure that it eats a variety of daily, and has some kind of protein in each meal.

Get sufficient good fats

Some studies have shown that people who follow vegetarian diets see the reduction of their poor cholesterol., perhaps, this is because vegetarian diets are usually rich in Polyuntenature N-6 with fatty acids, fibers and plants with sterols and low saturated fat content found in animal products, such as The beef and processed meat.

On the other hand, vegetarian diets may be absent in omega-3 fatty acids, especially those that exclude eggs and fish. Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids are important for heart health and brain. Type 2 diabetes can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, so it holds a healthy heart.

If you do not eat eggs or fish, you may need omega-3 additives (DHA / EPA), but you can also get some of these healthy fats of soy milk and fortified products rich in alpha-linolenic acid., based on plants N-3 fatty acids, such as lapsed, nuts, canola oil and soy.

High carbohydrate fibers

Studies show that vegetarians consume 50 to 100% fiber than non-vegetarians. A High diet fibers help adjust the blood sugar level, reduce cholesterol and achieve integrity.Bean and whole grains contain slowly and rich digested carbohydrates that can help improve glycemic control.It is important to follow up on its consumption, because carbohydrates are a macroelement that most affect the blood of sugar.

as a rule, 1/2 cup of beans, 1 small potatoes (size of the computer mouse), 1/3 cups of cooked grain (variations can be used depending on the grain), contains about 15 a 20 grams of carbohydrates,So you can not have unlimited sums. Learning how the number of carbohydrates will help you achieve good blood sugar control.Depending on the fact that your carbohydrate distribution is intended for food, you can customize consumption, respectively. You can also use your glucose meter as a resource to test how your body responds to certain food combinations.

To achieve recommended A1C hemoglobin of 7% or less the American diabetes association argues that their blood sugar level will be 180 mg / dl or less than two hours after meals, or 120 MG / DL or less if you are pregnant. If you test your blood sugar level two hours after meals, your number is constantly above this goal, you can have too many carbohydrates in their food.Discuss with a diabetes teacher or a registered nutritionist so that you can adjust food or medications accordingly.

Bring it with your medical team

Before changing the diet, it is always important to talk to your doctor. If you are considering the transition to a vegetarian diet, you should meet with a registered nutritionist. You can individually help you individually use the food plan to adapt to your carbohydrate, protein, vitamins and mineral needs.Depending on what type of vegetarian diet decides to follow, it is possible that you may have to adopt additives for nutrients that may be missing, including iron, zinc, iodine, calcium, vitamin D and B12.Its nutritionist can also learn how to increase the absorption of some nutrients, conjugated products, as well as cooking methods.

Sites for vegan / vegetarian foods

There are many resources for vegan and vegetarian food. The following are reliable and reliable resources:

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