How to diagnose hemorrhoids.


hemorrhoids may feel embarrassed by the directions, so many people try to diagnose themselves and avoiding avoiding the health provider .However, it is important to see that the health care provider will obtain adequate diagnosis and treatment .The hemorrhanes can have symptoms , similar to other more serious conditions, and that they should be excluded before assuming that the symptoms of hemorrhoids. In most cases, hemorrhoids can be easily diagnosed with history and physical examination.

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There are two types of hemorrhoids: the hemorrhoids of internal and external rejection are in the rectum and can not see, looking at the area,If they do not promote (slide out of anus ). External hemorrhoids are around the anus and can be seen or felt.

If, in addition to the hemorrhoids, there was no problem in the past, most people can be difficult to identify hemorrhoids or feel alone.

Physical tests

In many cases, hemorrhoids will be diagnosed with a physical examination, which includes appearance in the outer part of the anus or rectal examination.There may be certain circumstances, however, where the view is existed within the anal channel for the diagnosis of internal hemorrhoids.

Relevant examination

An advertising exam is a typical edge to diagnose hemorrhoids, although many people can worry about This test of – a potential shame.However, health care providers perform these tests regularly and work for patients as comfortable as possible.

For this test, patients are asked to eliminate waist clothes and change themselves into the dress in the hospital or a paper pector is provided to cover up until the exam begins.With the main hand, the health care provider inspects the anus and perianal area, which is the skin around the anus.

The rectal exam is performed quickly and should not cause any significant pain.

may need to insert a finger into the anus. This is done to feel the structures inside and determine if there are internal hemorrhoids.However, it may not always be possible to feel the interior hemorrhoids with their finger, so the rectal is not always defined. In addition, the health care provider may see if any blood or mucus in the glove can help bring a diagnosis.

In some cases, the health care provider can use a device called Aloscopope A The stratagem inside the rectum.ankop is a short and narrow tube with light on it, which can be inserted into the rectum.Using this device, the health care provider may have a more complete aspect to the structures inside and see if the hemorrhoids are present or if there is another explanation of symptoms.

Anoscopy can cause short discomfort, but not pain, and it is within a minute or two.

Hemorrhoids from the hemorrhoids Discussion Guide

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Differential diagnosis

When hemorrhoids cause pain and bleeding, it may be necessary to exclude other conditions that can cause similar symptoms.

Polyps in the column and colorectal cancer can also cause pain and rectal bleeding, especially in people over 50 years of age.

crack anal

An anal crack – This is a tear in the coating of the anal canal. Cause pain, especially during intestinal and bleeding. Most of the anal cracks were cured in your own home.

Anal Fistula

An anal fistula is an abnormal connection between the intestines and the Perioran skinIt can be painful and generally starts as an absence , which is a collection of pus under the skin. During the rectal exam, the health care provider may see if there is real anal fistula.


Polyps More common in a colon for people over 50 years of age Age, but may occur in youth. Polyps generally do not cause symptoms and are detected only during colonoscopy, but can also cause bleeding.

Your health care provider may want to perform other tests such as colonoscopy or Sigmoidoscopy, to confirm blood bleeding To be caused by hemorrhoids and I do not irrigate Colormacte.

Intestinal inflammatory disease (IBD)

IBD, Disease Crohns , ulcerative colitis and an indefinite colitis can also cause bleeding on the digestive tract and, in addition,will be associated with hemorrrom. / P>

If there are other symptoms present with bleeding, such as diarrhea or A>, the Medical care provider may decide to do other tests to eliminate the IBD as the secondary cause of bleeding.

Frequently asked questions

  • The primary health care provider is generally capable of diagnosing hemorrhoids.However, if hemorrhoids are internal, it can be mentioned to gastroenterologist , which can use an alcohol or a protoscope to study the coating of the lower rectum and the colon.You can also help the health care provider to see if you have lower problems of the digestive tract or intestinal disease.

  • Anoscopic and proloscopic exams are performed on an outpatient basis, usually without anesthesia .In general, not intestinal training is required for an ALOSKOP, but the enema may be required at night before the proktoscopic examination. Both exams can cause insignificant discomfort, but it usually only takes a few minutes to complete.

  • иногда.External hemorrhoids can generally be recognized as symptoms , such as pain, swelling, itching and bleeding. Hemorrhoids can be more difficult for self-legacy, since they are generally painless.In some cases, rectal bleeding can be the only sign of internal hemorrhoid. At another time, the interior hemorrhoids can be convinced (prolapse) out of the anus.

  • There are many conditions that are mirny hemorrhoids, some of which can be serious.That is why it is important to see a health care provider if the symptoms are not allowed with a conservative treatment .Between the conditions, generally erroneous for hemorrhoids:

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