How to do profound exercises


Do you feel restless or tense? It can help your body feel immediately relaxed and renovated at times with some simple methods of deep breathing. Of all the exercises available for relaxation , deep breathing exercises, the most portable, can do them at any time, anywhere, and Nobody knows you are up.

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In addition to all skills More practices deep breathing exercises, better you will calm your body faster and more deeply.Set the timer on your smartphone to remind you to take a few minutes and night. Once you have dominated the methods, you can use your freshly designed skills throughout the day when you feel it starts to strive.


  1. sit vertically in a comfortable chair with legs located next to the floor. Close your eyes.
  2. Place a hand on your stomach, with a pink finger just above your abdominal button.
  3. begins to pay attention to the growth and fall of your abdomen. What you feel is your diaphragm that works to draw air and get out of the lungs.
  4. Please note that, as you breathe, she felt the balloon is full of her hand.When you breathe, you should feel that the balloon will be planted.
  5. Place another hand on your chest. I want to keep this hand as much as possible, and simply allow the diaphragm to do all the work of breathing.You are in this, keep your shoulders, relax, do not need your shoulders!
  6. Inhale slowly before counting three, thinking that the word ‘relax’, as you do.
  7. Stay focused on the action of your diaphragm.Your lower hand should leave when you fill your light air and move it inside when you exhale.

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Think that the word relax when exhaled , converts the word into an em> that.

does not have the breath at the end of its inhalation or exhalation of the rejection practice will make it easier to lengthen breathing, so that breathing is smooth and continuous.

Dragon formally twice a day.As you experience, you will find that you can use this exercise without closing your eyes. In fact, it will be a tool that can access when you need to calm your body, for example.When you are sitting on traffic, while at work, when to go late or when you feel about a difficult person.

Why deep breathing exercises?

Deep breathing exercises are a way to deactivate the natural response of your body to emphasize . The answer to stress, also known as our battle or reflection of flight, was designed to help us survive immediate threats to our survival.Although we usually do not find the hungry predators, our bodies still react to the stressful factors of modern life, just like our hearts accelerate, our breathing becomes faster, and the muscles are tense.Unfortunately, there are health risks associated with chronic stimulation of our stress response. Heart disease , weight gain and digestive problems, such as IBS is some examples. .

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