How to Encourage a Cancer Screening


Our Conversation Coach Can Help

Spotting cancer early through recommended cancer screenings can make a huge difference in treatment options and outcomes—but not everyone is eager to get screened. Some might not want to spend the time or money, while others might be afraid of the experience or what it could reveal.

If you have a loved one who is reluctant to get screened for cancer, talking with them about it can be tough. You might need to broach the topic multiple times or in a few different ways before you make any headway, and even then, your loved one might still be hesitant to get screened.

Our Conversation Coach will walk you through a simulated discussion with your loved one so you can avoid conversation pitfalls and pick up some talking points you can use to respond to common fears or concerns.

Note: The conversation below addresses screening for lung cancer, but can be applied to other types of cancer screenings as needed.

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