How to light the red meat on a low cholesterol diet.


After the low cholesterol diet may require you to make a series of changes in the way you eat.Although some red meat options are really high in cholesterol and saturated fatten, therefore, they are not recommended for this type of food plan with low cholesterol, they should not be completely without meat.

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key to turn on red meat (meat of beef, pork, lamb, veal) on your diet, which does not negatively affect the level of cholesterol in the blood,It must be selective with respect to the meat, which you decide to eat. This means that you choose to choose healthier and thinner types of meat and monitor the size of your portion.

These red meat options can fit in your low cholesterol diet and excellent options will begin with Food planning.


  • Standard beef

  • ‘prime’ varieties of res

  • processed meat (for example, sausages, warm, salami, bacon and high fat,Dinner)

  • Large portions (more than 3 ounces made of red meat)


  • Lean (95%) RES meat

  • election ‘ o ‘Choose’ varieties of res

  • Cuts of lean meat (round, decartucho fillet or loin)

  • pork lenses (cutout or root)

  • Loin de Loin)

    last minute)

  • Any veal (for example, fillet, ribs, rub,Moon and upper round)



To make a healthy meat hamburger, select 95% of the lateral ground meat.If you have only 85% or 90% of ground meat, pour excess fat after throwing meat.

Be sure to make small hamburgers (‘sliders’ instead of the size of the burgers.This means that you adhere to 3 ounces of the maximum cooked meat for a portion, which deals with the size of the card cover.

To optimize a healthy diet, consider combining your hamburger with baked sweet potato chips for healthier in classic hamburgers and fried potatoes.


If you pull the steak, avoid a steak of high fat courteous, such as skirt and ribs.Instead, choose more slim cuts, such as terne mile, top or lower round, which are lower in saturated fats , calories and cholesterol.

When buying meat at the grocery store, look for the words ‘Selection’ or ‘Select’, and not ‘Prime’, which tends a signal to indicate the cuts of Thick. If you are not sure what matches the invoice, ask the butcher.

Finally, to balance your high protein food, fill the rest of the plate with saturated nutrients in the dark green leaves, such as broccoli or spinach,and a small portion of a healthy starch (peas or a small oven potato).

Meat stew

Traditional Steag of beef is also usually filled with meat cartridges that are high in rich fats.

However, it is a cozy stewed meat for the beef (/a> of the American Association Cardiac, it offers a thin and lower cholesterol classic. The key here is to trim as many visible fats as possible when red meat is prepared for cooking.

In this recipe, all the ingredients are mixed and cooked under a slow play for four to six hours.


When consuming pork, choose Skip Cuts as ‘Round’ or ‘low low’.’From the waist, you can make pork chops or chops (first cut out of additional fats) or pork cuts, which is released mostly fat.

Avoid cuts of pork fat, such as pork, as well as stomach treated pig (for example, ham, sausage and bacon), which contain a lot of sodium and tend to be High in saturated fats.

Lamb and veal

The lamb and the veal, as a rule, the low-grain red meat options compared to beef and pork.These soft rods can be fried, fried or boiled and meals in several ways, including chops, chops or even meatballs.

Preparation and preparation of cooking

When preparing any red meat, try to avoid or limit the addition of marinates or sauces that can add additional fats or salt,Choose lemon juice or lemon, herbs or spices to add taste.

Use healthy cooking methods, such as baking, mooring, grill, steam, stewing or roasting education.

Avoid deep fat and frying meat, which adds saturated and trans fat.They raise their level of cholesterol ‘bad’ , which contributes to heart disease .

Consider the red meat substitutes

The fact that there is a better version of the red meat for low cholesterol still does not deny the wreath that a diet is high in any type of red meat canRepresent health effects, including a higher risk of cancer.

according to Dr.Franku Hu, the power source department at Harvardshkola Chan, as it is said that Harvard Mens Watch Health , ‘shows the evidence that people with relatively low consumption red meat have lower risks to health …The general recommendation is that people must adhere to no more than two to three serving per week. ‘

Following the following substitutesExcellents options to consider time.That you do not eat red meat:

  • Chicken without leather or milky gland Turkey
  • fish
  • tepech
  • seitan
  • Hindillevic beans

For all of themProporize a substantial proteinI can do to meet meals.

The study shows that high protein can improve the control and satiety of appetite, which can lead to a decrease in food intake in subsequent plates.

Some of these protein options also offer additional food benefits.For example, some fish, such as salmon, are rich in fatty acids omega-3 , which are the type of unsaturated fat, which can actually reduce your risk of heart disease.

You can also consider the possibility of ‘false meat’ hamburgers, such as the hamburger impossible or beyond the hamburger, which were specifically designed for the imbalance of red meat.(Just be sure to follow the total sodium consumption, if you choose for non-meat hamburgers).

The word of the medicine information obtained

Red meat can take place on your diet.In fact, this is an excellent source of protein and contains many important vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins B, Shield and zinc . You just need to make a full choice.

Although the beginning of food work changes, since it can take the job, they will soon become a habit. Start with your freezer staff and grocery list with red and healthy meat.Then consider factors such as your kitchen style and portion control. Most likely, it will soon see that the healthiest elections allow you to predict a cholesterol without sacrificing the flavor.

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