How to make friends with duct tape on your finger


Buddy tied his ring finger to Pinky

The pinkie can be tricky to glue because it is so much shorter than its only neighbor. However, it is best to tie the ring and little fingers together, no matter which one is injured.

Connecting the ring finger to the little finger allows more than the first two fingers and the thumb to be used. If you place the injured ring finger on the middle finger, the hand will lose a lot of functionality.

To properly connect the ring and pinky, you will need to angle the ribbon. This is not easy and it may take several attempts to get it right. Feel free to remove the faulty tape from any finger and start over. The tape is cheap.

Possible complications

Buddy tape is a common treatment for finger and toe injuries. This has been done for years, generally without incident. However, some problems can arise if you attach one number to another for a long time. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Pressure sores between the toes . Remember to give your fingers a break once a day (no pun intended). Untie them and let them breathe for a few minutes. Some documents even suggest putting a piece of gauze between your fingers.
  • Infections Look for swelling and fever, which are signs of infection. Buddy tape should not be applied to fingers with open wounds.
  • Irritation Tape, even medical tape, can easily irritate sensitive skin. This is one of the things to keep in mind when removing the tape every day.

Like everything, moderation is important. Don't tape your fingers too long or too tight.

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