How to pay for Epic without insurance.


There is no billing there. Either Epipen or AUVI-Q or a common equivalent) with you at any time.But if you do not have health insurance, even if you have insurance, but to take the big grandparents, you may be surprised how you can pay this very necessary medication that it can cost more than $ 600.

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Unfortunately, these injectors are not cheap, and You may need more than one (let’s say, one to keep at school,and the other to keep home for a child).

Fortunately, there are some more options for individuals without health insurance or who have insurance with great franchises to receive medicine like the EpeptionHere are six options that you can follow to help pay epinephrine, if you need it, you need help. In the dependence of your financial situation, these options can reduce the cost or even allow you to obtain these free medications.

Ask your allergic

Allergists sometimes receive samples from these drugs from companies that make them.If your financial situation makes you the opportunity to pay these medications, your allergist can help you free it or you can help you find a discount of origin.Be sure to check the expiration date in everything you get in this way, since the devices may have been sitting on the shelf.

Investigate Research Programs of the Receiver

Most of the states offer some form of a recipe in a prominent way than ahead of people of different ages orSpecial needs. You can perform a Google search of your condition or verify the website similar to choose a plan based on your status. If you move, however, you must select a new plan.Check before choosing a plan to see if the plan will be available in your area will cover adrenaline; Many do not cover it.

Subscribe to federal or sponsored insurance

If your income is low, you can be right on Subsidized insurance through the medical market for medical care. In some cases, your surcharges and franchises will also be covered.People with very low incomes may be suitable for the Medicaid program of its states vary according to the State, so you should consult with your own state to determine if you are entitled.

Help from the pharmaceutical company

Mylan Specialty LP, Epipen and Kaleo manufacturer, Inc.What makes AUVI-Q, each of which offers recipe support programs to provide epinephrine to consumers who can not afford them. In some cases, manufacturers can get their epinephrine for free.To participate in these programs, you must send an email or call manufacturers and request assistance to pay your prescription, which will generally be delivered to your health care provider.Here is more information about Mylan and Kaleo Assistance Programs Recipe:

  • Epipen (Mylan Specialty LP): Patients should be citizens or legal residents,as well as to meet the patient care form with your health care provider.Participants, patients, patients should be an annual income that is less than 400% of the current federal poverty guidelines, according to the size of the family and must comply with other requirements with respect to the insurance status.The confirmation of the document will be required. Pay more information about the program or call relationships with MyLAN clients at (800) 395-3376.
  • AUVI-Q (Kaleo, Inc.).They should also be US citizens or legal residents. Pay more information about the program by calling the Kaleo customer service at (877) 30-AUVIQ.

Use the discount site and the pharmaceutical card

Pharmacy discount sites, such as GoodRX, allow you to get your recipes at reduced prices that are similar to prices,So a large insurer will pay the same drug. They also allow you to compare the cash prices and the prices of the interlocutors to nearby pharmacies, all on the same page, and choose which pharmacy you prefer to use.

Buy Universal

Since the prices of Epinephrine, the autorectories began to take off in recent years, customers began to blur a less expensive universal alternative.Amedra’s pharmaceutical preparations were activated with Universal, calls Adrenaclick, which retail in CVS-Pharmacies for 110 dollars.When you turn on the coupon, which is often available in the manufacturer, which can reduce the price of these injectors in just 10 dollars per bed of two beds.If you decide to take advantage of this alternative, be sure to request the pharmacist the study session on how to use the device. Mylan also offers a universal version of your EPOpen, which is at a lowest price than the brand.

Word of the information of Meds

If you change devices, for example, from corporate names to the address General of Adrenaclick or from Epipen to Auvi Qmake, which knows exactly how to use its new device.He does not want to solve instructions in the middle of an allergic reaction .

In addition, if you have any problems with the notification of your epinephrine of automatic inclination, talk with your health care provider about your alternatives.She can know local programs that can help.

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