How to prevent breathing in the mouth and dry RPAP.


If you are fighting with breathing in a pink or dry mouth when the positive respiratory tract control therapy (CPAP) is used for apnea apnea Remember that there are some things you can do, it will help you.Discover how to avoid the breath of your mouth, opening your nose with chin chin and adjusting the device settings.

Brandon Peters, MD

Breathable mouth in CPAP

mouth mouth is a common problem among CPAP users.CPAP works by providing a permanent air flow that is designed so that your upper breathing is opened so you can easily breathe.

however, if your mouth is opened while the air is delivered through the nose through the mask, it will choose, causing that The mouth or throat dry. . Over time, this may also be about problems with your gheeze or teeth. The most important thing is that it can reduce or eliminate the effectiveness of your treatment.

Breathing of the mouth: Most of the time, this is the result of the nasal block, as it responded to the excess of / A>, allergic or nasal infection.Such conditions can cause tissues known as turbinites to swell and prevent the normal air flow.

If you get up a day, there is a high probability that you also have a buccal at night.


It is important that you can breathe through the nose without a feeling of obstruction or limitations.If you have allergies, you may need to talk with your health care provider about the treatment of your oral medications or nasal nasal steroids .

You can also find it useful for rinse the salt solution of the Neti pot , which offers warm water in your nose and breasts. Drink small water or Biotene Sriseat night use, you can also help.

If you are used to the partition, it may be necessary to arrange with the operation. Thunder can also be reduced with a surgical procedure that can open the nose.These operations are usually done by an ears, nose and throat specialist (ENT).

If dryness is associated with your mouth, falling Open, chinstrap can help.The chin is a simple headdress, which is often equipped with Velcro, which is protected around the chin and the top of the head to keep the jaw.Although the useful chin is not always comfortable and can cause snoring or a sound lip sponge, since the air is trying to escape.

Other interventions and alternative treatment methods include weight loss, oral instruments , as well as positional therapy . Surgery is generally considered recently.

When some people have been known swim their lips during the CPAP to prevent the Broad breathing, practice is improperly discouraged due to the risk of vomiting, aspiration and suffocation.

Explosion Equipment Equipment

The next probable culprit can be your CPAP or machine mask.If the mask is not configured correctly, it can leak or cause lost moisture, defeating all the purposes of the device. This is not uncommon with CPAP devices that are suitable on the nose that tend to move.

If your CPAP mask is a problem, a solution is to find a full arrow mask that covers His nose and mouth or total model, which also covers his eyes.The mask should be installed to avoid leaks and make sure that the lower jaw is not changed.

Your CPAP computer Ideally, you must organize an adjustable heated humidifier to keep your nose, mouth and throat of humidity.Air pressure adjustments may also be required to fit, since excessively high pressure can lead to lowering your mouth.

If you have old equipment, it must be reviewed.In some cases, you can not have any other option, and to replace the device, if you can no longer meet your needs.

Word of information from the recipient medications

If your problems persist, you may need to look for other interventions.You may need to study the dream dream to make sure you have the correct amount delivered by pressure.

In some cases, it may be useful to switch to BILEVEL (BIPAP) therapy , in which the device offers two press pressures, one for inhalation and the second for exhalation .

Despite any difficulty you can find, it is vital not to resign. Compliance with CPAP therapy can be difficult, especially in the first days, but avoiding the serious complications of Apnea forces it.

If you are fighting with CPAP therapy, do not suffer silently. Tell your specialist in sleep medications and continue until the solution is found.

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