How to securely deliver a child in case of emergency


If you have a member of the family that is waiting for a child, it is important to prepare for the fact that the child will decide to come before anyone is ready.

It is still important to remember that the prepared random opportunities prepared, know that the delivery of your child at the birthplace or in the hospital is still the safest way to go.Do not use the information provided here as a replacement for prenatal assistance or adequate delivery in the appropriate object or with trained medical professionals.

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Steps to deliver to the child

Go to the hospital .As contracts uterus present a child from the birth canal, the mother should feel pain and pressure. When Mom feels labor progress, especially if her water breaks, it’s time to go to the hospital or call an ambulance .Regardless of how well this guide is preparing, it is better to deliver with the help of a professional.
If you cut, call 911. If not, you can take the car. In any case, in any case, go towards the delivery of labor as soon as possible.

    1. Conveniently . If you can not go to the hospital at this time, then mom needs space. She gets her pillows and stain on the floor. Peph out clean leaves so that the baby does not touch the dirty floor.Mom will take at least one pillow under her hips. She can lie down side before delivery. She lifts mom and support him during the cuts. The child will be very slippery.Put mom on the floor, make sure the child is not far away if he does not have a good handling or her!
  1. wash hands . The child will be born with a very small immune system and it is suspected infections.Follow universal precautions and use personal protective equipment if you have. Remember as soon as they had done it, do not touch anything, but mom, child and bedding.
    1. Check in the crown .When the cervix is expanding, the child’s head moves down the birth of the canal and becomes visible. If you can see the baby’s head, birth is inevitable.
      You should be able to see your clear head as soon as you can see.If it is hidden by a membrane stretched over it, then pinch the membrane with clean hands and turn. The membrane is a amniotic bag that has to break. If not, it will be easily broken by pinching and the release of amniotic fluid.After that, everything will move quickly!
    2. Children’s Guide . Put your hand before your baby and let it well and slowly. Do not attempt to keep your child with his back, but he does not allow him to explode from the vagina.
      The child stops slowly in the waves, when the mother of the uterus contracts. As the child leaves, he will become one side naturally. There is no need to try to force a child or help him.
    3. Put a soft pressure at the base of the vagina near the perineum will help jump the child’s head.
    4. STOP! The child’s head came out, and Mom must be stopped. Pure nose and baby mouth with lamp syringe.If you do not have a bulb syringe, use a clean towel to clean the child’s respiratory tract liquid and membrane.
      If you see the umbilical umbilical cord, wrapped around the child’s neck, try spilling a cord on your baby’s head.This is important, but there is an opportunity that can not release the cable. If the cable does not go, deliver the child in any case.
    5. Directions the shoulders .Do Do not In the child, but direct your shoulders, starting from the upper shoulder. If there are difficulties, you can press your mother’s belly slightly above the pubic bone to encourage the upper shoulder to offer.As soon as the shoulders left, the girl will slide straight. Hurry up strong; The child is slippery and will probably be important.
  2. WRARBY BABY UP .In addition to cleaning the respiratory tract, the most important thing you can do for a child, hold it warm. Be sure to cover your head to your head, but leave your face open so that the child can breathe.
  3. deliver placenta .After the child is delivered, the placenta will come. Do not attempt to force it or pull the umbilical cord. The placenta will naturally be delivered about ten or fifteen minutes.
    1. arrives at the Hospital .Now, when the cheerful part is over, it’s really time to get to the hospital. There are still some important steps to make sure the child and mom are in order. These steps should be done in the hospital.
      Still you have a placenta attached to the newborn umbilical cable. It will be good for a few minutes. Very small hurry.
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