How to treat a genuine penalty with massage of ice bottles.


The ice bottles massage is a way of controlling standard fabasitis at home.Planting fasciitis is a painful state that develops when a fabric strip adjusted at the bottom of its foot, called lifting fascia, inflamed.

Standard Fashiitis can occur as a result of high heels, tall arches, fallen arches or a repeated leg load.

Massage of ice bottles, softener for inflammation , which contributes to the pain and swelling of the legs.This allows you to go to bed in a long period of time, while massaging tight and narrowed fabrics.


RANAKER control

Before the formulated treatment plan,It must pass a thorough examination by your doctor or physiotherapist to determine the cause of your pain in the leg.

Even though the signs of plantar fastite are quite obvious, there are other legs with similar symptoms, including the cracks of heels, milestones or heel. The correct diagnosis directs the correct treatment.

Treatment of plantar phase, as a rule, includes:

Surgery only in severe cases.Before the consideration of drugs and orthotes, doctors tend to recommend conservative and necherérica therapies aimed at reducing inflammation, leading to the drive of the disease.

Ice packages and cold compresses are the ideal way to do it. It is also known how cold therapy is known, the use of ice reduces flow blood with the affected area by reducing blood vessels under the skin.Cytochinas , which grow inflammation. The production of the legs is also the nerve that ends just below the skin, relieving the pain.

The ice problem is that you have to keep them on foot, or put them on the floor and lose them.Both work well, but they can be uncomfortable and bulky if you have to do it regularly.

Massage of ice bottles is a simple, but intelligent solution that does not only flies the fabrics, but extends gently the fascia of the dollar.

How to: ice massage bottle

Everything you need to do a massage in the ice bottle is a bottle of obsolete drink, a little water and a towel.

Select a 12-ounce or 20 ounce bottle from a disposable bottle that corresponds to the curve of your Nogue, your condition is especially difficult, a bottle for 32 oz can work better. Something else will do little to stretch the narrowed fabrics.

To start working:

  • Fill the 75% bottle with tap water.
  • in the freezer without a hat for a few hours / during the night. (If the lid is turned on while the water is frozen and expanded, the bottle can rise.)
  • After it was frozen solid, place a cover back.

To perform a massage of ice bottles:

  1. Place the towel on the floor in front of your back.(You can be less maneuvering the leg in a soft chair, you can immerse yourself ..
  2. when you rush a bottle to the ball of the legs, lift the heel and give the only internal sole, the long stretch.
  3. How do rueses in the persistent pointing your sock down to stretch the top of the leg?
  4. lasts 10-15 minutes several times a day. Never pass more than 20 minutes, as this can lead to FROSTBITE .
  5. Replace the bottle to the freezer while you do not need it.

Other tips

As soon as the inflammation is under control, it can improve the flexibility of your foot, performing routine exercises.

Strestar Strade Strade and Talf Talf are two simple but effective ways to improve flexibility and power, not just internal soles, except the ankle and calf.After training, use the ice bottle massage to reduce inflammation.

The position of the Poor leg can also contribute to the single phaser.Ask your physiotherapist or podiatrist to analyze your feet and walk.

, looking at your way and the position of your foot, therapist or doctor can recommend the right orthopa to keep your leg in the correct position while walking, running or standing.

the kaneneziology tape can also be used to support the leg and reduce the disadvantage.

With stretching, strengthening and regular training, you can expect the symptoms to disperse for six to eight weeks.Heavy cases can occupy more than a year or more. / P>

To avoid recurrence, you need training that attract your hips, part Lower from the bottom, hips, knees and ankles.Holding strong and balanced lower extremities, you can get rid of excess pressure on foot and heels.

swimming and cycling and cycling.Over time, routine exercises and orthotes can reduce or even pay attention to the symptoms of plantar fascit, if it catches it early enough.

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