How to understand PSA levels


How men get old, almost all develop extension PROSTATE . Isoded, PSA rises as a result. Potentially, in some cases, from prostate cancer . This is what confuses things.PSA may come both from cancer and the benign prostate gland. Therefore, when verifying the PSA, the question should never be: ‘This is higher than the pre-specified arbitrary threshold, such as 2.5 or 4.0? The question must be, ‘is PSA, given up,What should be expected depending on the size of the prostate? ‘

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The size of the prostate size can be estimated through a digital rectal exampreparedodoctor As if in my experience, very few doctors knew how to estimate the size of the prostate digital exam. Therefore, in most cases, the size of the prostate can only be determined by measuring its ultrasound or MRI.Ultrasound can be done in the doctors’ department in the urologist. MRE is usually carried out in a specialized visualization center.The technology of MRI MIRTY-PARAMETRICA, called MRI of multiple parametric 3-T, is gaining popularity and becomes increasingly broad.

After the prostate size was installed using the display, the normal expected PSA can be calculated for this person. A point per 10 cubic centimeters (CC) of the prostate volume.Consequently, the formula for calculating how PSA refers to the size of the presentations of a normal person, working, separating the volume of the prostate by 10.For example, for 30cc prostate, normal psa should be about 3; For the prostate 50cc around 5.A, a person with a prostate 100cc will have normal PSA approximately 10.

The PSA level becomes abnormal When it is 50% more than expected, depending on the size of the prostate.For example, an abnormal PSA for a person with a prostate 30cc 4.5 or higher. Psabnormal for a prostate 50cc above 7.5.To 100cc Gland PSA must be above 15 to create anxiety.In medical textbooks, this prostate relationship for PSA is called psa density.As long as it does not determine the size of the prostate, if the PSA level is not deactivated at schedules, say more than 20, it can not really attract the conclusions about how PSA can refer to the risk of prostate basic cancer.

There are other opportunities to explain why PSA can be improved in addition to cancer or the presence of an increase in prostate increases . Temporary increases of the last sexual activity, a prolonged and unspecific bicycle. prostatitis. PSA levels that seem unexpectedly high, should always be repeated and confirmed before continuing with an additional action.

Non-specific subclinical prostatitis is a very common cause of the Elevation of the PSA in the general male population.Infectilation of the iron prostate is serious enough for people to feel pain in the pelvics and fever, also called prostatitis, quite rare. However, subclinical prostate infection , a condition that generally does not know men occur in almost all people at some point in life. Some experts suspect that these subclinical infections are the main cause of an increase in the prostate, but this connection was not established with confidence.

It is important to know about the prostate, is that this silent inflammatory process often causes PSA levels to increase, creating all kinds of confusion and confrontation about the possibility of prostate cancer.Unfortunately, simple procedures reliably facilitate inflammation do not exist. Antibiotics are drilled.

When visualizing the prostate and accurately determine its size, we can provide PSA to a significant context.PSA was a very useful proof, but unfortunately, forgetting how many changes in the size of the prostatic glands of men often leads to unnecessary random biopsy .Levels with explanations, since the level of prostate depends on the size of the prostate, the finding of the large gland can be a good new one.

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