How to use a condom: 9 steps to be safe


Male condoms are one of the most widely used contraceptive methods. In fact, more than 400 million condoms are sold annually in the United States.

They are simple enough to use correctly, but it is easy to use a condom incorrectly if you don't know how to check and do certain things.

The product instruction sheet is a good place to start, but it doesn't spell out everything you need to know to make your sex safer . This article explains how to use male condoms correctly and provides pictures of what to do and avoid.


Condoms are an important form of birth control and an easy way to avoid illness. However, they must be used correctly to work properly.

Remember to always check the expiration date and the packaging and open it carefully. When you put it on, remember to leave room for ejaculation and make sure to unfold it correctly. Always keep it in place when you are away from your partner and throw the condom in the trash when you are done.

Following these best practices will help ensure that your condom is used with the best performance.

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Condoms not only make your sex life safer, but they also provide some peace of mind that can help you and your partner relax. That can only make sex more enjoyable.

There is also a wide selection of condom styles that come in different colors, textures, and even scents to add to the experience.

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