How to use a soap bar to cure restless legs or cramping


offer that plays a soap bar in your bed can cure the leg cramps or dream disorder as restless leg syndrome > (RLS ) Roses of the state of ancient women’s narrators to discuss inPopular television programs, like dr. Oz show and online forums.

Learn about this home practice medication, the power of evidence is behind it, and if it can help you sleep better.

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RLS against cramping legs

First ,Surely he understands the difference between restless feet syndrome and the night cramps of foot.RLS is determined by an inconvenient feeling associated with the desire to move, which occurs more frequently at night when it is.

This happens during vigil and is generally facilitated by movement, especially when rising and walking or displacing. This can be caused by iron deficiency and other medical conditions. / P>

Conversely, the standing cramps are characterized by a sudden and painful spasm of the muscles of The legs or legs. In general, they are every second, but the pain can last longer.The propelled legs have different reasons and can be facilitated by stretching muscles. They are increasingly common because people become older.


The reasons for the feet and restless cramps are complex and do not fully understand. There is some evidence that the REL Rest under makes the symptoms of RLS. This may be associated with problems with neurotransmitt, called dopamine.

may also be related to problems in the peripheral or central nervous system, since it can be contacted with peripheral neuropathy and other states, such as sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.This can be the last road to several reasons.We,

are often considered due to low electrolytes, such as calcium, magnesium, magnesium, potassium, and should be caused by dehydration or exercise, as long as it is a position.Medical conditions, such as diabetes, liver disease or kidney, which require dialysis, are associated with feet cramps.

Similar RLS, the exact cause of the spasms legs is unknown, and this can happen due to many disproportion problems.

SOAP as possible treatment

Since the scientific basis for these conditions is not well known, the gap in knowledge can be filled with traditional beliefs,Personal experience anecdotal and alternative medicine.

television programs like dr. Oz and Doctors discussed the use of soap to facilitate these conditions. This is a popular theme in discussion forums and commented threads.But in consideration of the subject, there is little accessible for research: only a series of cases, evaluating a patch of soap soap for the treatment of seizures associated with menstrual periods.

There is no clear justification for placing a soap band in bed, like a means for treatment or Restless legs or feet cramps.

Some suggest that soap changes in some way the chemistry of the legs, perhaps through the transmission of soap ions to the nervous system.As a general rule, our bodies do not work in Osmos, we can only absorb the humors of the soap bar, placed by their side in bed.

Suggestions to put it at the foot of the bed, under the sheet, or even in the sock, they detect inconsistencies that undermine any rational base for drugs.How soap can work on the sock,as well as a bar located under a sheet or those who are riveted between the lower legs?

What evidence is necessary

The gold standard for research evidence is a testcontrolled by randomized control. In this case, there would be two similar groups with restless legs or feet cramp complaints, and half of the items will use the soap bar, and the other half will use placebo, as can be a similar plastic shape .

Then, the results will be studied by comparing the relief of each group’s symptoms. Ideally, the items will be blinded, without knowing if they used soap or placebo.

Word of the Meds information received

Although there can be no harm when placing the soap on your bed, it is unlikely to believe any relief.If your symptoms are saved, talk with your health care provider or Sleep specialist about extra (most tested) for feet or restless leg cramping options.

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