How to use antioxidants for skin health.


Antioxidants are widely used in contradictory products for care and cosmeceuticals .They are DICK used to improve many cosmetic skin problems and are credited with protection against aging and skin.

Find out that science tells us about antioxidants and skin health and how you can get the highest value when choosing an antioxidant skin care product.

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What are antioxidants?

Term A Ntioxidant is a fashionable word used all over the world ofHealth and beauty. However, many people are not entirely clear in what antioxidants have actually and why they are useful for their health.

Your body makes some antioxidants yourself, but the vast majority of antioxidants who must receive from products or add .

, there is any indication that antioxidant additives are not so effective , as they receive antioxidants through their failure failure antioxidants are particularly insulting in fresh fruits and vegetables.They are important for the health of your entire body, and not just your skin.

FREE antioxidants and radicals

To get a complete understanding of antioxidants, you must also understand free radicals.Free radicals are unstable molecules that there are no electrons.

According to the theory of aging

, these unstable molecules are equipped with an electron theft of other molecules, damaging healthy cells in the process. / P>

Antioxidants are aluminum foil opposite free radicals. Free radicals, sacrificing the electron. This essentially deactivates the free radical and prevents it from harmful cells.

Antioxidants provide a protective effect against aging and disease,

Free radicals get a bad reputation, but they are not completely bad.For example, free radicals are used by the immune system to help treat with bacteria. Therefore, they are important for how your body presents. / P>

This problem occurs when there are too many free radicals compared to antioxidants. Sufficient antioxidants to save extra free radicals, can damage the cells.

CARE benefits The skin

Antioxidants in abundance in fresh and healthy products.There are many studies that confirm that eating a diet rich in antioxidants can help to provide aging and keep it more than longer.

Many skin care products include antioxidants to their compositions to offer the advantages of antioxidants directly to the skin. How effective actual antioxidants are not yet clear.Currently, deeper studies are being carried out, but up to now it seems that topical antioxidants can offer many advantages.

Disadvantages of the antioxidants

The greatest lack of use of antioxidants in products for skin care is that there is no guarantee,That the product can deliver any result.

The problem is twice. First, what work in the laboratory is not necessarily transferred to the real world.Although many studies can show some skin care ingredients have antioxidant qualities, so it is really available and useful for your skin, it is not clear. A lot depends on the drafting of the product itself.

Antioxidants should be absorbed by the skin so that they do everything well. How well they are absorbed in many aspects depends on how the skin care product is formulated.

The second problem lies in the fact that the antioxidants themselves are quite fragile. They can be easily inactivated and, therefore, are useless in the product of their skin care.Antioxidants are easily deteriorating when exposed to light swings, air and temperature.

Something Study at this time is how to formulate products to better deliver stronger antioxidants to the skin.

Antioxidant skin more effective CARE

Antioxidants are not only an ingredient,So you will not see the word antioxidant on the list of ingredients of the skin care product.Instead, antioxidants refer to a wide group of ingredients that work in the same way: the fight against the damage of free radicals.

The ingredients below are some of the most learned antioxidants used in skin care:

Choosing a skin care product

Without shortage of antioxidant marketing products in the market.In fact, its skin care regime currently contains at least one product with antioxidant ingredients that are common and popular.

So, you have an option, perhaps so much that it delete.Here are some tips to help you choose a product.

  1. What is your goal? Better starts from the end.Do you want to fade dark spots, minimize fine lines or protect against the sun applying? This will give you the beginning, about what form of the product to search.
  2. Look for a product that contains several antioxidants. Studies show that products for skin care containing several different antioxidant ingredients provide greater antioxidant activity and, therefore, are more effective.
  3. Experiment with different products, until you find it. The brand is not as important as the product feels on your skin. If you wish, as you feel, you will most likely use it regularly.And since antioxidant products only work when using a long-term perspective, you must constantly use them to obtain good results.
  4. Consider other product ingredients. Antioxidants are not the only ingredients that have skin advantages. There are many other anti-aging skin care ingredients to search in your OTC skin care products that can improve the appearance of the skin.Hyaluronic acid is incredible for dry skin hydration. Glike acid, lactic acid and manénelic acid cheer the complexion and the fight in aging. Look at the product as a whole to see if it corresponds to what your skin needs.
  5. Do you need proposals? Ask Professional. If you still feel overwhelmed, you can ask your dermatologist or the aesthetics of several product offers.(Despite the fact that some aesthetics can offer only products sold in their salons.)

Word Get information Meds

Realistically that the care of the antioxidant skin can do it for your skin.It can help the skin that looks brighter and feels soft, but antioxidants will not produce great changes during the night. You will get better results with long-term use.

If you are looking for a remarkable improvement in solar damage, thin lines and wrinkles, the thematic retinoids of the recipe, such as or Renova, are very effective.They can provide the best results in a shorter period of time compared to the OTC Skincare antioxidant product. Chemical cereers , microdermabrasion and laser procedures are other procedures that should be taken into account if you want a more pronounced improvement.

Whatever your skin care however, it does not seem to forget to turn on the sunscreen. Never are too late to start protecting your skin from the sun.

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