How to use DIY CUTELID Scrub for Blurface


Blefaritis is a general condition that causes dry, itching, peeling due to inflammation.

Blefaritis can cause symptoms such as:

  • burn sensation
  • Blurred vision

, Fortunately,Simple century exfoliants (along with several other methods) can help quickly alleviate symptoms.

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Blumarit types

, in accordance with the National Institute of Glazov of National Institutions Health,There are two main types of bumarite. It can be a type or may have a combination of both.


  • Front cover.Preserving at the base of the eyelashes as a result of the infection of the surface by any of the microorganisms
  • back covers of unstable tears using dysfunctional glands on the eyelids
  • Mixed Blufarite : Combination of ALMD and PLMD

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Blepharitis can be developed whenThere are excessive bacteria in centuries and at the base of the eyelashes. Bacteria generally live on the skin, but excessive bacteria can lead to infection.Blurfriti can also be developed if the oil glands are qualified and lead to irritation or inflammation.

Blefaritis is often associated with other conditions, including:

  • dandrauff
  • rosacea
  • Allergies,that affects the eyes


Blofritov Well reacts to treatment. However, it generally does not completely disappear and tends to continue returning.People with barfaritus need to practice good eyelid hygiene and apply a mild detergent (for example, a children’s shampoo) to the centuries to keep them free of shell, especially during shoots.

The regular daily routine can include:

  • Warm compresses . Clean, the warm urine is applied to a closed eyelid for three to five minutes during the destruction of oils that can obstruct the dazzling eyelids.
  • Massage of the century .After applying a warm compress, massaging the eyelids, can help move the oil from the eyelid gland. Gently clean the length of the upper and lower eyelid for 30 seconds.
  • Hygiene Hygiene Lid .The sore of the eyelids is generally erased one or twice a day to mechanically eliminate any crust or microorganisms. This can be done with the help of the ancient joints available commercially during the century, or a domestic scrub.

SCRUBS of the eyelids and how to make one

SCRUBS of the eyelids can be effective in relieving dry, itching, peeling, peeling, peeling, peeling, peeling, pLMDAlthough PLMD is more likely to return over time.

Eyelids Exfoliants are exactly what they sound: a process to eliminate the material from one eyelid to treat the blepharient.As they are cheap and easy to perform at home, bushing the eyelid, an excellent way to keep eyelashes clean and relieve symptoms. I know very useful, especially in the office or moving. If you will use them at home, it is easy to make your own value.

What do you need

  • pure urine or q-tip
  • water
  • Infant shampoo

It’s better to use Q-tips because they are sterile and more closely, so you do not get pieces of Q-suggestion in your eye.

What to do

  1. Mix the shampoo for children with clean and warm water equal to one of the proportion To create a solution of brass spark plugs. / Li>
  2. Rinse your hands well with soap and soap.
  3. soak the clean urine in warm water.
  4. Apply a small amount of diluted solution from a children’s shampoo on a cloth or tip Q.
  5. Close an eye and carefully read the base of the eyelashes with hot or fast wash .Throughout the entire area for a minute.
  6. Rinse all eyelids well, cold water.
  7. repeat with another eye using a cool clean wash / Q-Q-tip.

When to see a doctor

If your Blufarite does not come back better or continues to return, you may need to talk to your oculist about other procedures.

Other treatment options that eye doctors can recommend include:

  • drops of steroids to reduce edema and inflammation
  • antibiotics,If the bacterial heating is revealed
  • the treatment of the main health problem,Like dandruff or rosacea

Frequently asked questions

What kind of believer scrub should I buy?

eyelid scrubs for the eyelids contain ingredients,that belong to the root reasons for blepharitis. The correct medicinal napkins or the ocular solution will depend on the main reason, so you should ask your doctor to use it.

How long does the Bluffer last?

Blefaritis improves treatment, but it usually does not completely come out.In general, this is a recurring problem that can be controlled with an age of regular daily hygiene.

How do I naturally give up Blarita?

The complete bleeding of Bleparaite may not be possible, but it adheres to the regular hygiene of the eyelids, the symptoms, gravity and flashes should be reduced.The regular use of heat compresses, the gentle massages of advanced age and an exfoliating of the eyelid can help eliminate crusts and reduce inflammation. Talk to your doctor if these remedies are not enough.

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