How to use hair dye in color hair in pubis


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P> Gray hair is part of aging , which will affect everyone at some point in his life.Any hair can become gray, and goes to pubic hair. Finding your first gray hair can be completely a shock, but you can not reject it to its natural color.

Personal content and lift a small taboo, but this is what everyone is occupied.If you decide to paint your pubic hair, know that medical workers are not recommended. It can arise irritation and skin infection, so it is important to closely monitor the security tips (see below) to avoid any problem.You can also try a concrete hair dye in the pubic, which is free of ammonia and paraben.

What do you need

  • Color hair product (preferably without ammonia and parabenfree)
  • hair flower brush, if not included in hair color.
  • fabric, as it is Bryryos Witch Hazel
  • cotton balls

Before you start

Find a set of hair at home,It coincides closely with the natural color of hair in the pubic. The hair flower in the box can be found in stores and pharmacies for hair and beauty and pharmacy.

The color hair kit will include instructions on how to perform a test for the skin patch.Even if you have already used colorful hair products without side effects, whether at home or in a professional lounge, be sure to perform a test to verify possible allergic reactions, if any. After successfully completing the patch test without any reaction, it is ready to start.

How to paint your pubic hair

This procedure can also be used to dye any type of body hair in men or women. Indicated to use this method for eyebrows or eyelashes. If you want to challenge your eyebrows or tabs, see the licensed and experienced cosmetologist, which can safely paint these areas.

  1. Use a small amount of oil to cover sensitive areas, such as vulva, lip, penis and modes to prevent the irritation of potential skin. Do not use jelly oil to gray puboch hair, which is done in color.
  2. Read the instructions attentively in the package and place the gloves included in the hair kit.
  3. Mix the hair color according to the instructions and add an equal amount of the moisturizing shampoo.This will help dilute dye and make it a little less annoying on the skin. Next, while the hair dye and shampoo is completely mixed. Use the brush applicator that comes with a set. If the set does not include the brush, use brush.DO N’TRUB THIMING in the skin and No Do not allow any extra color color hair to be filtered in the sensitive internal region of the genitals where it used the oil jelly fault
  4. Let the color sits until the time dictates the instructions.This can be 20 to 30 minutes. If you are experiencing painful burning or irritation, rinse the dye immediately.
  5. If you do not reach the color, you want you to want it for the first time, try again at least weeks then.Before making another attempt, you must be sure that it has no irritation or skin infection. The next time I try to paint on the pubic hair, let the color sits for five to 10 minutes> longer before to wash it.
  6. Fast and easy to wash Hair colors Taking a warm shower. After washing the dye, use the washing of the body and wash the washing or weak to remove the additional jelly oil.Return it with cotton and fabric balls, like a sea breeze or a witch.

Safety tips for the color of the hair

The safer shape of gray tubes dye, visiting the hairdresser, which offers this type of service.Check with your living room or other rooms near you to find a licensed and experienced professional that can safely paint your pubic hair.

Limit your painting on your hair in your pubic, not the hair that continues around of his genitals.This will help maintain the dye of the most sensitive territories.

You are in order that there is a test for a skin patch before attempting to paint your hair in the pubic, even if you have never had any negative reaction to products in the past. The patch test is extremely important because it is dealing with an additional sensitive field of the genital organs. It will be much less painful to experience the irritation of the skin in your inner hand than in its general area.

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