How type 2 type 2 diabetes is diagnosed


Diagnosis of diabetes 2 Type requires a series of laboratory tests seeking high glucose markers or blood sugar.These tests are necessary because type 2 diabetes may or may not have remarkable symptoms, or symptoms can cross with other conditions.

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According to the most recent data available from theDisease control and prevention centers (CDC), more than 34 million Americans or approximately 10% of the population has diabetes. .

88 million additional American adults, or about 33% of the population, have PrediBet.Despite the greatest awareness of the effort, many people with diabetes or traitors still do not know their condition.

While the symptoms of diabetes can be difficult to determine,There are several signs that often coincide with the high blood sugar content and can be indicative for diabetesses such as:

The sugar construction in the blood can a reacceptible under leather conditions , associated with diabetes in particular:

  • Leather tags : Small, harmless, Polyp-Type of growth, as a rule, appears on the eyelids, neck and armpits
  • acanthoz nigricans : Dark patch, leather velvet on folds of the skin, like the back of the Neck, spacious, elbow, hands, knees and groin.

Both conditions are considered associated with insulin resistance.

, If you think you can have diabetes, it is important to consult your health care provider and get a confirmed diagnosis.Do not attempt to diagnose the use of equipment for a meeting, such as the glucose monitor.

Laboratories and tests

Long-term passages for type 2 diabetes are recommended for most people every two years after 45 years, especially for those who may have overweight.Anti-slip shows can be recommended by their health care provider if it is up to 45, but has certain high-risk factors, such as family history, heart disease, high blood pressure,Gestational diabetes and / or sedentary lifestyle.

Type 2 diabetes, generally diagnosed with hemoglobin A1c tests, but if this test is not available, or has a hemoglobin version it performs the difficult test,Your health care provider should reserve another blood glucose test.

Your provider’s medical care can also perform additional tests to exclude type 1 diabetes,Since high blood glucose levels may be present mainly as in the form of type 1 and type 2

Test Hemoglobin A1C

THEE THE CEMOGLOBIN A1C A1C analyzes the percentageGlucose attached to hemoglobin, protein that is part of its red blood cells. The test takes a look at its level of average blood sugar in the last two or three months, which is an approximate life of red blood cells.One of the advantages of this test is that it does not require publication.

TD> Value
Result A1C
less than 5.7% normal
5.7% a 6,4% prediabetes
6.5% or higher diabetes

A1C results and values

Some people from Africa, Mediterranean or South.Eastern Asian ancestry can have a genetic change in its hemoglobin, which can give false or falsely low results.

Plasma random glucose test (RPG) )

The blood sugar production test analyzes blood glucose levels no matter when it last ate to reduce the state of sugar in theBlood. This test is usually done when health professionals want to analyze blood sugar without having to wait for it quickly and, therefore, it can be done at any time.Although diabetes diagnosis can be made using this test, it is generally not used to diagnose traitors.

<> valor

Menos of 200 MG / DL


2001 mmg/ for or helped Diabetes

RPG results and values

Glucose Magra plasma (FPG)

The FPG test looks like the highest level of blood glucose in a onein the time. Hungry test means that you can not eat eight to 10 hours before drawing your blood. Most health care providers recommend subjecting to prove the first in the morning after night.

Resultados de FPG

td> valor 99 mg / dl o inferior normal 100 mg / dlA125 mg / dl

preretied 126 mg / dl or higher diabetes

FPG results and values

Glucose delivery above 126 mg / dL indicates diabetes 2ty . Your health care provider will probably probably repeat the lean blood sugar test in two separate cases to confirm the diagnosis.

Oral test for glucose tolerance (oGTT)

The OGTT is a Test in the glucose call. The glucose admirer in the blood is usually taken first to establish the base level.Then they give it a drink that contains 75 grams of glucose (sugar). After two hours, another blood sample is drawn to verify the glucose level.

omgtt resultados

td> Signos 139 mg / dl o inferior normal 140 mg /DLHASTA 199 mg / dl Prediabetes 200 mg / dl or higher


OGTT results

If your glucose is more than 200 mg / dL,That diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is probably again, your health care provider generally performs this test in two different cases before the confirmed diagnosis is made.

Differential diagnosis

In addition to type 2 diabetes, there are several other conditions that may be at stake and can cause similar symptoms or even a possible blood work,Show high levels of glucose:


Resistance to Insulin or violation of glucose tolerance can affect your body body of theBody and metabolizing glucose, but it is possible that it is not in wagon diabetes of a type 2 of full right.If you have prediabetes , your health care provider can help you create a treatment plan to make changes in lifestyle to avoid the progress of the disease.

Diabetes type 1 or autoimmune diabetes latent in adults

Symptoms of type 1 diabetes may seem very similar to type 2 diabetes, although they are prone to what they are in a short period of time. Blood work can also show the height of glucose when performing standard tests,But your health provider should be able to add additional tests to confirm. You have type 1 (which can be a diabetes autoimmune hidden hidden in adults or Lada), looking at certain antibodies and proteins in your blood.

Metabolic syndrome

The high blood sugar level is only a piece of constellation factors that contribute to the Metabolic syndrome, which is considered associated with insulin resistance. Other diagnostic criteria for metabolic syndrome include three of five of the following factors:

  • 35-inch waist circle for women or 40 inches for men
  • Triglyceride level above 150 mg / dl
  • Lipoprotein density altocolesterol (HDL), cholesterol below 40 mg / a
  • Blood pressure above 130/85 mm / Rt.

The treatment of metabolic syndrome includes a modification of many lifestyle factors, including diet, exercises and stress, but risk factors They are usually reduced with positive changes.


Mild Hyperglycemia (high glucose levels) and symptoms, such as fatigue , tingling, anxiety,And weight loss can be associated with hyperthyroidism or the excessive thyroid gland and the overproduction of thyroxine. Your healthcare provider can perform additional tests to verify the thyroid function sufficient before removing this diagnosis.

Diabetes 2 Type 2 Type 2 Diabetes

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If you are diagnosed diabetes, there is a lot of what you can do to avoid deterioration,Starting with weight loss: According to the American Diabetes Association, with overweight and obese people with diabetes can earn significantly only at 5% of total body weight; The loss of 15% or more is the most efficient.People with predictions can prevent them from progressing for diabetes, spilling only 7% to 10% of body weight.

This does not mean that you should significantly reduce your food: your health care team can help you create a weight loss plan that does not include Only healthy and satisfying diet,But also the moderate exercises (animated walks, swimming or cycling for 30 minutes, five days a week), along with medications, if necessary, additives and practices of stress management.In some aspects, although clearly unwanted, diagnosis of diabetes can mean positive changes in your health and well-being that you may not have done the opposite.

Frequently asked questions

  • Type 2 Diabena 2 is diagnosed with blood glucose levels.If your health care provider suspects you have diabetes, first step.This, as a general rule, is a stick in the test office, which is called a random glucose level in the blood, followed by other blood tests to verify its glucose and A1C control.

  • frequent urination, frequent thirst, excessive hunger, extreme fatigue, legs or hands, blurred vision, cuts and bruises, which slowly treat the symptoms of Diabetes, which guarantees the tests.

  • The American Diabetes Association recommends that a request of 45 years.If the results are normal, the detection must be performed every three years.Those who are with risk factors, including family history of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, renal disease, pre-gestational diabetes, obesity or sedentary lifestyle,It can be recommended that you take diabetes detection at an earlier age or more often.

  • If you have a family member or a friend who has diabetes and glucose meter,You can request to use your meter to verify your blood sugar (be sure to use a new lancet) or you can buy one at a local pharmacy. If your reading is more than 200, contact your health care provider to verify diabetes.

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